Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

634 Against An Abyssal Phoenix


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The Abyssal Phoenix clashed against Lucifer, who was the hardiest of our team, as his claws quickly grabbed the gigantic bird’s legs and pushed it down. The impact was not enough to even push him down. We were not as weak as before after all, Lucifer was pretty strong as well right now.



The Abyssal Phoenix vomited blood as it was thrown into the floor, one of its wings quickly broke, but it was slowly regenerating due to its insane regeneration as a phoenix. It responded to Lucifer’s brute force by unleashing several Dark Suns, enormous spheres of darkness against him.


However, I flew in front of him and Nyx followed me, as we absorbed the Darkness utilizing our powers, I easily blocked most of its hits. It was certainly way more convenient now that it has become a Dark-type monster, which we were quite resistant against! This Miasmic Dungeon was deadly for all living beings, but it was pretty easy for me and most of my party to wander around here.


The Abyssal Phoenix’s eyes became desperate as it saw how we blocked its deadly magic spells. The monstrous bird’s flames erupted from its body at the same time as its fury emerged, phantasmal flames and black flames rushed towards us.


I already had the Status Effect Immunity Skill anyways, so the curses were dealing no damage, even less phantasmal element damage, it was literally what I was made of! My daughter inherited part of my powers as well, she was something like half-ghost half-dragon, so she easily copied my movements, the little Nyx helped too!

“Heheh, you think you’re a big shot here, huh?!” Lucifer began to laugh at the struggling Phoenix.


The monster desperately unleashed Dark Suns, Phantasmal and Black Flames, and then several kicking blows, piercing blows with its beak, and slashing attacks with its claws. At the same time, it started to summon several Miasmic Meteors that started to emerge from the skies, falling over us in a devastating manner!

If it wasn’t for our allies, of course.

“Leave these to us!” Brunhild said. “Kill that thing quickly!” The brave dragoness began kicking and punching the enormous Miasmic Meteors one after the other, as her body was covered on Holy Flames, each kick or punch summoned an arc of holy golden flames, consuming the meteors with ease!



However, the Phoenix had yet to use all its tricks, it utilized the [Call Ally] Ability and brought a hundred more crows from within the surroundings, all began swarming us angrily, trying to tell us to let go of their Leader. However, Emeraldine, Partner, Takeshi, and Laura alongside the dwarves took them down as easily as we did before.

Emeraldine’s spiritual arrow barrage took down several of them at the same time, Partner freely charged across their numbers and impaled many of these with her twin spears, Takeshi drowned them and fished them, while Laura blew them into pieces. Root trapped them into his vines and roots, absorbing their vitality and miasma, while the dwarves took them down one by one by making a tight formation.


The Abyssal Phoenix couldn’t believe how we were cheesing this out. It angrily roared another time, continuously conjuring more and more attacks, until it suddenly became weaker as its magic became smaller. This was all due to my evolved [Unique Skill: Mana Siphon], the [Ultimate Skill: Yog-Sothoth]!


[Ultimate Skill: Yog-Sothoth]

The evolution of a Unique Skill results in an Ultimate Skill, a power that can defy the laws of the world themselves. This power manifests as an endless black hole within the user’s soul that can absorb and assimilate any sort of essence, be it Mana, Vitality, Aether, and other elemental energies, this absorption is gradual but constant, and its speed increases as time goes on.

Yog-Sothoth transforms the user in the key and the gate, leading to the endless void, therefore, it has an endless void inside its soul, where an endless quantity of energy can be absorbed and assimilated.


With this overpowered Skill, foes tend to get tired REALLY quickly unless they have a very big source of power, and the Abyssal Phoenix was already at its limit!

“Now!” I roared, as Lucifer and Nyx unleashed their breath attacks, while I gathered my Mana and Miasma and unleashed a powerful Spell I had created. “[Apocalyptic Storm]!”


The enormous, combined attack fried the Abyssal Phoenix alive, and to stop it from regenerating or reincarnation, I quickly grasped its soul and dragged it out, right before Lucifer used his Death Scythe Skill to slash at the soul and slice it! Nyx then feasted on it.



The soul of the Phoenix complained while it was being eaten by our daughter, but Nyx quickly finished her meal, swallowing the big soul and burping adorably.

“Burp… Twasty!” She said adorably.

“It was a nice meal, right?” I said happily.

“Hmm, if she’s half ghost like you she should get to eat more souls then.” Said Lucifer. “We can adjust her diet later.”

“Yeah dear, I had thought about it too.” I agreed. “Now…”

I looked behind me, a swarm of birds was slain. And now, the rest of the Floor seemed calm, although in the faraway plains, I could see four enormous towers made of purple crystal. Yep, the same scenario was repeating itself, those must be the Abyssal Ants Nests, and there’s not one, but four of them! There’s probably over a thousand damn Abyssal Ants if we combine all the numbers together.

“I guess we should first take a break now. We’ll go against the Ants later. Much like the previous time, they seem on their own little world, so we’ll go against them once we finish this.” I said with a smile. “Time for fried chicken!”


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