Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

638 Advancing Undead Army


Tyr really scared me there. Whatever was this “Ember of Divinity” it was something quite bad. He couldn’t remember anything more. He said the gods didn’t had it, but that this was an “stage of metamorphosis” I don’t even know half the nonsense he talks about sometimes. Is being a god that complicated? Well I’ll just keep leveling up and evolve until I get strong enough anyways.

I decided to glance at my Ember while Tyr continued saying it was dangerous, and then I utilized Analyze on it. Maybe this could give me a better clue about what the heck this is!



[Ember of Divinity]

The beginning of a Soul’s Ascension begins with a small Ember of Divinity, as this Divinity develops through the absorption and fluctuations of Energies, the Soul Scape Expands and transforms. The user can comprehend the elements of its surroundings and becomes one with them. One of the first steps to attain something higher.


Thank you System that’s not very clear either! But if this is really like some starter pack for becoming a goddess… I mean, don’t I have a sealed Unique Skill that literally says “Goddess”? So I might eventually one day get enough power to utilize it. Whenever that moment finally come, I guess I’ll just start a new journey!

But for now, I should probably leave this at the side, if I concentrate so much in things I cannot do right now, I’ll lose focus. I slept with half my mind awake, and after around six hours, we finally woke up. We had a quick breakfast, mostly lots of sweet things and coffee, and then, we finally set off into the outside of the jungle.

“Well, let’s get this dungeon done with.” Partner said with a defiant smile.

“That was a nice nap… I feel filled with energy now.” Emeraldine said.

“Yeah, let’s get this finished with.” Lucifer said.

“Big bugs!” Nyx said, pointing at the ants in the distance.

“Wait, are those more birds?” Takeshi noticed.

“Yep, we’re being swarmed by more of these guys…” Laura sighed.


“Don’t worry everyone, we’ve got our own army with us anyways!” I laughed, as I ordered my Undead to take care of the incoming monsters.

At the end, in the way we ended slaying around forty of these Crow Birds more, which I stored inside my Inventory, and then we moved forward into the grassy plains… or well, the barren lands where four enormous towers made of purple crystal erected from underground.

“Alright, should we prepare something for it or go all out?” I wondered. “They’re four now… I remember the first time we did it we blasted the single one using an overpowered combined attack with Emeraldine.”

“We should probably take one down each, how about it?” Partner wondered. “So we can show off how strong we’ve grown!”

“I am all for it.” Lucifer said. “Sister, can you assist me?”

“Yeah, gladly.” Brunhild seemed willing after resting.

“I think we don’t need many preparations like before either.” Emeraldine said confidently. “Root, can you help me out though?”

“Sure thing, gyuh!” The little Root floated around Emeraldine. He had a higher affinity with her than I had originally believed, it must be due to his Spirit Embodiment and how he would literally be a nature and life spirit, which she has amazing affinity with.

“Okay then! I’ll do my best. With sis we can do anything.” Said Takeshi.

“Alright, I want to test my explosive abilities.” Laura said with a smile.

“My army of Undead should support us. The moment we get closer they’ll definitely attack us. We have to utilize the Undead to distract them. I might blow them up as well for more distraction, hehehe…” I laughed evilly. “Now, let’s go! You dwarves, what do you plan on doing?”

“We’ll cover your backs, we are not confident we could take down those things. And once you do, hundreds of these guys will rush outside, so we’ll take care of them, at least we can offer support to your Undead Army.” Helga said.

“Good, that’s good enough for now.” I nodded with a smile. “Alright everyone, let’s go.”

We quickly rushed forward through the skies, as I decided to conjure a new Spell I’ve been practicing for a while named [Mirage]! It conjured a large veil of purple color, which then turned us invisible, melding into the background. The [Illusory Delusion] Skill at Level 5 boosted this spell’s effects the best.


“Like this, we cannot be easily detected. Now, Undead, March! [Bloodshed Enhancement]! [Bone Armor]! [Bone Weapons]! [Phantasmal Armor]!”

I quickly enhanced my two hundred or so mixed Undead Army, their bodies were suddenly covered on Armor made of Bones I conjured using Bone Armor and Weapon Creation and the thousands of Bones inside my Inventory, and even equipped them with weapons. Lastly, Bloodshed Enhancement and Phantasmal Armor enhances their offense and defense even more.

Now I am just not bringing some random undead, I am properly boosting and arming my powerful army so they can fight more properly. The Moles and Birds marched forward, some pure skeleton monsters also were there by a few dozens, larger and higher in level as those guys had been sticking with me since the beginning.


The Abyssal Ants quickly noticed the enormous army emerging as I summoned them right in front of their Tower-like nests, hundreds of Abyssal Ants rushed out immediately, angrily clashing against their undead invaders.

Meanwhile, I was charging my Mana and Elemental Power into my hands for one hell of a devastating Spell… Let’s see how far my magic alone can go now that I’ve tried my physical strength enough!

The army of Undead clashed against the Abyssal Ants. Armed with Bone Armor and Bone Weapons, alongside receiving boosts to their Physical Strength and Defenses, these little guys were not as weak as before. The Abyssal Ants were not being overwhelmed at all though, their stats were way higher even when compared to my undead with buffs and bone armor and weapons. However, the Undead had one neat little trick below their sleeve.

When one of them was being overwhelmed and torn apart by many Abyssal Ants, and it was sure to die, I quickly utilized [Undead Detonation].




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