Reborn As A Ghost: Time To Build My Undead Army!

631 Birds Everywhere!


“Wow, so this is the second floor!” Helga said. “In the other dungeon we were unable to see it but it really does looks like an enormous jungle and forest.”

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“So that theory was true, the dungeons are like twins of one another… Did the God Thor really split the mountain in two halves and split the dungeons at the same time? This is nuts!”

“It seems Brunhild’s words are the truth.”

The dwarves spoke through their Golems as we walked across the landscape of the Second Floor, there was still a big jungle covering most of the landscape, covered by a thin mist which blocked our vision to the jungle’s dangerous depths.

“My Ancestor saw this with his very eyes.” Brunhild stated. “He told the tale to his descendants, and like this, we learned about the truth of these two twin mountains.”

“Yeah, our Ancestors were stronger than us, they were Ancient Dragons, direct descendants of the Primordial Dragon Progenitors, which were equal to Gods and Titans. We descend from the Fire Dragon Family. Our Progenitor, Muspel, the Ancient Dragon Progenitor of Flames, used to protect the Continent of Muspelheim.” Lucifer explained.

“Wait so how come you landed on Midgard?” I wondered.

“Much like the dwarves, we were travelers. Once the War between Titans and Gods happened, the Ancient Dragons were also affected. They had to protect their own territories as they were the Guardians. Most of the Gods were filled with greed and desired power and land, they slain our kin.” Sighed Lucifer. “Several Progenitors died protecting us and their continents from the Gods and… something else.”

“Something else?” Asked Partner. “What… something else?”

“An Old, Outer Darkness.” Said Brunhild. “It is unclear what it was, but our Ancestors called it “The Void”. We don’t exactly know what this being truly was, but it influenced the world and brought chaos and destruction as well.”

“The Void…” I began to think, but I couldn’t really come to anything. Whatever this thing was, it was something like a “villain in the shadows” kind of trope.

“Anyways, our families spread around the wide world. Some Ancient Dragon Progenitors remain alive after the Great Divine War that divided the Realms and merged them together into our current world. Sadly, not our mother…” Lucifer sighed.

“If we could attain a higher quality Bloodline through evolution, we might be able to awaken the ancient power of Dragons, the Draconic Records. But for that we must grow stronger. If we manage though, we’ll be able to contact other Dragons through a special, divine realm-like space.” Brunhild hoped. “For now, we must concentrate in this dungeon, though. We cannot lower our guards.”

“Yeah, you’re right, we were getting a bit sidetracked there, but it was pretty interesting to talk about that. It makes me wonder, this world’s pretty big, isn’t it? I wish I could just travel around as I please…” I sighed.

“Well, can’t you? Once we are done with what we must do in here, there’s nothing saying we cannot explore the world and seek its secrets.” Lucifer said. “Hm? I feel something nearby.”

We all got in alert as we reached the depths of the Jungles. Hundreds of red eyes stared at us from within the darkness. The figures began flying, jumping, and charging at us rapidly like there was no tomorrow, and they were all adorably shaped as giant birds!




Birds everywhere! They were not the same stupid birds from before though, these guys looked like big and ugly crows with red, featherless faces and sharp hook-shaped beaks. Their sizes were between two meters to three meters, and they looked as deadly as they come!

And above all, there were variants! Some were covered on blue and black flames, and a few others looked covered on metallic black feathers, with sharper claws. However, all of them seemed to be the same type of monster.


[Abyssal Black Flame Crow: Lv68] [Rank: B+] [Status: Furious, Hungry, Berserk]

A gargantuan type of Crow-type monster. Gigantic birds covered on black feathers and having ugly, red-colored, and featherless faces. Their sharp beaks can easily pierce through their foes, and their hard as metal claws can pierce and slice through skin, muscle, and bone. They have sharp fangs within their beaks as well as devastating kicking techniques.

They are proficient in Darkness and Shadow manipulation but can often control Black Flames of Curse or Blue Flames of Phantom to fight at long distance. Specialized variants become flightless in exchange for making their feathers metallic and incredibly hard to break, giving them a greater defense.

Skills: [Devastating Piercing Claws] [Deadly Spear Beak Attack] [Eyes of Malice] [Miasmic Aura of Empowerment] [Shadow Bullets] [Darkness Beam] [Miasmic Kicking Attack] [Shadow Sneak] [Rapid Flight] [Phantasmal Flames] [Cursed Flames] [Metallic Feather Armor] [Deadly And Undying Tenacity]


Alright they were just as strong as those damn Moles, so I can say with confidence they mean trouble. And they came charging by the hundreds! Some could fly, remaining in the skies and then charging towards us covered on their auras, as if they were meteors. Some could not fly and jumped from branch to branch, trying to get to us with great tenacity and hungry stomachs. Their eyes glowed bright red with a wild and berserk nature, they meant business.


A group of birds quickly charged directly at me, as everyone started fighting the rest. They were not as big as the moles though, so I intercepted one that jumped in midair by slicing it in half using my Battle Axe, and then kicked another two with my legs.



All three of them were killed in an instant, as I intercepted the other two by unleashing Dark Lightning against them, electrifying their bodies and then killing them by slashing them apart with my sword.



[You learned the [Kicking Blow: Lv1] Skill!]

Eh? Ah, I guess if there’s a [Fist Strike] Skill, it is obvious there’s a [Kicking Blow] Skill as well!

Might as well use my legs more then.


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