My Enchanting System

783 Setting rules for the gods

Cain looked at Lolth. “You’re right.” He smiled. “Alora goes with Olivia,” He then shifted his attention to Sylph.

“Can I ask you to put a world tree sapling in the world? I would like to have it in the center.” He smiled.

“That won’t be a problem,” Sylph smiled. “I bet the tree will help start life in the kingdom.”

“But the tree will need some elves to tend to it,” Farryn said looking at Sylph and Cain.

“Of course, I will send a few elves to tend to it.” Sylph scratched her chin, “In the future, I would prefer to have the tree servants created from it.”

Cain tilted his head as everyone looked at Sylph. “Like clones?”

“Is that possible?”

Lilia smiled. “I can make it work. Give me some time and I will set it up.”

“Will it be possible to diversify the fish population?” Nemmoxon looked at Cain. “Beaches as well.”

“Of course. You can work with Umberless on that.” Cain replied.

“Who will do the building?” Alice asked.

“There are those moon oni demons living in the abyss. They are strong and powerful. I will have them work with the ground demons and some chain devils from hell to build. Of course, I will assist them with magic.” Cain explained with a smile. “Is there anything else?”

Sofia turned her head toward Cain. “How about the capital layout?”

“I would like to have a private domain in the middle. surrounded by a castle walled off by a fortress. Outside that the capital will spread out until the walls.” He opened his palm. “I don’t want to see slums in the city as well.”

“That could be achieved with good planning. You don’t have to stress it out.” Sara smiled. “Leave the planning to me. But there is one important part we’re forgetting.”

“What is it?”

“Resident. Getting demons, or devils is something, but how will convince humans to live there?” Sara looked at Cain. “To be honest with you. As a human I won’t want to be anywhere near the weakest demon, let alone live with them.”

“Do you have a plan?”

“I do, but it requires some specific things.” Sara smiled. “I would like to offer an opening for other nations to have relations with us.”

“Diplomatic? I said it was your job, so what’s the problem?”

“I mean real relation. I want you to take princesses from human countries, nobles, and nations as wives or concubines. That will draw people here as it will appear safer.”

“I see, then, and what did you need?”

“I would like permission to boss them around.” Sara smiled. “Is that possible?”

“Of course it is,” Cain replied. It will save him a lot of time and effort if Sara was to take care of monitoring them.

“How about money? Will we use the regular coins?” Noel looked at Cain.

“Yeah. It will make things simpler for people to integrate.” Cain smiled. “But I would make a special currency for important things.”

The meeting lasted a while longer. But it was over and everyone sighed.


“We still have a few.” Aria patted his head, pointing at Kossuth. “You have to beat her first so she can start working on the sun. It will be crucial for other operations to have sunlight.”

Cain stood from his chair, “Everyone heads to their assigned job and reports to me if you need anything. In the meantime, I will be taking care of things around here.”

“Don’t forget that you need to head back to hell.” Lilia looked at Cain.

“I know. Ishtar is working on the fairy dust. I only to send some people to collect what we need.”

Lilia smiled. “Then, before anyone separate, I would like you to deal with someone.” She flicked her fingers and a woman appeared out of nowhere.

“Mystra?” Everyone stared at the woman.

“I took all her power. She is now a normal human woman.” Lilia looked at the chained woman. “You know me and her have some beef, lamb, and chicken as well.”

“You want to clear that.” Cain looked at Lilia and then at Mystra. “So, what do you say?”

Mystra glared at Cain in silence, her eyes darted across the girls as if looking for an opening to escape.

Cain looked at the girls, “What do you think?”

“Do it,” Everone agreed.

“Heard them, Mystra.” You have three choices. Eternal suffering in the depth of the abyss, Malbolg, or serve me here.” He smiled. “You wanted a piece of me before, didn’t you?”

Mystra clenched her teeth, “Fine, I have a better chance with you.” Mystra hated Cain and Lilia out of her guts, but she knew well that staying beside him could help her. And her original place was to suck the power out of Cain, it work in her favor if he used her.

Mystra approached Cain, “Pull it out.” She growled.

“Hold up! Hold up!” Sofia waved her hand. “You aren’t going to have any relation with her.”

“Sofia is right.” Alice stared at Cain. “Mystra is a no-go,”

All the girls agreed. “But,” Sofia smiled. “If she wants it, she has to convince us.”

Lilia smiled, “They are right. You have to get permission first from every single one of them.”

Gracie looked at Mystra and then at Sofia. “Mystra, you have to gain favor.” She said. “I’m the head maid, you won’t get in past me.”

“Gracie is right. We work based on a ranking, but we’re all equal before Cain. You can’t come last and expect everyone to accept you.” Alice smiled.

Sofia rested her head on her fist, “I’m sure you’re thinking why only those three are talking. Selena is with us, we’re four but she rarely talked about those matters. But look at the rest.”

Mystra looked around the room. All the girls started at her.

Alice smiled. “Lolth, care to explain?”

Lolth nodded, “You have to gain everyone’s favor. If a single maid didn’t accept you, you will remain rejected. Each one has her own needs.” She stood and approached Alice.

Lolth kneeled down and started sucking on Alice’s toes. “Like Cain, Alice likes to see the submission. But don’t you dare do anything besides begging and sucking on her toes? She hates contact with women.”

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