My Enchanting System

780 Demon Art I

“You go inside, I will deal with this.” Mira glared at the pope. “Don’t stir more troubles, you hear me.”

She then looked at Kayden, “You all follow me inside, I will get rooms prepared as you wait for Cain.”

Kayden nodded as he lifted Kali. Lily followed him with Mauzzkyl.

The next day came quickly without Cain showing up. Kayden made his way to the guards’ training ground and took a spot at the corner to practice.

The guards kept wary of him, the murder of the minister of finance isn’t solved yet. But they can’t do anything since Kayden is far stronger than what they restrain.

SWOSH! Kayden swung his sword down, and again, and again. He then stopped and stared at his sword with a confused face. And begins swinging again.

“Kayden, what are you doing?” Lily approached him. “Training, how is Kali?”

“Fast asleep. You seemed confused a bit there.” Lily smiled.

The guards in the back mumbled, scared of her size.

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“You want to capture them alive? Did you try to use your old spells?” Lily smiled, “I’m sure Aria would infuse them in a skill if you tried.”

Kayden looked at his sword and took a deep breath, “I will try it.”

Kayden held his sword tightly. The first spell, [Bane]

[Demon Art First form: Bane] Swinging his blade left a dark haze of magic. Those touched by get distracted until they make a mistake.

“It worked,” Kayden smiled.

Kayden took a stance, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. The next spell is [Flase Life]

[Demon Art Second form: False Life] The cells in his body started tumbling as magic sept from his lungs to his veins. Any hit he would take would regenerate as long as he has enough magic in his body.

Kayden’s aura started covering the training ground, scaring the guards. They could feel the one standing there was a monster, and he getting stronger.

“Now try [Hellish Rebuke]” Lily smiled.

Kayden closed his eyes [Demon Art Third form: Hellish Rebuke]

His breathing hastened. The cells on his body started producing more heat as his grip on the sword became tighter. KA-don! His burst on flames and his sword turned bright red as it got engulfed in the rebuke.

SWOSH! SWOSH! Kayden swung his sword twice, leaving a burst of flames. “I can cut and burn the would immediately so they won’t bleed to death. I like this one.” He smiled. Closing his eyes as the flames faded.

He then walked forward, sticking his blade on the ground.

“Takeshi said that’s disrespectful to the blade.” Lily stared at Kayden. He looked back at her, “But it’s just a blade. Last I checked, this isn’t something Cain’s Inanna. It won’t even damage the sword.”

He walked forward and opened his palm. [Demon Art Fourth form: Eldritch Blade]

A dark masse of flesh emerged from his hand, hardening into a sword. “Even if I lost my blade, I could always make one with my flesh.”

[Demon Art Fifth form: Hex] ZA! ZAN! Kayden swiftly swung his sword in a stab. He then looked at the sword. “Strange, curse magic.”

“Hex is technically a curse. What did you expect?” Lily stared at him.

“I expected some sort of demon magic. But I don’t care as long as it gets the job done.” Kayden smiled. “Anyone hit with this gets weaker as his flesh gets cursed.

Kayden made the flesh sword disappear and he took a deep breath. [Demon Art Sixth form: Alter self] His fingernails grew longer and sharper like claws.

“This doesn’t seem that useful.” He scratched his head.

“The flesh sword is a part of you, can’t you alter it?” Lily stared at him and it clicked in Kayden’s head.

[Demon Art Fourth form: Eldritch Blade] He conjured a sword. [Demon Art Sixth form: Alter Self] He then turned the sword from a Katana into a Nodashi, and then to a long sword. He could swing it like a whip or make a dagger.

“Now this is useful.” Kayden smiled.

“Yeah, it would be helpful if we had a knife when you forgot to pack one. Like last time.” Lily smiled and Kayden started sweating. Remembering when they had to butcher a monster with a sword since he forget to bring a skinning knife.

“Let’s try the next one,” Kayden picked up his sword and took a stance. “Wait, are you going to try [Blindness/Deafness]?” Lily approached him.

“Yeah?” Kayden looked at her.

“You need a target to practice on. Let me help.” Lily smiled but Kayden shook his head. “I didn’t need a target for Hex, why do I need one for this?”

“To see if it works, and I also want to move a bit.” Lily smiled.

Kayden scratched his head, “Fine. You will get healed anyway.”

Lily walked forward, cracking her knuckles with a smile. She took a low stance, lifting her right leg up and dropping it like a somo.

[Blood Art: Demon Flesh]

BA-dump! Her muscles expanded a bit as her strength increased.

As a demon, Lily got the ability to push her body over its natural limits in both strength and speed. She is a close-range fighter that specializes in fists, and clubs. But as a demon, she is also prone to biting her target or clawing them with her long black nails.

Kayden took a stance, “Here I go!” [Demon Art Seventh form: Blindness/Deafness]

Kayden rushed forward with a swift swing. Lily swung her fist but he cut her across the eyes and swiftly pierced both of her ears.

Lily healed instantly and punched Kayden in the head, dropping him to the ground.

“It hurt!” She cried, blowing her knuckles. She didn’t mind the pain of her eyes getting slashed, but punching Kayden made her cry.

“My body is hard. You know?” Kayden stood.

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