My Enchanting System

785 Chain Reaction

“Hehe. Hahaha!” Kossuth started laughing as she stood, staring at Cain. “You’re right, I can’t control my fire at lower temperatures.”

When Kossuth clenched her fists a fire sword emerged between her palms. She stood with the blade pulled behind her back.

The heat emerging from her body forced Cain to jump back. Smiling, “What is that?” He gasped.

“You know, Cain.” Kossuth smiled. “The world is built of many small objects. And the faster they move, the hotter it gets.”

BAM! Air started rushing up from Kossuth as the whole atmosphere ignited.

GAH! Cain gasped. There was no place to escape. Like Inanna, Kossuth could ignite the air. But her flames were far hotter.

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GAIA who stood beside Lilia stared at her. “What do you mean? You didn’t count this?”

“That’s forbidden knowledge.” Lilia gasped, “She’s still sane?”

Kossuth smiled, “No matter how I search, how strong I get, or what I do. There is no way for anyone to put my flames out.” She knew her wish of living with her daughter was but a myth. She walked in this fight against Cain hoping he could pull something to defy fate. But she already knew she would win.

“Cain! Run! You can’t stop that!” Lilia shouted.

[Fire god secret art. World ignition]

The world around Kossuth started combusting. Each atom shatters and forces the ones beside it to crack. An unstoppable chain reaction leads to a constant raging blast of heat.

Cain clenched his hands together. ‘She’s using the whole world as a fuel to burn. I have to contain it or she will burn Lilia’s world to nothingness.’

Cain pointed his arms at the raging Kossuth. [Cold magic: Freezing storm] The clouds didn’t even form and the whole place remained ablaze. He felt his magic getting burned by the sheer heat.

SWOSH! Cain flew away, looking back. “That’s a true fire god if I saw one. A raging inferno, a purgatory.”

CLAP! CLAP! Cain smacked his palms together with his staff floating around his body. [Dimension Lock] [Dimension Lock] [Dimension Lock] [Dimension Lock] [Dimension Lock] [Dimension Lock]

Cain covered Kossuth in a cube of portals in the hope to teleport her into another dimension or a demi-plane. But her flames burned the gates and their magic.

“Magic isn’t stable around her. She burned everything from matter to Mana. At this rate, even she won’t be able to stop herself from burning everything.” Cain growled as he accelerated further to escape the ever-expanding heat blast.


The girls started panicking. “What is that?” They could see the blast expanding at a blinding speed. They could no longer see where Kossuth was, they only see Cain flying and trying to run away from the blast.

“I will go!” Lilia growled, clapping her hands she teleported inside.

ZON! Lilia appeared in front of the blast naked. A green eye-filled sword in her right hand. “Sorry Kossuth. I’m serving Cain so you have to face me as well,”

Lilia swung her sword down. ‘I have to hold back enough to not kill her.’ She aimed at the hottest spon in the blast.

“Get Away!” KLATON! Kossuth swung her fire blade, cleaving Lilia and her sword from head to groin as she flew through.

“Heh?” Lilia’s eyes blinked as her body turned to ash and then evaporated. “She’s stronger than I expected?”

BAM! Lilia appeared again beside GAIA inside the mansion. GAIA stared at her surprised, “Don’t tell me, she killed you like that?”

Lilia looked at her hands. This is one of her clones that she prepared just in case.

“The dragon who killed a god as a mortal. I have to either get serious enough to kill her, or I won’t be able to stop her.” Lilia gasped.

the girls stared at Lilia. If she wasn’t able to stop Kossuth, how could Cain do it?

Zaleria stared at her palm, “And I was thinking my flames are hot.” she looked at the screen. “Mother, how did you get such flames?”

CRACKLE! Lightning sparked from Cain as he was flying and the girls looked up. “What is he doing?”

Cain dropped to the ground and started running instead of flying. His body was engulfed in lightning as he accelerated. He looked back with a smile. “Do you think am done?”

Thud! On his next step, Cain took a deep breath. BAM! His body accelerated even further and further.

“He’s getting away from the blast!” Sofia gasped.

BAM! Cain suddenly shifted his direction as his body got consumed by a bright light. He started running in spiraling circles around the ever-expanding blast.

“I only have to remove the fuel, Don’t I?”

Cain smiled as he accelerated further with several portals spawning around him. If he can’t teleport Kossuth away. He only needs to teleport all matter from around her to prevent her fire blast from spreading. That was almost an impossible feat considering the blast moved at a blinding speed.


The girls saw the black-and-white blast emerge, and expand as Cain ran away. Cain then transformed into a blue lightning bolt. It spiraled around the blast until he covered it. The blast disappeared as Cain’s lightning covered it with several expanding portals. That consumed matter.

Everything kept expanding for a few seconds before it faded into nothing.


As Cain covered the blast and starved it from matter. The flames started fading as he saw Kossuth fly at him swinging her sword with a smile. He clenched his fist swinging at her face.

“HROA!” Kossuth swung her sword down. Cutting Cain’s arm from the knuckles to the shoulders.

BAM! Cain’s other fist rushed at Kossuth’s guts but she lifted her knee. She Kicked his fist away as she changed her sword directing it toward his neck.

Cain’s kicked fist swung around and hit Kossuth’s blade, deflecting it away as he kicked up.

Kossuth shifted her sword and tore Cain’s fist which blocked her to shred. She took his kick to the groin and she lifted her foot to kick as well.

At the same time she kicked, she swung her sword at Cain’s chest. BAM! CLACK! Kossuth’s foot hit Cain’s face head-on as her sword pierced his chest.

CLAP! TOM! With a fiery kick, Kossuth stomped Cain’s face to the ground as everything around them faded.

When the dust faded just a blink of an eye later. The girls gasped seeing Kossuth stepping on Cain’s motionless face. She panted with blood dripping between her legs where he kicked her,

“Mother won?” Zaleria gasped.

“CAIN!” Sofia shouted.

Kossuth looked at Cain’s face beneath her foot, she lifted her head up. “You damned bastard.” Her body wiggled as she fell to the side. Thud! She started spazzing as even more blood gushed from her groin.

When Zaleria looked closely she could see something moving between her mother’s legs. “Tentacles?”

CREEK! Cain sat up holding his face in his palm. He looked at the side and Kossuth was shaking with her eyes almost rolling back.

He opened his hands, and two long tentacles jumped from her groin back to him. He delivers those two with his kick and Hade then pierces her up to the organs. Delivering them was easy since she already had two holes ready.

Cain looked at his shaking hands. He barely has any magic left. He took a deep breath, absorbing some magic from Lilia, and then pointed a finger at Kossuth.

With a golden light, the fire goddess’s wounds healed and she sat holding her stomach. “That was painful.” She growled.

“You lost,” Cain stared at her with a smile. “I didn’t expect you to push me this far.”

Kossuth looked down, and then lifted her arms shouting with a smile, “I lost! I lost!” She laughed.

“You’re happy about it?” Cain smiled.

“Well,” she scratched her chin. “I wished you could overwhelm me, but the fact I lost alone is astounding.”

“You’re just like Zaleria. Did you wish I would just slap you down as soon as the fight started?” Cain looked at her.

“Honestly, yes.” She looked at him. “I did wish you were strong enough that I couldn’t resist you at all. But as I said, this is a good result as well.”

“You red dragons really want someone far stronger.” Cain sighed.

Kossuth shook her arms. “It’s our nature. You aren’t worthy as a husband if you can’t beat us. Otherwise, our children will grow weak.”

Red dragons always search for a mate stronger than them to get the best genetics for their children. And Kossuth wasn’t different.

“I will soon grow stronger than you. You don’t have to worry about that.” Cain stood, helping Kossuth stand as well.

ZON! The two of them headed back into the dimension as all the girls stared at them. “Congratulation, you lost.” Zaleria was the first to approach Kossuth.

Kossuth smiled. “To think you found someone this strong.” Kossuth smiled. “I will be joining in.”

Kossuth was the strongest red dragon alive. To her, it meant she was cursed to never find a mate stronger than her. But then Cain appeared and her wish became reality.

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