The Villain's Story

Chapter 574 [574] Serena 2.0.

Chapter 574 [574] Serena 2.0.

[Café in Shield, Sabrina Wellington POV.]

“Catherine, I would appreciate it if you didn’t refer to my boyfriend as filth.”

As soon as I said those words, I could see the goosebumps travel up her body to her face, and her expression changed.


I sighed inwardly. This is going to be a bigger headache than I had thought it to be. What irritates me is the man I tried to defend is eagerly watching this all unfolds, studying the reactions of my niece with great interest.

Is it that amusing to you?

“Please, Don’t refer to him as filth, his name would do.”

Nevertheless, I trust him enough to intervene if things go rough. I also don’t want someone to call him such things. That is a right reserved only for me when he does stupid things. Although, even I wouldn’t go so far as to call him ‘filth’. Stupid and idiot were terms that would work fine.

Catherine, my niece who was only a year younger than me, who I treated as a sister, would be a troublesome ‘foe’ to deal with. She is stubborn, and regards me as…

A supreme being that must not be tainted. Yes, that is what she thinks of me. She is obsessive about it as well. Perhaps… I pampered her too much, I suppose.

The reason why I want her to simply fuck off, and not bother Alan or me is because I want our relationship to be a normal relationship, one that isn’t filled with useless people trying to come between, or obstruct us in any way, I have already experienced much of that. I don’t want it…this time.

I just want to do things a normal couple does. Not bullshit.

Therefore… I must put a stop to it now.

“May I ask for what reason you were to look at Alan with…

I struggled to put accurate words on how she was looking at Alan from how he described it…but someone else did it for me.

“Eyes that could kill. They hurt, you know.”

I sighed inwardly, but smiled outwardly. I knew I could at least trust him to say something when I found it difficult to do so…although that last part was a bit uncalled-for.

“I’m so sorry, Bri, but I don’t recall ever doing such.”

She called me by my nickname, one that only grandfather, my parents…and her were allowed to use. Alan looked at me with a new look.

[Can I use it?]

He asked in a joking manner…to do this right now…

[Yes, But I would call you Al. Like how your sister does.]

[Deal. Bri.]

He is enjoying this…

“I’m sorry, but I know how you are, Catherine. Please, explain and stop.”

“But Sister! I promise I didn’t do anything of the sorts! This filth is lying!”

She insisted that she was telling the truth, and also insisted on calling him filth.

“That isn’t what I heard.”

“So you would trust the words of the filth over your own sister?”

“Niece…and stop.”

This time, I added a bit of authority to my tone, which quickly turned her into a sulking puppy that was cute to look at, But I was beyond annoyed by her disregard of Alan and blatantly disrespecting him. In front of both him and me, that is.


I called her name, and she looked at Alan with a hateful gaze, one that a child would possess if someone stole their toy.


But my second calling woke her up, and she returned.


She said my name with a sulky tone. She continued.

“You haven’t called me by nickname all this time… How much has he corru-changed you?”

Ah, I made a mistake. I got too angry and insisted on one thing as well, calling my niece by her name, instead of the loving nickname I gave her.

“I’m sorry, Cathy, But please understand. How would you feel if you got a boyfriend, and I looked at him like that?”

“I would feel honored! No such thing would happen, of course because nothing would have that privilege besides you, but it would be the greatest pleasure to be found in the world!”

“It would be the most perfect gift!”

[I get what you meant by strange now.]

My face turned red from embarrassment, which was misinterpreted by my cousin.

“You! What are you doing to her?!”

She screamed. The waiter brought in our coffees and Alan handed me mine. Just that act infuriated her.

I put the cup down, as Alan began to drink it. His face was emotionless, but I knew he was enjoying this.

“What is it to you?”

I can’t do this. I can’t take the same approach I did with her since we were young…if I need all of this to change…I must take a different approach.

One that directly contradicts our relationship, and how we dealt with one another.

“What is it to you whatever he does? Whatever I do?”

This took not only her by surprise, but even Alan as well. Although Catherine’s surprise was much, much higher. She looked broken, and looked at me with a gaze filled with an emotion she never showed to me. Disbelief and shock.

Is this what it means to rule with an iron hand? Or to be a firm enforcer?

“I’m saying this just once, and only once. Don’t interfere with me and boyfriend. You don’t want me to hate you, now do you?”

I know…what kind of woman she is. So, I resorted to this, using brute force in a way, and also using a weakness of hers.

‘Her dependency on me, I can…’

I hesitated for a moment, but made my resolve firm. I can use her dependency on me against her… The mere thought of me hating her for something she did is enough to make her…


I want this relationship to be normal. Unlike everything else in my life. And I will, without a hint of hesitation, go to any length.

She quietened down, and I sipped down on my latte, maintaining my cold look towards her. I turned to look at Alan, who was simply savoring his own drink, my gaze softened, Perhaps I am feeling guilty of dragging him into this.

Catherine didn’t miss it. Like a final stand, She made a request.

“May I talk…with him alone for a moment?”

[It’s ok. I’ll handle it.]

Before I could ask him, he agreed to it. I stood up and left.

“Take care, Babe~”

… I did not mind what he called me, but I knew for a fact he did to get a reaction from Catherine. Sighing, I left the café, choosing not to eavesdrop.


[Alan Peccator POV]

‘So she had a nickname of Bri… cute.’

I thought as I saw Sabrina taking her leave. I watched her back leave and, as I expected, the moment she left…

I felt mana move.


I thought, Catherine used a skill the moment Sabrina was out of view, I expected this. Vines appeared from thin air and wrapped around my body, tearing up my uniform a bit. I could stop this before it could even happen…but why would I?

This skill can’t do anything to me.

A vine wrapped itself around me neck, and Catherine moved. She went on top of the table and grabbed my collar with both her hands. And her face was super close.

‘No, thanks, I want the original this close to my face.’

But I didn’t turn her away, I want to see how this proceeds.

“You fuck.”

Quite vulgar, unbefitting of someone that has that face, doesn’t it?

‘What is that smell, though? It’s not that bad…huh?’

As she moved close to me, I smelled something, one of makeup…and one of lavender.

“You fucking fuck. What did you do to her? Have you two done it? Just how much has this fucking unholy abomination of a relationship going on for?! HOW DARE YOU?!”

“You’re too fucking loud.”

I said, as the vine around my neck tightened. I didn’t really feel anything, though.

“Loud… Ha ha… Remember this, you fucking swine.”

Her lips curled up, and a bright flush appeared on her face… Sweat started to roll down her forehead and… I could finally see what the source of the makeup smell was.

‘She was wearing actually makeup? Why though? With the fa-‘

I came to the realization as I was thinking… I was wondering why her face was a perfect match of Sabrina’s… This girl used makeup to look exactly like her, on top of that, she used the same products Sabrina used…

“She is mine…and mine only…you get that?”

A red flush, and a lewd smile, her eyes are deranged, clearly thinking about something I don’t want to imagine.

‘Holy fuck.’

I underestimated how obsessed she was… Forget Sabrina, this girl is more like Serena… A level of obsession to a single individual that…terrifies me.

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