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The Villain's Story

The Villain's Story







The Villain's Story

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"So, I'm supposed to just go along with the flow?"

He questioned, his refusal evident.

"I'm expected to surrender to whatever destiny has planned? To accept whatever hand I'm dealt by the cursed fate of this vessel?"

He rejected the idea outright.

"After finally thinking I'd broken free from the clutches of that accursed snake, now this? The transgressions of this vessel's original owners are not mine to bear! I'm not the same; I'm an entirely different entity!"

His laughter reverberated maniacally, filling the air. Because, let's be honest, who wouldn't teeter on the edge of madness when the mightiest entities, armed with their colossal power, are relentlessly pursuing you? Those supreme and primordial beings, capable of obliterating galaxies with casual ease... how could anyone endure such overwhelming fear?

Could anyone really accept the cursed hand that fate had dealt them?
Yes, He would. He had to.

"Fuck it."

He declared with a fervor.

"I don't care...I don't care if it's destiny or fate or whatever! Even if it's the supreme beings...I...I don't give a damn! If they feel the need to dictate my life, decide my ending on sins I am not guilty of...than I have only one thing to say.