Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank

Chapter 959 - 959 Preparing for the Battle

959 Preparing for the Battle

“Indeed, we can’t avoid it. If we avoid it this time, there will be a next time. How can we survive in this chaotic world if we avoid it every time? The human race is not in a good situation in the Myriad World Continent. Countless foreign races are eyeing us covetously. Numerous humans die every day. Although the Battlefield of Gods and Demons will be full of unknowns, it will be a vast stage. If we could become famous on the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, our Dawn Dynasty would receive an incredible reward from not only the Heavenly Dao but also a lot of support from the human race,” said Zhou Qing after a moment of silence.

“I’ve decided that the Kingdom of Dawn must participate in the Mythical Battlefield one year later. Since other races dare to enter the battlefield, why wouldn’t we, the human race, dare? Even if we die on the Battlefield of Gods and Demons, we must fight for our race. We are not weaker than any race,” said Li Xiang in a deep voice.

There was a hint of certainty and determination in his voice.

“My generals, do you dare to follow me on the Mythical Battlefield?”

Li Xiang looked at the generals in the Military Pavilion.

“I’m willing to follow Your Majesty to the battlefield. I’ll die without regret!”

Qi Jiguang and the other generals bowed and shouted at the same time. Their eyes flickered with a strong desire to fight.

This time, they would have the opportunity to fight against the army of the Myriad races head-on. They might even be able to represent the entire human race in battle. This possibility made everyone’s blood boil, and a fighting spirit rose from the bottom of their hearts.


Li Xiang nodded and praised, “There is still one year left until the fifth year of the Myriad World Calendar. This year, the Kingdom of Dawn must not stop moving forward. We must become stronger. This year, the Dawn must complete our expansion goals. The various legions must take turns conquering and accompanying the Divine City to conquer the wilderness. The expansion of the Dawn and the increase in luck will increase the chances of the Kingdom of Dawn producing powerhouses.”

“This time, the Battlefield of Gods and Demons will be a millstone of flesh and blood. One would only die with a lack of strength. I don’t want the soldiers who enter the battle to be buried on the battlefield forever. Once we enter the battlefield, we will be bearing the reputation of the entire human race. We can die in battle, but we can’t lose the reputation of the human race. This time, I will only choose the strongest soldiers.”

Li Xiang’s words echoed in the hall.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

All the generals of the Military Pavilion responded at the same time.

“Alright, you may leave. The Honeysuckle City has been relocated, and the Kingdom of Dawn has expanded. More preparations are underway. From tomorrow onwards, the army would provide spiritual rice. Every meal would have spiritual rice as the main food. This year, everyone must become as strong as possible. Also, Mr Lu, please stay,” said Li Xiang quickly.

The spiritual grains in his body’s Dantian talents had already begun to mature. Moreover, given adequate nutrients, some of the lower-grade spiritual grains had already been scaling up. The growth cycle was not long and had already been harvested many times. There was a large reserve in the Tower of Stars. Even spiritual grains were planted in the Heavenly Emperor Tower, not a little, but in large quantities.

Even if the tower was not a spiritual land or a spiritual field, the heaven and earth vitality contained within was rich, and the growth speed was quick.

The space inside the tower was different because of the sky-opening divine weapon that opened up space. Some worlds were highly suitable for planting spiritual grains and medicines. Although it was not as good as the spiritual fields in the Dantian talent, it was enough for large-scale planting.

After cultivating many grain seeds with his Dantian talent, Li Xiang had already planted many spiritual grains in the tower. The heaven and earth vitality in the tower was extraordinarily pure and dense, allowing the spiritual grains to proliferate. It was only slightly inferior to those cultivated with Dantian talent.

However, Dantian talents were mainly used to grow more precious spiritual medicines or plants. Unless the spiritual grains were exceptional, Li Xiang would only produce a batch of seeds and then plant a small number in the Tower of Stars.

Over the years, the amount of spiritual grains stored was not small.

The most common low-grade snow pear rice was planted on a large scale and harvested several times in the tower. There was a large amount of spiritual rice stored. Iceheart Rice was also produced and gathered multiple times.

If the Battlefield of Gods and Demons had not opened, Li Xiang would not have released the spiritual rice so quickly. The spiritual rice would naturally be given to deserving officials or even placed in the Treasure Palace for the powerhouses and respected people of the Kingdom of Dawn to exchange for. It would have been a driving force for many human race cultivators. A goal to strive for.

After all, the large-scale planting of spiritual rice had not begun in the Dawn Dynasty. They still mainly used ordinary grains, and each Divine City would help to plant a batch of spiritual rice. Giving out spiritual rice for free would not make sense without hard work. However, the opening of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons was not far away. The most important thing was to improve the army’s combat strength as much as possible.

The supply of spiritual rice to the soldiers would be considered an investment in advance. The soldiers were the foundation of the Dawn Dynasty. No matter the cost, it would be a worthy investment. Strength was the foundation, and external objects were unimportant.

“First-grade heavenly soldiers will have snow pear rice for three meals daily. Second-grade heavenly soldiers will eat snow pear rice twice daily and Iceheart rice once daily. A third-grade heavenly soldier will have one snow pear rice serving and two Iceheart Rice servings. Fourth-grade heavenly soldiers will eat Iceheart Rice for three meals a day.”

“The army general will have two portions of Iceheart Rice and one portion of Golden Barley daily. Each army group commander would have three meals daily with Golden Barley as the main food.”

After a quick chat in the hall, Mr Lu left quickly with a trace of excitement.

Then, the order from the palance was quickly passed to the army.

This imperial edict filled the soldiers in the army with gratitude. Spiritual rice would be provided for three meals a day. This treatment was incomparable to the past. The spiritual rice could be digested after eating and would not affect the body. It could cleanse the body and speed up cultivation—especially the accumulation of cultivation in the sea of divinity.

The Iceheart Rice could assist in visualizing the runes of the Sea Transformation Pool. It could make one’s cultivation speed faster.

“I want to join the army. The treatment in the army is too good. I will get to eat spiritual rice for three meals a day. It’s hard not to cultivate quickly.”

“I’ve bought spiritual rice once before, and the taste is simply incomparable to ordinary mixed spiritual rice. It did not even need to be refined due to its spiritual energy. It could be naturally absorbed by the body and fused into it.”

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