Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank

Chapter 958 - 958 Battlefield of Gods and Demons

958 Battlefield of Gods and Demons

Everyone could feel the terror of the heavenly might.

It felt like one could be crushed into pieces at any moment.

“During the fifth year in the Myriad World Calendar, the first Battlefield of Gods and Demons opens!”

A cold eye of the Heavenly Dao appeared in the void, and a voice sounded.

Whether one could hear it or not, these words naturally drilled into their minds and were engraved in their hearts and souls. It was impossible not to understand them. No matter where they were, as long as they lived in the Myriad World Continent, they could all hear it, regardless of race or strength.

“The top ten winners in the battle of the myriad races will be awarded.”

The Heavenly Dao sent another message.

This kind of good fortune could be considered a supreme good fortune and a peerless fortuitous encounter.

This was not a competition between individuals but ten thousand races. Occupying the top ten positions among the Myriad races would be a miracle.

The reward was beyond anyone’s imagination.

After the Eye of the Heavenly Dao appeared, it scanned the world and disappeared. Just like when it appeared, it disappeared without any warning. No one could pry into it at all. There was no information about the competition between Myriad races and the Battlefield of Gods and Demons.

“The Battlefield of Gods and Demons? What’s going on?”

Arcus looked confused. He looked at the Book of Truth, and his eyes lit up. He rushed forward and said, “The Book of Truth. Yes, I’m looking for the Book of Truth. As long as I offer a sacrifice, the Book of Truth will give me the answer.”

As he spoke, he opened the Book of Truth and desperately sent in all kinds of items as sacrifices. He asked the Book of Truth about the battle.

“Battlefield of Gods and Devils, Graveyard of Gods and Devils!”

A few words appeared in the Book of Truth after a long time.

It did not say anything about the battle. In the Book of Truth, it was not a battlefield but a graveyard.

“Battlefield. Graveyard. Whose graveyard would it be?”

A strange look flashed across Li Xiang’s eyes.

Just from the word “graveyard”, one could tell how cruel and terrifying the Battlefield of Gods and Demons would be. The global Martial Arts conference in the past was nothing compared to this. They were on a completely different level.

It was already the fourth year of the Myriad World Calendar. In other words, less than a year was left until the fifth year.

This one year would be the time for all the races in the Myriad World Continent to prepare. Then, the great battle would begin. No one knew what would happen on the battlefield or in the end.

But there was no doubt that the battlefield would be cruel.

“Master Arcus, it seems like I have to take my leave. I enjoy your gift very much. I hope we can maintain this friendship forever and not meet on the battlefield,” said Li Xiang.

“Of course, Dark Spirit Town will always remain neutral. We will never fight with any race without reason. Gnomes only do business and research, not participate in fights,” said Arcus with a smile.

Li Xiang just smiled and did not take his words to heart. There was no paradise in the world.


The spatial portal opened in front of him. Li Xiang stepped in and disappeared with a flash of light.

“Spatial portal. It’s a Spatial portal. The legend is true. One could move freely with the spatial portal.”

Arcus was shocked. This spatial portal could move freely in his treasure vault.

“No, I must think of a way to block the spatial teleportation. Otherwise, my treasure vault won’t be safe,” muttered Arcus as he slapped his thigh.

Myriad World Continent was in an uproar.

Countless races, powerhouses, and factions were in an uproar.

“The Battlefield of Gods and Demons, the struggle for hegemony between Myriad races. This day has finally arrived. This Myriad World Continent is too big. I originally thought it would be difficult for powerhouses from other places to meet. Now that we can gather on a battlefield, it’s finally time for our Three-eyed Divine race to become famous for eternity.”

A cultivator from the Three-eyed Divine race opened his third eye and looked into the void, revealing a proud aura.

“Pass down the order to have the clansmen prepare. One year later, we will enter the Mythical Battlefield. Whoever disgraces our Three-eyed Divine race will not return. My Three-eyed Divine race refuses to house trash.”

“Good, good. We’ll meet other members of the same race in the Battlefield of Gods and Demons. We can exchange information and see how our werewolf race is doing in the various parts of the Myriad World Continent. Pass down my order. Train the werewolf cavalry as soon as possible. The Battlefield of Gods and Demons will be when our werewolf cavalry becomes famous.”

There were excited shouts from the werewolf race.

“All the races will gather during the Battlefield of Gods and Demons. If we can occupy the top hundred, then our winged-human race will be able to shake the world and become famous. Our race is not weak, but a powerful one among the Myriad races,” said the winged-human race powerhouse firmly.


In the Kingdom of Dawn, the alarm sounded.

Li Xiang sat on the throne in the Purple Palace. The ministers gathered in the Great Hall.

All of them had solemn expressions on their faces.

Everyone knew about the sound of the Heavenly Dao. Everyone understood the cruelty and bloodshed of the Battlefield of Gods and Demons. Most importantly, there was too little information about the battle, making it impossible to guess what the battlefield would be like.

Zhen Yunfei could not help but ask as he soaked in the solemn atmosphere in the hall, “Your Majesty, is there any confirmation that we must participate in the Battlefield of Gods and Demons opening and the competition between Myriad races? Whether or not the will of heaven and earth had issued a mandatory request.”

“You mean you want to avoid the battle?”

Li Xiang looked at Zhen Yunfei indifferently. It was clear what he was hinting at.

“We can’t avoid it. This battle is a war where countless races in the Myriad World Continent gather. No one knows where the Battlefield of Gods and Demons is, nor what it will be like. This is an opportunity to enter the entire Myriad Realms Continent. Once you get a ranking, you will receive a great reward from the Heavenly Dao. If we could lead the human race to a higher ranking, we would become national heroes in the hearts of countless humans in the Myriad World Continent. It would benefit our future development,” responded Huang Chengyan promptly.

Avoiding battle was not a good idea.

Whether to avoid a battle depended on the time and situation. This time, it was a war between races. As the first Luck Dynasty in the Myriad World Continent, the Dawn Dynasty could be said to be the strongest among the human forces. If others had known that they were avoiding and not participating in the Mythical Battlefield, it would be a massive blow to the entire Kingdom of Dawn. The consequences would be immeasurable.

A dynasty that could not overcome challenges would not last long.

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