My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.

Chapter 875: Cosmic Horror.

Chapter 875: Cosmic Horror.

Chapter 875: Cosmic Horror.

Victor felt a slight headache; nothing was going as planned. Initially, he had decided not to split the group because they were facing an entire Pantheon head-on, and unlike the Greek Pantheon, the Egyptian Pantheon was undivided.

Because of this, he had brought several Elites with him and had been quite careful in devising his plan. Initially, he had wanted to split the Elites he received from other Pantheons and send them to various different places, but in the end, he decided not to do so.

The reason for this action was simple: in case a major problem arose, it would fall on the other members of the group rather than on his Wives. He was essentially using the other warriors as his shield.

But the appearance of Velnorah threw everything off track; this woman was a walking enigma.

Normally, when Victor observed a Being, he could gauge how strong they were and whether he could defeat them or not. But with this woman, that feeling didn’t occur.

It was not as if he felt that she was stronger than him or anything like that. Simply put, he couldn’t sense anything relevant coming from her.

Frankly, it was disconcerting. Since that encounter at The Gathering of Supernatural Beings when he looked into her Soul, the woman’s guard had never dropped again.

Victor knew she was strong. He could see it in the way she walked and behaved; the inherent confidence that came from someone powerful was visible.

But he didn’t know how strong she was.

Seeing this woman capture 76 out of the 77 Gods on the list with just one move was quite enlightening.

‘The Overlord…’ Victor thought about this Title. This woman was both The Empress of her planet and the strongest Being in her own galaxy.

The Overlord meant just that, the Being above all other Gods and Mortals in her own Galaxy. Taking these words seriously meant that only he or Jeanne could handle her among all those present here.

This was a prediction based solely on the Energy and versatility that he and Jeanne possessed.

As Jeanne used Primordial Energy, any attack she made with that Energy would be devastating, and in Victor’s case, he was an experienced Martial Artist and had a lot of Energy to expend.

‘How did someone like her end up here?’ Victor found himself increasingly interested in this woman’s backstory.

In addition to being the Overlord of her ancient galaxy, she was also the Empress, and her ability to deny the Divinity of weaker individuals was something a Supreme Ruler should have in case she needed to easily subdue her enemies. Besides, these two Titles gave him many insights into what had happened to her in her homeland.

Velnorah looked at the group and displayed a small internal smile when she saw that the little show she put on had managed to draw Victor’s attention to her.

‘This is more than enough work… The rest, I can leave to him.’ Velnorah deliberately left one God out for the group to pick up.

“Aphrodite… Be a doll and proceed to the final phase of the plan.”

“Right…” Aphrodite nodded. ‘And to think I was going to work the moment I arrived… Darling’s plan completely disappeared because of this woman’s appearance.’

Aphrodite’s eyes shimmered slightly as the woman’s body began to be covered by neon pink Power, slowly spreading around her. Her wings opened wide, and all excess Energy was stored in her wings, causing them to change slightly in appearance. The white feathers of her wings turned slightly pinkish, eventually changing to a neon pink hue.

A pulse of pink Energy rippled outwards from Aphrodite at the center and spread throughout the Dimension.


“So beautiful…”

“My Goddess…”

“Give me your command…”

All the Gods, except for Ra, looked at Aphrodite with stunned looks until, slowly, their eyes began to change to neon pink.

Unlike before, Aphrodite’s Divinity was much stronger now; at this moment, there were few Beings who could negate the effects of her Divinity, and among those Beings were those that possessed The Divinity of Destruction and The Apocalypse Beasts with the Concept of The End.

The rest? Most of them would fall under her Charm.

“Containment,” Victor spoke in Draconic Language, and a dome appeared around the group, protecting them from the overflowing Power of Aphrodite.

“Everyone, gather in the main palace, please~?” Aphrodite requested as if it were a gentle plea.

“Yes…!” These words were echoed by everyone in unison.

In the next moment, several white lights appeared, heading towards the main palace of the Gods where the Chief Gods were gathering.

Velnorah raised an impressed eyebrow internally with this Power. ‘If I had a subordinate with this Power, it would be much easier to control those annoying beasts.’

Velnorah instantly realized that, unlike the Beauty Gods she had in her galaxy, Aphrodite could influence even other species like animals and beasts. As long as a Being had a Concept of what beauty meant to them, she could control that being.

‘But again, I doubt someone like Aphrodite would be born in my home. After all, we value strength and intelligence more in the Empire. Beauty was secondary, not to mention that most of my Beauty Goddesses were lazy and didn’t want to develop their Divinity further,’ Velnorah thought.

Unlike Velnorah, who was quite calm about this sight, the same couldn’t be said for the rest. The fact that someone could simply enchant an entire Pantheon of Gods so easily… was terrifying.

In their minds, Aphrodite’s level of danger had grown even more, reaching the same level of danger as Victor.

After all, all Beings hated losing their own free will.

The same could be said for Velnorah. This woman had casually imprisoned several Major Gods of The Egyptian Pantheon with one move!

“Follow me,” Victor said as he floated towards Ra’s palace.

Victor’s Wives and Velnorah quickly followed him without asking anything, while the rest of the group looked at each other as if making a decision before following him.

Victor landed softly on the floor of the golden palace, and the moment he set foot on the ground, the floor sank under his weight.

Despite being Dragons like Victor is, Rose, Aphrodite, Morgana, Scathach, Zaladrac, and Jeanne didn’t have the same effect on the floor, proving that whatever form of Dragon Victor was, he would be much larger than them.

Victor walked calmly toward the giant door, and every step he took caused thunderous rumbles as if a minor earthquake or a colossal creature were approaching the palace.

Reaching the massive door, Victor flexed his chest muscle slightly, and the outward pressure opened the massive door with a deafening crash that echoed throughout the palace.

Several reptilian eyes turned toward Ra’s throne, where Ra himself was seated, with his hand covering his face from view.

“Victor Alucard… Can’t we talk about this?” He removed his hand from his face and looked at Victor, who began walking toward him.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

Each step he took caused a thunderous impact, and the palace trembled.

“There’s nothing to talk about…” Victor’s voice began to grow more sinister. Upon seeing Ra, the ‘hatred and anger’ that had been stored inside him began to seep out and spread through his body like a potent poison.

“You’ve crossed the line, and this situation has become personal.” Red and Black Power began to envelop Victor’s body.

Seeing Victor’s state, Zaladrac looked at Scathach. “Take over.”

“I know.” Scathach nodded, then looked at the other Gods and said, “Wait, he’s not in his best state right now.”

Everyone stopped when they heard what Scathach said.

Jeanne positioned herself in front of the group, and a colorless Power spread around the group, protecting them from whatever was about to happen.

Velnorah widened her eyes when she saw what Jeanne had done, a reaction that everyone present noticed.


Jeanne looked at Velnorah and gave a small smile. “The Universe is vast, Lady.”

Velnorah swallowed hard, looking at the women present. ‘Two Grandmasters, a Beauty Goddess who can wipe out an entire Pantheon with her presence alone, and someone who can use Primordial Energy…’ Each of the women here was exceptional.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in her Galaxy, they would be Leaders of their own people or even Rulers of various planets, and these exceptional women were married to just one man…

To Velnorah, this said a lot about Victor’s capabilities. She had seen several wives of Faction Leaders, but they were all… Inadequate.

To Velnorah, they were no different from pretty ornaments without substance.

But the same could not be said for all the women present here. Velnorah looked at Morgana and Zaladrac with a curious gaze; she hadn’t seen any of these women’s Powers yet, but she didn’t doubt that they were exceptional. From what she could understand, this was the ‘norm’ to become that man’s Wife.

Velnorah’s thoughts were interrupted when she felt a terrible pressure coming from the front. As she looked at Victor, all she saw was ‘something’ filled with red eyes, a body entirely made of crimson darkness, and dark tendrils of pure malice emanating from Victor’s body and spreading around him.

“… What in Odin’s name is this?” Thor muttered.

“Darling is The Progenitor of Blood Dragons, a Race that is the perfect fusion of Dragons and Noble Vampires. As a Vampire, shapeshifting is a basic ability of ours. What you’re seeing is when his shapeshifting ability combines with his hatred and everything that’s stored in his body.” Jeanne explained casually.

“Everything that’s stored in his body… What does that mean?” Thor asked.

“Exactly what I said. Strong emotions like hatred and anger are the main trigger, and then all the Powers in his body react instinctively in a chaotic manner. He probably doesn’t even realize the form he’s in now.”

“… He looks like a creature straight out of a Lovecraft book.”

“Fufufufu, do you regret provoking him now, Loki?” Aphrodite laughed.

“Yes, I do.” Loki nodded.

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