My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires.

Chapter 874: Efficiency.

Chapter 874: Efficiency.

Chapter 874: Efficiency.

[“Darling, what are you going to do about her?”] Morgana asked through the mental connection Victor had formed.

Victor glanced at the tall woman who was following the group.

[Nothing. First, let’s deal with this problem, and then we’ll listen to her story.] Victor replied.

[Mm…] Morgana nodded.

Currently, the group was on Earth, specifically in the Egyptian desert.

Due to the threat from Victor and the other pantheons, Ra wasted no time; he quickly closed off his pantheon completely, something very similar to what Zeus did.

However, unlike Zeus, he managed to completely seal his pantheon because his level of influence over his pantheon was entirely different. He was a true God King. But… No matter how hard he tried to close his dimension, there would always be cracks, especially now that several paradises had merged into one vast paradise.

Victor’s wings flapped again, and several sonic booms were heard in the desert. The group followed him relatively easily since he wasn’t moving very fast.

Victor was searching for these cracks with his eyes. The crack was so small that if Victor didn’t have his eyes, he probably would never find anything.

His eyes actively shimmered in violet-crimson as he scanned the entire plane of existence for spatial distortions until, at one point, his eyes found something. He flapped his wings again and flew toward the crack.

Victor stopped flying and hovered a few meters above the ground. His eyes were fixed on the ground, specifically the underground.


“On it.” Rose made a gesture as if she were opening a stuck elevator door in the air, and soon the earth beneath began to tremble… and split in half.

Victor gestured with his hand, isolating the entire area so that Rose’s actions wouldn’t cause earthquakes throughout the continent. Everyone watched expressionlessly as a crater over 5000 meters deep opened in the ground.

“… This will definitely attract everyone’s attention,” Ariel said.

“No matter. Soon, my husband will unite all the continents into one and restore the planet. This amount of damage is insignificant and non-harmful, after all, dragons are beings of nature,” Morgana said.

Ariel nodded. “That’s not what I was talking about, but okay.”

“If you’re worried that the Egyptian pantheon will sense us… Don’t be,” Morgana smiled faintly.

Ariel didn’t like that smile one bit. “What do you mean?”

“It’s funny how protective you get about another god’s divinity, and you don’t even realize it,” that’s all Morgana said before falling silent.

She had given more than enough hints to Ariel and the people around them.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Ariel who quickly understood the hint, but Loki. “I understand… That’s why, even though we were flying openly, no attack came against us.”

Even though the pantheon was closed, with so many powerful beings gathered, it was obvious that they would sense it. The group was like a beacon announcing their presence.

But still, throughout their excursion in Egypt, no group of gods descended to do anything.

It took a few seconds after Loki said that for Ariel’s mind to click. “Nyx…”

The gods present broke out in a cold sweat when they heard what Ariel said.

“Since when…? I don’t feel anything,” Tanaris said.

“Probably since we entered the lands of Egypt,” Thor deduced.

“Fufufu, you really have no idea, huh?” Aphrodite smiled faintly.

“That makes me question the gods’ ability… or is Nyx too dominant?” Rose said.

“Since begin,” Velnorah suddenly spoke, catching everyone’s attention.

“Huh? What do you mean, since the beginning?” Loki asked.

“Exactly what I said. The goddess known as Nyx has been present here since the moment I appeared, and if she was there when I appeared, considering I was the last to appear, it’s logical to think she was there from the beginning.”

A silence fell among the gods and angels.

Nyx, who was floating around Victor’s group, looked at Velnorah with a cold gaze. ‘She felt me since she arrived?… But even though she felt me, she didn’t react to anything or show that she sensed something.’

The goddess of the night touched her chin, deep in thought.

Even if it was only for a few seconds, if this woman had been displaying any suspicious behavior that would make them suspect she knew something, Victor and Nyx would have noticed.

But nothing changed, not even her emotions. This composure was something Nyx had only seen in Victor and Scathach.

The gods always reacted when they found out Nyx was watching, due to their inherent ego, they thought they would sense if the goddess of the night was present in the same location as them, which was a certainty before she entered Victor’s pantheon.

Now, such a claim couldn’t be put into practice anymore because she alone managed to observe an entire pantheon of gods without any of them present being aware.

‘This is a good warning for me too. I need to be careful; my darkness is not absolute,’ Nyx thought.

While the group was conversing with each other, Rose and Victor’s work had already been completed.

Victor moved toward the hole, and before setting foot on the ground, he began to float. He approached a wall slowly and touched it.

“It’s here…” Victor’s eyes fixed on a small point in space.

“How are we going to do this?” Azrael asked.

“Precision, speed, and mortality,” Victor snapped his fingers, and papers appeared in the hands of the gods.

“These are the ones involved in the incident.”

“… There are more than 77 gods here, and most of them are important gods of the pantheon,” Tanaris said.


“Nothing… I’m just saying it’s going to get more complicated.”

“If you’re not confident, don’t interfere. I want to finish everything in less than 5 minutes.”

Tanaris’s eyes gleamed slightly with blue lightning.

“5 minutes is too long… I’ll finish it in 2 minutes.”

“You’re slow. I’ll do it in 60 seconds,” Thor huffed.

Victor smiled faintly. “If you’re that confident… Here.” He took four spheres from his bag and tossed them to Ariel, Thor, Velnorah, and Tanaris.

“What is this…?”

“A portable prison, just put the Orb on the individual, and they’ll be trapped in a very small space.”

“… Are you collecting Pok√©mon now?” Loki asked incredulously.

“Hmm… A collection of gods, huh? Actually, the idea isn’t bad,” Victor nodded.

The group of angels and gods looked at Loki with a look that said it was his fault.

Loki facepalmed. “Just don’t point it at us.”

“It all depends on your King, Loki,” Victor spoke in a neutral tone as if he hadn’t just threatened another pantheon again.

Well, instead of threatening, it was more of a warning that said, “Don’t step on my dragon’s tail, and I won’t care about you.”


“… This will alert everyone, you know?”

“Yes, and that’s exactly what I want.”

“Very well…”

“Hey, why didn’t you ask me to do this?” Scathach’s eyes glimmered slightly as she looked at Victor.

“The main property of your martial art is not cutting, but piercing… So Rose is better suited,” Victor replied neutrally.

Scathach continued to watch Victor as if she were a rather annoyed hawk until Rose’s words diverted her attention.

“Does that mean I’m more qualified than you, Scathach? So stay silent.”

Scathach growled, and her wings flapped slightly in response to her mood.

“Darling, give me that Orb, and I’ll show you who’s not qualified.”

“Sure.” Victor smiled and handed another Orb to Scathach and Rose.

“Hey, why did you give it to her!?”

“If it’s a competition, it needs to be fair, right?”

The eyes of the two Grandmasters sparkled with enthusiasm.

“Rose, open that hole right now!”

“Aye, Aye.”

“… What chaotic mood, it’s like they have extreme bipolarity, how do you deal with it?” Ariel asked.

“You get used to it,” Victor shrugged.

Rose placed her hand on the hilt of her Western sword and drew the sword. A yellow power with hints of black began to cover the sword, and the cutting sensation spread through the air.

Everyone felt that dangerous sensation that if they took a wrong step, they would be cut, and they wouldn’t know how it would happen.

Rose made two X-shaped movements in front of her and then sheathed the sword at her waist.

“Done.” She crossed her arms and looked ahead.

“Huh?… I didn’t see anything,” Loki murmured confused.

Loki didn’t see it because he wasn’t a fighter, and almost none of the gods present saw anything either. The same applied to Thor, Tanaris, Susanoo, and Azrael; they saw a ‘glimpse’ of something coming, but couldn’t see or sense anything clearly.

If it had been before, those present might have noticed something, but after Rose evolved into a dragon and awakened all her talents, she had progressed rapidly without the need for training. It was as if her noble vampire form had been limiting her progress in fencing.

A sensation that Scathach herself had also felt.

It was as if there was an invisible prerequisite that Grandmasters could only progress after reaching a higher state of existence.

Something that happened when both of them became dragons, mortal beings that could be called gods.

“So, this is a Grandmaster…” Ariel muttered; it was the first time she had seen the fencing of a Grandmaster.

As soon as Ariel said these words, the world reacted to Rose’s attack, and a rift appeared in front of her.

Within the group, the only ones who saw Rose’s attack clearly were Victor, Velnorah, and Scathach.

Victor and Velnorah saw it because their senses were very heightened, and Scathach because she was in the same martial art discipline as Rose.

“Before we go in, Progenitor, I have a question,” Velnorah asked.

Victor looked at Velnorah. “Speak.”

“How do you want this to happen? Do you want to destroy the city, or do you want to finish them off as quickly as possible?”

“… If finishing it as quickly as possible is better for me… Of course, they have to be alive.” Victor’s eyes became lifeless. “I want to put them all in front of me personally.”

Velnorah felt a shiver down her spine when she felt the hatred and anger in those lifeless eyes.

“I pity the bastard who falls into this man’s hands,” Thor murmured, something that all the gods and angels agreed with wholeheartedly.

“Very well.” Velnorah’s body was covered in a dense blue energy, and smoke started emanating from her back, machines began to be created on both her arms.

Victor narrowed his eyes when he saw those machines being created. ‘Are those… Nanomachines? Or something close to it?’

He could clearly see that the woman’s technology was a mix of supernatural and scientific. ‘It seems that the planet she comes from is much more advanced than ours.’

Velnorah pointed the palm of her hand at the portal, and the next moment, the portal was forced open even wider.

Immediately, she jumped into the portal and crossed to the other side.

Victor quickly followed her through the portal; his view changed, and he soon realized that he was in a city that resembled an ancient Egyptian city but was more bathed in gold.

He couldn’t even contemplate the view because his attention was immediately on the woman in front of him.

Two mechanical wings were created behind the woman, and from these wings, blue energy was released, forming two large wings of pure energy.

She raised her palm upward, and a pulse of power spread throughout the pantheon.

“Divine concept denied.” A mechanical voice came from Velnorah’s suit.

Suddenly, everyone started hearing.


“Why can’t I use my divinity!?”

“What’s happening!?”

“Who are they!?”

“D-Demon King!”

Before the chaos could spread further, she raised her left hand, and a red pulse of power was seen spreading throughout the pantheon.

“Targets marked… Commencing capture.”

She clenched her fist as if holding a baseball, and a blue energy sphere was created. She threw the sphere into the air.

The sphere began to grow, and the energy wings of the woman began to diminish slightly.

When the sphere grew to the size of a basketball, threads of blue energy began to emerge from the sphere and spread throughout the pantheon. A few seconds later, these threads began to retract into the sphere.

The Orb in Thor’s hand flowed in her direction, passing through her and heading towards the blue sphere.

In the next moment, several bodies of gods came flying from a distance.


“What’s happening!?”

“Hacking portable spatial device.” The Orb began to tremble until its color changed to match the blue of her energy. “Process complete.”

A portal opened, and all those bodies of the gods entered the portal.

“Capture complete. 76 selected targets are all isolated and secure.”

The woman’s energy disappeared, as did her machines, and she flew toward Victor, handing him the Orb, which had already changed to a red color.

“Job Done.” Velnorah spoke and then crossed her arms under her giant breasts and closed her eyes as if she had nothing more to do.

A deafening silence fell over the area.

“… Now, that was badass,” Loki said.

“Mm.” Everyone unconsciously nodded in agreement.

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