God-tier Farm

Chapter 3601 - 3601: Returning to Australia (1)

Chapter 3601: Returning to Australia (1)

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On the fourth day of Xia ruofei’s Return to Paradise Island, Li Yifu came over to ask for instructions, saying that Zheng Yongshou had already settled the matter at the three mountains and wanted to apply for an official jet to Return to Paradise Island to cultivate.

This was something that Xia ruofei had promised long ago. Naturally, he would not go back on his word at the last minute. He immediately asked Li Yifu to contact the flight crew and prepare for this flight mission.

He also told Li Yifu that Zheng Yongshou didn’t need to ask for permission to use the plane in the future, and could just arrange it for him directly.

Xia ruofei did not focus on his cultivation these few days. Instead, he had made a lot of progress in the carving of the control core. In addition, during the process of refining the soul puppet’s body, he had successfully refined two soul puppet bodies. Of course, without a matching control core, the body of the soul puppet could only be left idle and could not be assembled into a soul puppet.

Xia ruofei did not continue to cultivate on Peach Blossom Island today. Instead, he was preparing to go on a trip to Australia.

He still had half of the Vermillion Jade Fruit he got from the trial Pagoda. This was for his direct disciple, Tang Haoran.

During the spring Festival, Tang Yitian specially called Xia ruofei to ask about his well – being. Tang Haoran also called his master to wish him a Happy New Year. Xia ruofei also learned about Tang Haoran’s cultivation situation. He learned that after Tang Haoran broke through to the fourth Qi layer after consuming wild tea, his cultivation had improved greatly and he would soon break through to the fifth Qi layer.

It seemed that Tang Haoran’s physique was very suitable for cultivating the “fierce yang Scripture”.

Under such circumstances, it was more appropriate for Tang Haoran to consume the Vermilion Jade Fruit. It could basically bring out the medicinal properties of the Vermilion Jade Fruit to the extreme.

Moreover, it was currently the hottest season in Australia. It was also the summer break for schools of all levels. Tang Haoran did not need to go to school.

Hence, Xia ruofei decided to make a trip to Australia. On one hand, he wanted to visit Paradise Farm and the winery. After all, he had not been there for a long time. On the other hand, he wanted to bring Tang Haoran to the Peach Blossom Island to cultivate for a period of time and give him the Vermilion Jade Fruit.

Of course, he had asked for Tang Yitian’s opinion in advance. After all, Tang Haoran was still underage.

Tang Yitian and his wife trusted Xia ruofei very much, so they agreed to Xia ruofei’s proposal without any hesitation. Even though Jennifer was a little reluctant to part with her son, she did not object.

Hence, Xia ruofei decided to bring Tang Haoran over.

The distance from Paradise Island to Australia was not too far. It would only take less than an hour to travel there by Black Phoenix flying boat.

Xia ruofei told Li Yifu, Song Wei, and Ling Qingxue that he was going out and asked them to continue cultivating on Peach Blossom Island. Then, he took out his Black Phoenix flying boat and flew away.

The black Phoenix flying ship flew at high speed over the vast sea. Xia ruofei controlled the Flying Ship without any distractions and flew straight towards Sydney, Australia.

In less than an hour, Xia ruofei had already arrived in the sky above Tang Yitian’s Manor.

He descended the swift Boat and revealed himself in a secluded place. At the same time, he kept the swift Boat.

When Xia ruofei appeared at the entrance of the manor, Tang Yitian, Jennifer, and Tang Haoran quickly came out to welcome Xia ruofei in the electric car. The manor was too big. If they walked, it would take a long time to reach the entrance, and that would be too much of a waste of time on Xia ruofei.

Xia ruofei stood at the door and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. When the electric car drove over, Tang Yitian jumped out of the car before it even came to a stop. He said,””RUG Fei, why didn’t you tell us in advance? I’ll pick you up at the airport!”

Tang Haoran was a cultivator after all. His movements were even faster than Tang Yitian’s. In a flash, he was in front of Tang Yitian.. He rushed in front of Xia ruofei and shouted in surprise,””Master!”

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