Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3635: Elder Princess

Chapter 3635: Elder Princess

“Jing’er has indeed returned already!” the lord of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance said, but there was some worry on his face.

“Uncle-in-law, since sister has already returned, why has she not come to see me?” Daowei Chengqing furrowed his brows.

“Chengqing, you might not be aware, but Jing’er is injured, and her injuries are quite heavy. Ever since she’s returned, she’s locked herself up in a secret room to heal. She hasn’t set a single foot away from there.” The palace lord sighed gently and said with worry, “Jing’er has vanished for ten thousand years. Who knows exactly where she ran off to that actually left her so severely injured. With her strength, there technically aren’t a lot of experts in the Immortals’ World that can harm her.”

“What? Sister is injured?” Daowei Chengqing’s expression changed as he immediately stood up.

“Chengqing, you don’t have to worry too much. Jing’er may be injured, but these injuries should be nothing to her.” At this moment, an old man sitting towards the centre spoke up. His name was Fang Wanli. He was the ancestor of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance with the greatest strength, greatest seniority, and greatest status. He was the Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor.

“Yuyun, Chengqing has even come in person today, so what are you waiting for? Go and invite Jing’er here,” Fang Wanli looked at the lord of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance and said with a slightly reprimanding tone.

The palace lord Fang Yuyun stood up in a hurry and smiled apologetically. “Ah, look at how clueless I’ve been. I’ve actually forgotten about this. It’s probably because of Chengqing’s arrival that I became overexcited. I’ll go and contact Jing’er right now.”

With that, the palace lord directly made his way into the depths, arriving outside a secret room deep underground in the end.

The door to the secret room was firmly shut, protected by a great power that even struck fear into the heart of the palace lord. Let alone a First Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor like him, even some ordinary Immortal Exalts would feel fear before this power.

“Jing’er, I’ve come to visit you. I was wondering how your injuries were? Oh right, your brother has returned. You better go and meet with him.” The palace lord smiled widely as he stood outside the secret room, talking to her carefully.

Due to the tremendous difference in cultivation, even he could not help but behave cautiously as he faced his daughter.

That was an instinctive sense of caution demonstrated when facing experts.

“I understand, father. You can go back. I’ll head over soon.” Fang Jing’s voice rang out from the secret room.

“Alright, alright, alright. I’ll go and receive Chengqing first then. You better come soon, Jing’er,” the palace lord answered before leaving the underground secret room.

Inside the secret room, Fang Jing hovered in the air with her legs crossed in a white dress. The Dominion’s Brush hovered quietly beside her, radiating with a profound presence.

She sat there without budging. Not only was she uninjured, but she had already returned to her peak condition a long time ago.

However, Fang Jing did not leave the secret room immediately. Instead, her gaze was deep as she sank into her thoughts. Who knew what she was thinking.

A while later, she looked at the Dominion’s Brush hovering beside her. Her soft, hair hand stroked the brush gently as she murmured, “That old bastard must be trying everything he can to obtain the Dominion’s Brush. However, with the Dominion’s Brush in my hand, he can’t take it openly. As a result, my best opportunity is right now.”

“In the past, brother once said that he would return after a hundred thousand years once he reincarnated. If I look at the time, it’s already been a hundred thousand years. It is time for his return.”

“Brother, is it really you?”

From the moment Daowei Chengqing appeared on the Wondrous Success Heaven, Fang Jing had already sensed his arrival, but she never appeared, choosing to observe in hiding instead.

As a result, Fang Jing saw the entire process that occurred after Daowei Chengqing entered the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance, as well as everything he had done.

“Though, I’ll know whether it’s the old bastard’s tricks just by testing him out.” In the end, Fang Jing’s gaze became focused. In the next moment, she suddenly vanished with the Dominion’s Brush.

In the main hall of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance, Daowei Chengqing currently conversed with his elders. He showed great courtesy and did not put on any airs due to his identity or status. He remained approachable the entire time.

As for the lord of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance and the Immortal Emperor ancestors, all of them were filled with a sense of pride. They looked towards Daowei Chengqing with undisguised pride.

Whenever they glanced past the three silent servants standing behind Daowei Chengqing from time to time, they would show a hint of reverence from the depths of their eyes.

“Brother, you’ve finally returned. I’ve waited a hundred thousand years for you.”

Right as they conversed happily, a crisp and touching voice rang out. Fang Jing appeared like she had teleported over, looking towards Daowei Chengqing in surprise and excitement with her bright eyes.

But at this moment, her presence was haggard, and her face was extremely pale. She seemed sickly.

“Jing’er!” Daowei Chengqing stood up. He smiled gently and made his way over to Fang Jing quickly. He asked in concern, “Are you injured? What exactly happened? Who made you like this?”

The palace lord Fang Yuyun and the Immortal Emperor ancestors looked towards Fang Jing in worry.

Fang Jing sighed gently. “It’s a long story. My injuries were caused by experts of the Saints’ World!”

“What? Experts of the Saints’ World? Why have experts of the Saints’ World come to the Immortals’ World?” The palace lord was alarmed.

“Jing’er, don’t tell me you went to the Saints’ World during these ten thousand years? Or you went to the chaotic sea?” an Immortal Emperor ancestor of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance cried out.

Fang Jing did not hide anything regarding this. She said slowly, “I paid a visit to the chaotic sea, yet in the end, I was ambushed by four experts of the Saints’ World, leading to my heavy injuries and putting me in danger. It was all thanks to the Dominion’s Brush’s protection that I managed to escape with my soul. As a result, I spent these years hiding and healing in the chaotic sea. Even now, I’ve yet to make a complete recovery.”

After hearing that, the ancestors of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance were all frightened. They immediately paled.

To the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance right now, Fang Jing was like their pillar of support. Her existence alone gave the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance its superior status, directly entering the ranks of peak organisations. If anything happened to Fang Jing, then it would definitely be an irreversible setback to them.

“You actually went to the chaotic sea. Jing’er, that’s not a place you should set foot in without good reason,” Daowei Chengqing said seriously.

“It’s all in the past now anyway. Haven’t I returned safely?” Fang Jing blinked her eyes. Before Daowei Chengqing, she no longer seemed like a lofty Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt but an ordinary woman. She had set aside her pride and dignity, smiling sweetly and clinging onto Daowei Chengqing’s arm. “Let’s not talk about this. Brother, since you’ve already reincarnated, isn’t it time for you to uphold your promise?”

“Promise? What promise did I make to you?” Daowei Chengqing was taken aback, asking in confusion.

“Didn’t you say that you obtained some impressive things from the Hole of Reincarnation and after you reincarnated, you would assist me in becoming a Grand Exalt?” Fang Jing said unhappily, “What, don’t tell me you plan on going back on your word now?”

Daowei Chengqing laughed aloud. He tapped Fang Jing’s forehead gently and said, “You’re even trying to scam your brother. I never made a promise like that to you. And, if you do want to reach that realm, there’s nothing that I can do for the time being either.”

“Brother, you can’t doubleback. You promised me in the past.” Fang Jing stared at Daowei Chengqing closely and teased.

Daowei Chengqing immediately smiled wryly. “Enough, Jing’er. Stop trying to deceive me. I’ve already given away what I obtained from the Hole of Reincarnation to everyone. I really have nothing left on me now.”

“Really?” Fang Jing stared at Daowei Chengqing, refusing to believe him as her eyes flickered.

“Really!” Daowei Chengqing said.

“Alright, then I don’t want it anymore. Brother, let’s go out for a walk. It’s boring to just stay here.” Fang Jing held onto Daowei Chengqing’s arm and vanished in the next moment, having left the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance already.

Afterwards, Fang Jing strolled through the various cities of the Wondrous Success Heaven with Daowei Chengqing. The two of them walked and talked, recalling everything that had happened in the past. From time to time, they would also talk about some of their experiences from childhood.

Before long, the two of them appeared by a small, picturesque lake several hundred thousand kilometres away from the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance.

Fang Jing directly sat down on the ground, staring at the small lake in a daze. “Brother, do you still remember this place? Do you remember how we snuck out with some of our peers before we even became immortals? In the end, he encountered a Golden Immortal beast in the lake, and we all almost died. In the end, if you hadn’t detonated a medium quality immortal artifact to heavily injure the beast, we probably would have died here already. We would never have achieved our current accomplishments.”

Daowei Chengqing hovered in the air and also stared at the lake in reminiscence. “Of course, I remember. Though, I only managed to heavily injure the beast when I detonated the medium quality immortal artifact. In the end, you had to ignite part of your soul and use a secret technique from the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance to keep the beast busy, which allowed us to last until the reinforcements from the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance arrived.”

Reaching there, Daowei Chengqing smiled deprecatingly. “Now that I think about it, we sure were pitiful back then. I come from one of the courts of heaven, the Waymight clan, yet as a direct descendant, the treatment I received came nowhere close to you, the elder princess of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance. If I weren’t with you in the past, I would have died to a Golden Immortal beast despite being the direct descendant of a mighty court of heaven.”

“Brother, you can’t actually blame anyone for that. After all, the stronger the clan, the more intense the conflict between the factions are. Let alone an organisation as tremendous as the Waymight clan, even my measly Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance suffered from extremely severe internal conflict.” Fang Jing sighed.

“Yeah, there are no peak organisations that can avoid various conflicts of interest internally. If I hadn’t had my fortuitous encounter in the Hole of Reincarnation, even if I demonstrated exceptional talent now, I’d struggle to stand out in the clan. All of my glory would be obscured.” Daowei Changqing sighed gently.

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