Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3634: The Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance

Chapter 3634: The Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance

“Ye Qingyun, no matter what, I am indebted to you over this. If it weren’t for you, the consequences would have been unthinkable,” Jian Chen said with relief. Although he did not know whether he could have fended off the slave imprint Daowei Chengqing planted by himself, that was clearly not a risk he wanted to take, as the slightest carelessness would have doomed him.

“Chang Yang, you cost me a Death Substitution puppet. Do you have any idea how precious these puppets are?” Ye Qingyun said furiously.

“I owe you a favour for this. However, if you really want someone to blame, you better go and find Daowei Chengqing. After all, the slave imprint was planted by him,” said Jian Chen.

“You want me to go and find the crown prince of the Waymight clan? Jian Chen, do you really think that’s something you can say?” Ye Qingyun ground his teeth. Go and find Daowei Chengqing? Probably even the greatest source of backing of the Ye family, the Master of Fire Virtue, would not be capable of protecting him.

In the end, Ye Qingyun could only accept this.

Jian Chen sat on the only stone pillar on the ninth floor of the sacred land, but he was not in the mood to cultivate at all. His mind was filled with this matter.

However, no matter how he thought about it, he struggled to understand why Daowei Chengqing came after him.

After all, he was a supreme prodigy who shone brilliantly with an immeasurable future. In the eyes of someone like that, he should have been insignificant.

What exactly went wrong? Or perhaps he noticed something about me?” Jian Chen was truly perplexed.

“You better be careful of this person from now on.” At this moment, the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City appeared before Jian Chen silently. It was stern as it said, “In the past, my understanding about this person was only limited to the legends. Only with what has happened here today have I discovered that this person’s methods are beyond my wildest imaginations. It can be described as divine.”

“When he hid the slave imprint in the Stainless Qi, he even managed to fool me. Probably even Grand Exalts would struggle to achieve something like that.”

"And that slave imprint. The imprint was extremely profound and extremely ancient, without any records of it in any books. If I hadn’t sensed the changes and energy properties of this imprint inside Ye Qingyun's body, probably even I would not have been able to discern the imprint's true function."

"Don't tell me the imprint also comes from the Hole of Reincarnation?" Jian Chen theorised.

"That's the only possibility. I even suspect that he’s already seen through your true identity. You have concealed your presence with the mask, such that even some Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalts can’t see through your disguise, but Daowei Chengqing has entered the Hole of Reincarnation before. You can't apply common logic to him," said the artifact spirit.


In the vast outer space of the Immortals' World, Daowei Chengqing's three servants demonstrated the terrifying power of Seventh Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalts. They escorted Daowei Chengqing through outer space, moving with great speed.

"Hmm?" At this moment, Daowei Chengqing let out a gasp. Surprise appeared in his eyes.

He immediately shut his eyes and sensed closely. Shortly afterwards, he smiled mysteriously and said, "It actually failed. That sure is surprising. Looks like that kid is far more complicated than I imagined him to be." Daowei Chengqing was not angered over the failure of the slave imprint.

"Master, are you talking about the Sixth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor junior? I am wondering just how special he is to earn your attention?" One of the Seventh Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt servants asked from behind Daowei Chengqing.

"This person is not simple. He is overflowing with talent. He's cultivated for a time that's even less than me. It only took him several millennia to reach his current cultivation. Apart from experts who have recovered their memories after reincarnating, no one in the Immortals' World can match his speed."

"Apart from that, his luck is out of this world too. He actually possesses multiple sovereign god artifacts on him," Daowei Chengqing said with a slight smile.

The three servants were all astounded by that. Reaching the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Immortal Emperor in just a few millennia was truly unprecedented.

After all, that was climbing his way up step by step. Every bottleneck he encountered along the way required his own efforts to overcome, unlike certain reincarnated experts whose past comprehension would return once they recovered their memories, allowing them to reach their former heights in an extremely short amount of time.

Daowei Chengqing extended a finger and a portrait appeared out of nowhere. He passed the portrait to one of the servants and said, "Investigate this person. I want to learn about his true identity."

"Master, who's this?" The three servants were all taken aback when they saw the unfamiliar face in the portrait.

"He wears a mask that disguises his true appearance and presence. Everything you saw in the Observance Heaven City was fake. This is his true appearance," said Daowei Chengqing.

The three servants' eyes immediately shone with a deducing light, wanting to peer into the heavenly secrets through the use of their cultivation.

"Save the effort. He possesses several sovereign god artifacts and the mask he wears comes from an expert of the Illusionary Daemon race. With your current cultivations, you won't be able to find anything." Afterwards, Daowei Chengqing demonstrated a smear of interest. "Though, this person sure is a little mysterious. He seems to be shrouded in mist. When it comes to certain deeper things, even I can't see through them. Everything I see is only surface level."

"It truly would be a pity if I can't make such an outstanding talent mine."

"Master, but this person cultivates the Chaotic Body. His future accomplishments are limited," said a servant.

Daowei Chengqing only smiled silently, acting in a mysterious manner.

Afterwards, the four of them said nothing more for the rest of the journey. They moved through outer space extremely quickly and crossed a small portion of the Immortals' World in a very short amount of time, entering a colossal continent that hovered in the sea of stars.

The colossal continent was one of the thirty-three heavens of the Immortals' World, the Wondrous Success Heaven.

"The crown prince has arrived!"

A resounding voice rang out across the entire Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance on the Wondrous Success Heaven. Shortly afterwards, an ancient bell echoed from the depths of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance.

Immediately, the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance that was originally quiet began to bustle. Rainbow bridges, radiating with colourful light, extended out from the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance one after another, reaching outside. Petals began to rain down through the entire sky as maidens danced on the sides of the bridges.

This was the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance's greatest formality. The entire Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance had basically been mobilised. All of the important figures appeared.

In the sky, Daowei Chengqing landed slowly with his three servants, stepping onto the rainbow bridge and making their way towards the palace ahead by foot.

"Qing'er, you've finally decided to come back and take a look. We've waited far too long for this day." On the other end of the bridge, a few old men from the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance beamed brightly, arriving before Daowei Chengqing excitedly and grabbing his hands enthusiastically.

"Greetings, ancestors!" Daowei Chengqing smiled gently and bowed slightly.

The three servants behind him copied Daowei Chengqing and also bowed towards the people before them.

"There's no need for this. There's no need for this. Chengqing, didn't we tell you in the past? Whenever you see us bags of bones again, you mustn't bow like this. We can't bear something like this," that was what the old men said, but actually, they were overjoyed inside. In particular, when they saw how the three servants behind Daowei Chengqing also bowed towards them, their sense of vanity was greatly satisfied.

After some small talk, Daowei Chengqing was enthusiastically invited into the main hall by the upper echelon of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance.

Apart from Daowei Chengqing and the three servants, there were seven other figures seated within the discussion hall.

One of them was the lord of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance, a First Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor.

The six others were all the ancestors of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance who possessed lofty status. They were utterly crucial to the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance. The strongest of them was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor!

There were countless people in the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance, many of which were related by blood. Basically only these people had the right to sit with Daowei Chongqing.

"Uncle-in-law, I heard my sister has returned already?" Daowei Chengqing looked at the lord of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance.

The lord of the Heavenly Palace of Great Radiance was Fang Jing's father.

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