Venomous Empress Reborn

Chapter 802 - 802 Grant a Marriage (3)

802 Grant a Marriage (3)

This time, Emperor Wen Hui understood. Prince Rui wanted to find a woman in Ming Qi. But why? Emperor Wen Hui instinctively felt that it was a little strange. He guessed that there was a conspiracy, but he could not show it. He immediately revealed a magnanimous smile and said, “I see. Prince Rui, you are a young and talented man. I wonder which girl you like?”

Prince Rui stared at him, and a smile suddenly appeared in his beautiful eyes. Emperor Wen Hui was stunned when he heard the answer.

“Shen Miao from the Shen family.”

Emperor Wen Hui immediately stopped smiling.

His hands were trembling with anger. He wished he could get someone to drag Prince Rui away and kill him, but he couldn’t. However, he finally couldn’t maintain the friendly smile on his face anymore, and his expression was extremely stiff.

He asked in a dry voice, “Who… did you say?”

“The daughter of the mighty general.” Prince Rui said, “Your Majesty, don’t you remember her? A few days ago, the crown prince wanted to marry her as his secondary consort.”

How dare he push me like this!? He was going too far!

Many thoughts flashed across Emperor Wen Hui’s mind. In the end, he couldn’t help but sneer.

Prince Rui looked like he did not care about the alliance between Ming Qi and the State of Qin and only cared about his own matters every day. It turned out that he was just pretending to be indifferent and was secretly planning this.

Did he want to marry Shen Miao or the military power of the Shen family?

Emperor Wen Hui knew that to the Daliang Dynasty, the Shen family’s military power might not be a big deal. The Daliang Dynasty had many outstanding generals to begin with. However, for Ming Qi, most of the outstanding generals had been dismissed by him in the early years. Now that the Xie family was practically non-existent, the only family that could support Ming Qi was the Shen family. Without the Shen family, Ming Qi was like a tiger without claws.

What a good move Prince Rui was planning!

Emperor Wen Hui forced a smile and said, “Prince Rui, you have good taste. However, everyone knows that General Shen loves his daughter. Even if Prince Rui insists on marrying Shen Miao, General Shen will not want her to go to Daliang.”

“What’s so difficult about that?” Prince Rui played with the ring on his finger and said casually, “Can’t Your Majesty just issue an imperial edict?”

Emperor Wen Hui was stunned.

Prince Rui continued, “The Daliang Dynasty and Ming Qi are on good terms now. Your Majesty, don’t tell me you won’t even do me this favor.” He stretched and said indifferently, “In that case, it’s time for me to suggest to my brother about occupying the city.”

Emperor Wen Hui had lived for his entire life and finally knew what it felt like to be “shaking with anger”.

The Shen family was a fat piece of meat. Not only did Prince Rui want to snatch this fat piece of meat, but he also wanted the owner of the meat to offer it to him with both hands!

If he really gave Shen Xin an imperial edict, even if Shen Xin stayed in Ming Qi in the future because of his loyalty towards Ming Qi, he would probably be resentful.

If he refused to issue the imperial edict… Emperor Wen Hui glanced at the man opposite him. He was wearing a mask, so his expression could not be seen clearly. However, he felt that under this lazy and impudent appearance, he was an extremely ruthless person. In a situation where Ming Qi and the State of Qin were at odds, it was not a wise move to rashly go against the Daliang Dynasty.

Prince Rui put him in a conundrum to which there was no perfect answer, because no matter what he did, it would always be wrong!

The man’s gaze landed on Emperor Wen Hui, like a cat playing with a mouse in its claws. He asked lazily, “Your Majesty, have you thought it through?”

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