Vampire Summoner's Rebirth: Summoning The Vampire Queen At The Start

594 The Soul Eater!


Giant Falcons are two-meter-tall Falcon birds with green feathers and emerald eyes. They usually are good at conjuring Wind Attribute Magic and are between F Rank all the way to D- Rank. These were the strongest variant, Windstorm Giant Falcons.

And it was a big flock, of at least over twenty-five of them together, if not thirty? And behind them there was a larger monster at that! Is that…?!

“W-Wait, there’s something bigger there!” Said Eric, checking his monster encyclopedia. “That’s… A D+ Rank Thunderstorm Falcon?!”

Eric’s glasses almost dropped as he was surprised to find a monster as strong as the Orc Shaman King coming our way from the skies just as we arrived.

But this was the fun of open-field hunting, the unpredictability!



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The Falcons quickly began attacking, magic circles appeared everywhere over the skies above us, as all my classmates panicked. The strongest were only capable of fighting E+ Rank monsters. D- and above would be too hard, even less capable of taking their magic hits.

In a normal situation, we would be forced to escape to preserve our lives and survive to come back with a better plan later. But we honestly only had a week to do this, we couldn’t waste time.

“Eleanora, Hendrick, Saphira, Ruby! Attack them! Weaken them and don’t kill if possible!”


“Very well, master!”

“Ooh, birb!”


I summoned my three spirits at once and my strong Blood Dragon Tamed Beast to fight. Wasting familiars in this battle would be unwise as I wanted to save them to fight the armies of demons hiding here.

“Eric! Erdrich! Attack from a long distance! Alberta, do you have the Magic Guns?” I asked.

“I do!” Said Alberta, quickly giving me one. “T-This is my best creation! I made it using the materials you gave me, Blake!” She took out a large Magic Cannon from her dimensional pocket, pointing it at the birds.

The gun Alberta made for me was a commission, as I had yet to learn all the ways this world’s spirit circuits creation and the technology worked completely, I made a gun protype and then let Alberta improve it using some materials I gave to her.

The results were more than I expected. And using the recipes I gave to her, she also made herself her own Magic Cannon, perfect to use from long distances, and also portable within her small dimensional pocket, something impossible for the current magic cannons that only giant golems or tanks carry.

But why a gun when I could use magic or just throw techniques against the birds? Well, a gun is way cheaper in terms of energy consumption, the bullets are auto rechargeable through small quantities of mana, much cheaper than complicated spells. Magic Fusion is a skill that decreases the mana of my new spells when using it, but it is still very expensive.

So I came out with a modern, long-ranged magic weapon specifically made to save on Mana, a powerful Magic Handgun, and I gave it a very good name as I enchanted it with my own Blood and poured demonic energy into it, turning it into a powerful Demonic Weapon.


[Demonic Handgun: Soul Eater (Unique-Grade): Lv1]


[Weapon Attack]: [+2200]

[Health Points]: [+100]

[Mana Points]: [+700]

[Strength]: [+150]

[Agility]: [+400]

[Vitality]: [+100]

[Intelligence]: [+700]

[Dexterity]: [+400]


[Rechargeable Demonic Handgun]: By spending a small amount of Mana and Demonic Energy, it is possible to recharge this Magic Handgun with 10 Mana Bullets. The bullets themselves can be enchanted further with more Mana, Demonic Energy, or Elemental Magic.

[Soul Eating Mana Bullets]: The Soul Eating Mana Bullets can deal damage to a target’s soul as well as physically, weakening their stats in the way. The intensity of a bullet’s power increases with more energy imbued. Bullet Power: 120% Damage, 20% Soul Piercing, 10% Defense Ignore.


A Unique Demonic Weapon created by merging several high-quality materials that originated from Spirit Treasures and Dragon Scales, Blood, and Horns. It was bathed in demon and vampire blood, and it has gained a soul of its own. Its bullets can eat away the soul of its targets, weakening them in the process while also being capable of ignoring a part of their total defenses.


It’s amazingly good! Despite being way weaker than Gluttony, which has already reached a rather high level as a demonic weapon, this one will surely suffice for the moment.

I pointed the handgun at the sky as I began shooting, spending only 300 MP to refill 10 bullets was amazingly cheap, and each bullet was rather strong as they were, with soul-piercing effects!





Three birds fell with three bullets at once, as I shoot them in the wings. The fall didn’t killed them either, but they got weakened, beginning to crawl around furiously, rushing towards our group while conjuring Wind Magic to attack us. Now incapable of flying anymore, the only thing they could do is fight to the death!

“Gahahah! Come on! What are you waiting for you lot?! Fight!” I laughed, as I began shooting down more birds while my spirits and Ruby caught several as well.

“Allow me to intoxicate you guys! Only for a little bit though! Bwahahaha!” Laughed Hendrick, spreading a toxic smog that weakened all the birds, making them fall into the floor.

“[Shadow Clone Jutsu]! [Blood Edge]!” Eleanora carefully slashed the birds wings while generating clones of herself using her Ninjutsu Skill, making more birds fall from the skies.


“[Phantasmagoria]!” Saphira said, conjuring a powerful Phantom Magic Spell that generated a dream-like domain around her, the birds had their souls sucked away slowly, making them cry in agony and fear, flying away and then falling to the ground.

“Come on! What are you waiting for?!” I looked back at my classmates. “Fight!”


Everyone quickly jumped off the Fenrirs and began fighting against the weakened D- Rank Falcons, even weakened, they were very strong and vicious, it wasn’t going to be easy.


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