Transmigrated as a Ghost

904 Chapter 904 Second Phase of the Finals

“Tch! Looks like they could not hold him for long enough.”

Having crashed in between Marcus and Mrazivý before they could finish off Aziz was the upper half of Marcus’ iron golem.

The powerful autonomous creature created by magic had several deep scars in its armored form and was bisected across the waist. 

Glancing behind him, Marcus saw Ghazi now approaching them with his giant amethros ax resting over his left shoulder. Despite having just fought against three of Marcus’ powerful creations, he did not have a single scratch on him, and the lower half of Marcus’ iron golem was collapsed on the ground near him.

Further back, slammed into the magic barrier and missing the upper half of its right side was the gloom titan created by Marcus’ tier eight darkness magic spell. While the ravenous abyss had been completely destroyed without a trace of it left.

Marcus had known that these monsters conjured by his magic would not be able to defeat Ghazi, but he had thought that they would be able to put up a decent fight and keep him busy for longer. Especially the gloom titan which had taken nearly half of his mana to create.

ραпdα- n૦νe|`c,0m

Before he had been completely on the defensive and barely able to slow done Marcus and Mrazivý, but now that his brother had arrived, the fear on his face from being assaulted by an overwhelming force was gone, and his confidence had been restored.

“I may have gotten caught up in playing around a bit too much. I never expected you to be so helpless and get tossed around like that.” Ghazi replied, wearing a jovial smile. He had just finished an enjoyable warm-up and was getting ready for the main fight.

Though while the two brothers were having a leisurely chat, the tension never faded from the arena.

Marcus and Mrazivý were weighing their options and using telepathy to discuss their next course of action now that their initial goal had failed. They had been hoping to take out Aziz before facing Ghazi together, but that was not going to happen now.

If they still tried to attack Aziz, they would leave themselves exposed to a counter from Ghazi. Something neither of them wanted to do and forcing them to switch to another plan.

“Sorry Mraz, but I will be leaving the hard part to you. Try and keep him busy until I can win.” Marcus said, his demeanor grim now that their initial strategy had failed.

Mrazivý on the other hand looked excited and turned to face Ghazi with a smile.

“I will do more than keep him busy. Let’s make this a race to see who can beat their opponent faster.”

After saying this, Mrazivý dashed off towards Ghazi and began relentlessly attacking him.  ραпdα `nᴏνɐ| сom

“Not very brave to send your wife off to fight my brother. I don’t like to admit it, but he is stronger than me.” 

In response Marcus simply shrugged his shoulders. Showing that he was not bothered by Aziz’s attempt to agitate him.

“Without being able to use magic, Mraz is certainly stronger than I am. I would be more likely to lose than she is. I am perfectly fine relying on her; it is as simple as that.” Marcus said with a smirk on his face.

“I see you are not above bragging. But let me see if you can take me on without that reliable wife of yours backing you up.”

For the first time during the match Aziz went on the attack, tossing several darts Marcus’ way as he charged towards him.

Marcus spun his scythe around and the image of a sphere appeared around him as he activated his stalwart full moon defensive skill.

With each turn of his scythe Marcus deflected the darts coming his way. And even as Aziz acrobatically dashed around him agilely struck out with his scimitar, Marcus easily repelled the onslaught.

Eventually Aziz backed off as small cuts were constantly being dug into his exposed flesh with each of Marcus’ counters. Clearly, he had underestimated just how powerful Marcus still was despite fighting alone now.

‘I need to finish this soon. I only have about a minute and a half left.’

Knowing that the dominant power he currently wielded was quickly running out, Marcus went on the offensive again and relentlessly assaulted Aziz.

He once again conjured several Dark Portals around himself and his target and relentlessly threw out attacks from multiple different directions. Marcus could strike seemingly random areas in the air or ground around him and a kick, punch, or a strike from his scythe would appear from out of one of the portals surrounding Aziz.

It was a horribly difficult fighting style to deal with, as not only did Aziz have to worry about the enemy in front of him but be wary of each of the portals surrounding him.

At one point he tried sending one of his darts back through the portal to attack Marcus through his own skill, but the Dark Portal instead shattered. It only allowed entities or objects that were imbued with the darkness element through it. And while this might have seemed to be a disadvantage to the skill, in this situation it made it so that Marcus did not have to concern himself with attacks coming towards him through his portals.

Still, Aziz had discovered that if he attacked these portals with more man than what was used to create them that they would dissipate.

He began persistently attacking Marcus’ Dark Portals faster than Marcus could make knew ones and focused fully on defending himself. He knew he could not beat Marcus right now, but was confident that if he held out, he would have a chance to counterattack.

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