The Over-Break System

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“You…you better come back to me alive and in one piece or so fucking help me; I’ll kill myself to join you where ever we are meant to go.” With that said, Selene brought up her arm and wiped her tears with her forearm before spinning around and bolting off at full speed to catch up with the others. 

With the sting of her tears blurring her vision, Selene shifted into her gaseous form so that no one could see or hear her sobbing. Although she knew Cynrik was right and that she would only hinder him and Brance in battle, it didn’t make their parting any more manageable. 

Compared to the monstrous brothers, she could only consider herself half, maybe 2/3rds, as strong as them, so in a battle with such heavily opposing odds, she had to trust that Cynrik’s plan would be good enough. 

Still, Cynrik’s words played a continuous loop in her mind as she scrambled to catch up to the rest of the group, who had already covered over 5 kilometers. 

Each time Cynrik’s words replayed, her heart felt as if someone were stabbing her. 

**[[ This has nothing to do with you, and if you care about me even a fucking little bit, you will do as I say.]]**

After all this time, how could he still call into question her feelings for him? Selene thought as her anguish painted black with depression. 

‘Am I not good enough? Do I not act like a proper girlfriend?’ These thoughts bounced around Selene’s head as her mood worsened, but that all changed when something occurred off in the distance behind her—it happened soon after reaching the 5-kilometer mark and catching sight of the group. 


‘That sound…the fight has begun,’ shifting back to solid form, Selene spun around upon hearing the sound; however, her forward momentum kept her moving in the zero-g environment. 


The second sound was so loud that even at the distance she had accumulated, Selene was forced to cover her ears with her hands and clench her jaw tightly to contract her tensor tympani *Muscle in the ear* in fear of shattering her eardrums. 

Far away, across the city of ruins below, an eerie black light flashed, bringing an incredible bubble in the form of a shock wave that sent Selene spinning through the air like a broken marionette. 

Robbed of what little oxygen she could breathe, Selene tore through the air at speeds she could never achieve on her own as she was washed away by the shockwave spanning dozens of kilometers in length. 

Like a bullet shot from a naval railgun, Selene soared for an unknown distance until her eyes caught sight of the group of young adults and their guardian before passing them by while they looked back toward the source of the explosion with jaws dropped and wide eyes. 

Unfortunately for Selene, she could not catch her breath and, as such, couldn’t scream for help; instead, she looked down at them with fear in her eyes as she screamed internally. 

Luckily, someone caught sight of the streaking comet she had become, causing hope to blossom in her heart. 

“SELENE!” Gabby screamed with horrified eyes as she caught sight of the red blur as it whizzed by. If it weren’t for her Occular skills increasing her vision and pure luck, Gabby would have never seen her roommate, but since she did, there was no way the young girl wouldn’t act. 

Pushing down the sorrow caused by leaving her beloved Brancie, Gabby moved into action, extending her arm toward Selene and shooting out a thick Psychic Mana constructed Chain, which quickly wrapped around Selene’s body. 

Knowing that if she didn’t time things right, she could accidentally kill her roommate, Gabby allowed the Chain to fly with her while slowing down how quickly it lengthed until eventually, after half a kilometer, Selene finally came to a slow and gentle stop. 

No longer under the insane pressure caused by moving so quickly and the oppressive force emitted by the shockwave, Selene gasped for air like someone who had nearly drowned as the group swiftly arrived, and Gabby rushed forward to wrap her roommate in a tight and fearful embrace. 

“You…you…are you alright, Selly?” Gabby fought to speak through the gasps caused by her sobs. 

Shaken by the experience and her heart racing a million miles a second, Selene returned Gabby’s embrace and rubbed small circles on her back. 

“Yeah, sweetie, I am now, thank’s to you.” Although her voice still had an edge of sorrow due to the interaction with Cynrik, and her eyes were wild with fright from the near-death experience, Selene still comforted her best friend. 

It took a few minutes before Selene could calm Gabby down. Still, when she finally did, the group cast one final look back toward where they knew Cynrik and Brance were fighting before continuing their journey, with Selene taking the lead now that she had reunited with them. 

Traveling for some time and using what she saw above in reality to pinpoint their location, Selene determined they were almost back to the Pinhurst Mansion and adjusted their forward heading.

However, right before they were about to make their way toward the visible gaping hole in the surface, a second rumbling explosion occurred behind them, causing everyone’s heads to snap in that direction. 

Unlike the first one, unknowingly caused by Cynrik, this explosion painted the distance in many colors before turning into a sizeable nuclear bomb-style mushroom cloud. 

ραпdα -n૦νe| , c૦m

MyrkLys knew the Jetlensr brothers were powerful, but to be able to cause such large explosions shook their minds as they quickly realized they had never seen Cynrik and Brance use the full extent of their strength in battle.

“We can’t stop; the aftershock will be coming soon; everyone through the hole!” Knowing it was only a matter of time and estimating this second blast to be many times stronger than the first, Selene acted like a shepherd, rushing everyone through the temporal hole and into what Selene recognized as the Pinhurst Mansion’s training room. 

In groups of two, Everyone launched themselves off the closest solid object and flew through the hole generated by Cynrik, which caused an instant issue. 

Upon breaking through the barrier between reality and the Shadow Realm, gravity took hold of their bodies and slammed them into the ground, robbing them of the oxygen in their lungs. 

To most, it felt as if they were jumping into a pool, only to slam into a brick wall; the feeling in itself was unpleasant as can be. 

Fortunately, each and every person was an experienced combatant, and acting on instinct, those who landed back in reality swiftly rolled out of the way in time for the next batch of people to make it into the training room. 

Two by two, the Governor’s children and Kurza landed safely, followed by Benny and Melody. Lastly, Garrison went solo as he dove through the hole, landing like a superhero on the padded Training Room floor; then, he jumped out of the way for the final two members of the group. 

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