The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 914 - 914 Mistress Will Give You Justice

914 Mistress Will Give You Justice

In an instant, a violent sword intent swept through the entire mountain, carrying the will to kill and decay.

Lin Qingzhu erupted with all her might and slashed over. The world seemed to have lost its color.

“Is this the Cursive Sword Art? It’s indeed terrifying.” Lian Feng looked at this master and disciple in shock. She was even more surprised by Lin Qingzhu’s transformation. She, who had the reconstructed Immortal Slayer, seemed to have become a different person. Her combat strength had increased several times.

In an instant, the sword energy slashed towards Ye Qiu. He did not use any weapons or change his expression. He only gently raised two fingers and pointed at the ferocious sword energy.


With a shocking bang, the mountain stream trembled and a vast aura suddenly erupted.

Ye Qiu casually resolved this supreme killing move. In an instant, the world returned to peace. The mountains and rivers were fine. Ye Qiu stood on the cliff silently.

The powerful impact was instantly expelled. Lin Qingzhu was directly repelled by this supreme power and retreated dozens of miles. “This…” She looked surprised, even puzzled and confused.

Lian Feng silently came behind her and removed the supreme force. Lin Qingzhu said gratefully, “Thank you, Mistress.”

“Mm,” Lian Feng nodded. Then, with a wave of her hand, the Immortal Slayer appeared in her hand. Her jade-like fingers gently brushed across the sword. Her eyes were filled with surprise, and then relief. She continued, “Not bad. The upgraded Immortal Slayer has already reached the level of a supreme divine weapon. Unfortunately, it’s still lacking. It seems to be missing something necessary. Otherwise, it could have taken another step forward.”

Lian Feng gave an objective evaluation. She did not know much about the Immortal Slayer and could only interpret it from a one-sided intuition. After a while, she returned the Immortal Slayer to Lin Qingzhu. Lin Qingzhu was beaten until she doubted life and was very depressed.

Lian Feng only found it funny. Then, she comforted her, “Alright, I know you feel wronged, but don’t take it to heart too much. With your strength, you’re already very good compared to opponents of the same generation. Unfortunately, you’re facing your master. It’s normal to lose like this.”

“I know.” Lin Qingzhu agreed, but she was still very depressed. She did not understand why she still did not have the ability to fight her master, who had suppressed his cultivation to the Endless Realm.

Moreover, her master had nothing, and she still had the Immortal Slayer. Was the difference between them really that great?

Actually, it wasn’t that Lin Qingzhu couldn’t accept her failure. She knew very well that if her master really wanted to attack, a hundred of them wouldn’t be a match for her master. However, she could not accept it. Under the same realm, she did not even have the qualifications to make her master serious. This was a little too much.

This was too much of a blow!

Clearly, Lin Qingzhu was already autistic. However, she was a little happy and complicated. She was autistic about the huge difference between her and her master, but she was also happy that the upgrade of the Immortal Slayer had truly brought her a qualitative transformation and her strength had greatly increased.

But even so, she wasn’t her master’s match.

How powerful was her master, then?

In a moment, the two of them returned to the cliff. Ye Qiu’s back was already facing them. He looked at the mountains thoughtfully.

Lian Feng said unhappily, “How can you use real moves when you’re sparring with your disciple? Can’t you go easy on her? You’ve made the child autistic.”

Hearing this, the corner of Lin Qingzhu’s mouth twitched. She was offended.

Ye Qiu was even more speechless. He turned around and looked at Lian Feng innocently. He really couldn’t be blamed. He had already gone too easy on her. He did not even use a weapon. He did not use the Divine Sun or any other heaven-defying precious techniques.

Wasn’t this going easy? Not only that, for the sake of fairness, Ye Qiu even suppressed his cultivation to the Endless Realm. Who would have thought that under such circumstances, he would only lightly use his sword finger to insta-kill Lin Qingzhu? What could he do?

Of course, he could not say these words. Otherwise, his precious disciple’s mentality would probably explode.

“Uh… It’s my fault, my fault.” Ye Qiu gloomily admitted his mistake, but he had been thinking about why the difference was so great.

Perhaps the root cause might be two factors.

The first was that he had cultivated the Dao of Blood to greater mastery. The blood energy in his entire body had softened his physical strength, and he had already reached the extraordinary realm.

Ye Qiu had never thought of these subtle changes, so he didn’t realize his current transformation.

The second change might be the effect of that immortal energy. Although Ye Qiu didn’t cultivate that immortal energy, he had already touched a trace of its trajectory and the embryonic form was formed.

The sword energy in his body even carried a trace of the power of order. This was a process of transformation. Therefore, his seemingly simple move actually contained thousands of changes and his Dharmic Dao was divine.

Ye Qiu was very surprised by this change. If the opponents who could compete with him in this realm came again, Ye Qiu would probably be able to instantly kill them.

Therefore, it wasn’t that Lin Qingzhu, who had the Immortal Slayer, had become weak, but Ye Qiu had become stronger.

He had the twelve Heavenly Sanctums, connate providence, a special Heavenly Sanctum halo, and the fusion of supreme blood energy. His body had reached its limit, and with these subtle changes,

it should be normal for him to insta-kill Lin Qingzhu with a single strike.

When the two of them first came over, Ye Qiu was thinking about these questions, so he quickly obtained the answer and made a correct judgment.

“Mistress, I’m incompetent. I don’t blame Master.” Lin Qingzhu hurriedly said when she saw that her mistress was blaming her master. She knew very well that her master had already gone easy on her, and a lot.

Don’t say it. Otherwise, she would feel even more embarrassed. It would be too embarrassing. It was better to quickly stop Mistress lest she was pulled out to whip her corpse again.

However, Lian Feng refused to let go and said, “Disciple, don’t interfere in this matter. I’ll uphold justice for you.”

“Mistress, there’s no need. There’s really no need.”

“Tell me, why didn’t you go easy on her?” Lian Feng ignored Lin Qingzhu’s obstruction and questioned Ye Qiu.

Ye Qiu was very innocent and said, “I’ve already gone easy on her.”

“Did you?”

Hearing this, Lin Qingzhu finally understood that her mistress was not standing up for her at all. Instead, she wanted to pull her out to whip the corpse. Sigh, so you’re waiting for me here? Do you think I haven’t suffered enough and am preparing to deal another blow?

In the end, she gave her feelings to the wrong person.

“Master, Mistress, I still have something on. I’ll go back first. Take your time to chat.” After saying that, she slipped away. A meaningful smile suddenly appeared on Lian Feng’s cold face as she watched her leave.

Clearly, Lin Qingzhu’s guess was very correct. Lian Feng’s so-called upholding justice just now was purely on purpose.

Ye Qiu could tell too. He only felt shocked. When did his wife become so scheming?

What was her motive?

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