The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 911 - 911 Raising the Immortal Slayer's Level

911 Raising the Immortal Slayer’s Level

“Hiss…” This was the first time Lin Qingzhu had heard of the Immortal Slayer’s background, so she was really shocked. She did not expect the Immortal Slayer to have such a powerful background.

Although she vaguely felt that the Immortal Slayer must have a powerful background from the start, she only realized it after she truly understood it. It was not that it had a powerful background, but it was too powerful.

“A game of slaughter! A killing weapon prepared for slaying immortals! What a deranged idea.” Lin Qingzhu was shocked. After hearing her master’s words, this was the first time she felt unfamiliar with the Immortal Slayer Sword.

In other words, the sword in her hand was actually a sword specially made for killing immortals. It existed only for the sake of killing.

Ye Qiu answered her doubts and continued, “To be precise, it can be understood like this. However, this massacre isn’t something that just the Immortal Slayer Sword can do.

“You can understand that this game is not a specific sword, but all the swords prepared for this slaying immortals game are collectively called the Immortal Slayer Sword.

“And the one in your hand was lucky enough to remain after that game. After tens of thousands of years of baptism, it gradually transformed and washed away its intrinsic killing intent before it could be controlled by you.”

“This…” After hearing this story, Lin Qingzhu’s heart sank and she broke out in cold sweat. The Immortal Slayer was actually not a single sword, but the general name of all the swords under this Immortal Slayer Feast.

In other words, many swords had appeared in this killing game, but only this one was left.

Ye Qiu actually learned about the origin of the Immortal Slayer from some remaining ancient books and the system’s introduction when he obtained the sword. Although it was not comprehensive enough and he did not know what had happened at the massacre back then, this was not important.

“As far as I know, according to some secrets of the Immortal Ancient, four swords seemed to have appeared back then. The expert who wielded this sword was a youth who walked out of the vast Great Desolate World.”

“Great Desolate?” Lin Qingzhu’s body trembled slightly. The Great Desolate World that her master mentioned was their birthplace. In other words, this human youth who controlled the Immortal Slayer Four Swords was actually their ancestor?

No wonder there was a sense of kinship with her bloodline when the Immortal Slayer Sword was in her hands. When Yaya obtained it, she would suffer a backlash. Perhaps it was because of the recognition of her bloodline that she could better control this sword.

Back then, Lin Qingzhu was still puzzled as to why she could easily master this sword while Yaya couldn’t. So this was the reason.

Seeing her enlightened expression, Ye Qiu smiled and continued, “Looks like you’ve already guessed it. That’s right. That human youth who walked out of the Great Desolate World is the pioneer of my Great Desolate World. He’s also the first person who pushed the Great Desolate World to the myriad worlds and let everyone know such a barren place.

“His appearance has won a trace of providence of heaven and earth for my Great Desolate World for thousands of generations. He has officially opened the path to immortality for the descendants of my Great Desolate World.”

Hearing this, Lin Qingzhu was very curious. Then, she asked, “Then Master, what’s the name of this Senior?”

To the Great Desolate World, no one in the world knew about such a great person. Even his name was not passed down. Lin Qingzhu felt very sad. It was difficult to imagine what he had carried back then and what he had experienced. All the records about him seemed to have become a taboo and were not passed down at all.

Perhaps it was because the Immortal Slayer Feast that he had personally prepared back then was too crazy. Therefore, someone covered up the truth and buried everything in the long river of time.

Looking at her puzzled eyes, Ye Qiu shook his head, “I don’t know… I also want to know his name. Unfortunately, this world doesn’t allow his name to exist.”

Clearly, he had failed.

Although he failed, the vast Great Desolate World still walked into the sights of the world. Many large clans and factions forcefully entered the vast Great Desolate World. Even an orthodoxy like the Heaven Mending Pavilion had taken root in the vast Great Desolate World.

The fundamental reason was very simple. This was because back then, he had indeed fought for a connate providence to extend the life of the Great Desolate World and activated a golden age of Immortal Dao competition.

“That’s a pity.” At this moment, Lin Qingzhu felt that the sword in her hand was incomparably heavy. She was very smart and understood the meaning behind her master’s words. She also knew that this human ancestor had probably long been annihilated in the long river of time. There were no traces of him in the world.

For some reason, this Immortal Slayer Sword was lucky enough to remain.

Although it was damaged, it contained his unfinished wish. The person who obtained this sword might inherit his unfinished regret and continue forward.

“Alright! This is all I know about the legend of this sword. If you still want to understand in the future, you can explore it yourself. I believe you will definitely be able to resolve the doubts in your heart.” Lin Qingzhu nodded, her heart incomparably heavy. For a moment, it was as if she had another belief in her heart.

“Come on! Coincidentally, all the materials are here today. I’ll upgrade your Immortal Slayer.” Ye Qiu smiled and took back the Immortal Slayer Sword from Lin Qingzhu. He looked at the primordial Fallen Heart Stone on the ground. “Hehe, these are all treasures.”

Ye Qiu had mixed feelings as he looked at the treasure on the ground. The thing he had been thinking about day and night was actually so worthless in the eyes of others. He didn’t know if he should be happy or worried about today’s unexpected gain.

Clearly, these things might be useless in Ye Wuhen’s hands because he didn’t know how to refine weapons. Perhaps the experts of his clan knew how to refine weapons, but which one of them wasn’t afraid of death and dared to have designs on the Patriarch’s treasure?

Clearly, they did not dare, and Ye Wuhen might not have noticed that he had these things, so they had been abandoned. He didn’t expect that taking it out yesterday would benefit Lin Qingzhu and make it even more convenient for Ye Qiu.

“Good, very good… My luck is so good. I think everything can go smoothly.” Ye Qiu sighed in his heart and took out the Qiankun Cauldron.

This cauldron was just an ordinary immortal artifact. It was extremely useful to Ye Qiu in the lower realm. However, ever since he ascended, it had no effect. Apart from refining pills and artifacts, it was almost useless and was slowly eliminated.

Ye Qiu didn’t expect it to be useful today. Unfortunately, the Qiankun Cauldron could not be upgraded. If it could be upgraded to the same level as the Mother Qi Cauldron in Ye Qingxuan’s hand, that would be awesome.

“Come on, baby, don’t resist. I’ll level you up.” With an evil smile, Ye Qiu gently stroked the Immortal Slayer Sword and threw it in. It couldn’t resist.

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