The Miracle Doctor's Two-Faced Toddler

Chapter 393 - Shameless Wanwan (3)

Chapter 393: Shameless Wanwan (3)

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Yan Jiuchao snorted coldly. There was millet porridge in the kitchen, and Yu Wan brought a bowl over.

“I’ll eat it myself,” Yan Jiuchao said.

“You don’t have the strength.”

“I do.”

“If I say you don’t, then you don’t!”

It was especially unreasonable!

The millet porridge had just come out of the pot and was still a little hot. Yu Wan sprinkled a few raisins and dried cherries and fed him spoonful after spoonful after it was cold. Just like when she fed the little munchkins back then, she would feel a layer of satisfaction in her heart when she saw him eating from the spoon from her.

After the Fragrance of Hundred Miles acted up, Yan Jiuchao’s appetite was not very good. If he ate this bowl of porridge himself, he would at most take three to four bites, but Yu Wan fed him the entire bowl.

“Shall I help you down for a walk?” Yu Wan put down her bowl and reached out to him.

Yan Jiuchao gritted his teeth and took a deep breath. “Yu Ah Wan, I was poisoned, not had a stroke!”

“Oh.” Yu Wan retracted her hand.

Yan Jiuchao lifted the blanket and got off the bed. Yu Wan took a headband and tied his hair. She also took a robe for him to wear and carefully fastened the belt and buttons.

Yan Jiuchao looked strangely at Yu Wan, who was about to leave. “You’re not eating?”

Yu Wan touched her somewhat full stomach. “I ate too many snacks just now. I’m not hungry.”

During the walk, Yu Wan told him about what had happened in the past two days. “…You were poisoned with the Fragrance of Hundred Miles. The Empress said that perhaps someone poisoned you at your birthday banquet when you returned to the Capital when you were eight years old. Do you still remember who fed you?”

Yan Jiuchao shook his head. During that period of time, his father had just passed away. He was in a daze all day and did not remember many things.

“Then do you still remember Lady Wan of Bright Deportment?” Yu Wan asked. If he had seen Lady Wan of Bright Deportment that night, she would be a big suspect.

Yan Jiuchao thought for a while and shook his head again. “I don’t remember.”

Yu Wan was not surprised by this answer. As smart as he was, he could remember something for the rest of his life if he really wanted to. However, that was the first year he lost his father. That year, his mother remarried and his entire sky collapsed. Therefore, it was the year he did not want to remember the most. Many things that happened that year had been forcefully erased from his memory.

Yu Wan comforted, “It’s fine. I’ll investigate.” Your antidote will definitely be found!

When the two of them returned to the Qingfeng Courtyard after their walk, the medicine had also been brewed. There were sour date kernels in the medicine, and the sour date kernels had the effect of calming one’s mind. Not long after Yan Jiuchao drank it, he felt sleepy.

Yu Wan took a shower and lay down beside him. Seeing that his eyelids were still open, she asked softly, “Can I hug you to sleep?”

Yan Jiuchao said fiercely, “No!”

Yu Wan shamelessly hugged him.

… .

Yu Wan was thinking about how to test the person who poisoned her husband back then, but who knew that the opportunity would come.

The Emperor was leading a group of officials and concubines to Dajue Temple to worship the Empress Dowager’s eternal light. Lady Wan of Bright Deportment was also accompanying him.

After Yan Jiuchao was “infected” with a cold, Eunuch Wang would come to visit every day.

According to the Emperor, since Yan Jiuchao was unwell, he should not follow him and cause trouble. When the Empress Dowager was alive, he was the person she was most worried about. If his body was damaged because he offered her the everlasting light, the Empress Dowager would not be at ease in the netherworld. As for Yu Wan, she stayed in the manor to take care of Yan Jiuchao.

But Yu Wan said to Eunuch Wang, “The Princely Heir understands His Majesty’s good intentions. However, the Princely Heir also misses the Empress Dowager very much and asked me to go on his behalf and be filial to her.”

At this point, the Emperor could not refuse and allowed Yu Wan to go with him.

The Dajue Temple was located in the southeast of the Capital. It was an old temple that had a history of three hundred years. Since the previous dynasty, the incense had been very prosperous. The dynasty had changed, but it still stood towering. No wonder the previous Emperors of the Great Zhou had consecrated the everlasting light of their ancestors here.

The Emperor’s carriage walked at the front, followed by the Empress. With the Empress’s favor, Yu Wan was called into the Empress’s carriage. The Ninth Princess was also there. The little girl ate well and slept early in Zhaoyang Palace. She had grown taller after not seeing her for half a month.

The Ninth Princess was no longer shy. She held Yu Wan’s hand along the way. It was probably because the Empress had taught her not to make a fuss before they set off. She was very quiet in the carriage, but there was a smile on her face. It was obvious that she was very happy to leave the palace.

Yu Wan suddenly thought of the little fellows. She had been busy taking care of Yan Jiuchao these few days and had not gone to Lotus Flower Village much. After she was done with her work, she would go to the village to pick them up.

Due to the Emperor and the other pampered concubines, the carriage traveled slowly and only arrived at the foot of the Dajue Temple at dusk. The Dajue Temple had received the news early and had stopped accepting visitors three days ago.

There would not be any monks welcoming the Emperor at the foot of the mountain. Even someone as noble as the Emperor had to climb these thousand and one steps on foot. This was both a form of reverence for the Buddha and filial piety to the Empress Dowager.

Since the Emperor had climbed, the concubines and officials had no choice but to climb too. The generals were relaxed and content, but it was hard on the concubines and the scholarly ministers. All of them climbed until their faces were red and they were panting.

In such hot weather and wearing such heavy palace and court clothes, soon, some officials could not withstand the heat.

Yu Wan had brought the Heat Relieving pill with her before she set off. It was not that she wanted to bring it, but her little husband had forcefully stuffed it into her purse. Although he always looked disdainful, he cared a lot about her in his heart, right?

Yu Wan smiled and took out the Heat Relieving pills from her purse to distribute to the officials.

The Heat Relieving pill was Old Cui’s formula. Its main ingredients were mint and honeysuckle, and its effect on relieving heat was extremely good. However, not everyone was willing to take her medicine. Although she had married Yan Jiuchao and had a father who was a marquis, she came from the countryside, so most people still looked down on her. How could the medicine she gave be a good medicine?

“There’s no need. The imperial physician has medicine. The Princely Heir Consort’s pill is noble. I don’t dare to accept it.”

The person who spoke was an assistant minister of the Ministry of Justice. His surname was Qin. His words were beautifully said, but who could not tell that he was complaining that Yu Wan’s medicine was useless?

Yu Wan was only giving him the medicine out of kindness. It’s fine even if he doesn’t want it.

Accompanying them were two young imperial physicians. The two of them had good stamina. Soon, they came over with first aid kits and performed acupuncture to a few officials who had suffered from heatstroke.

“Princely Heir Consort.” A smart young eunuch walked over and bowed softly.

Yu Wan saw that he looked familiar.

He introduced himself. “I’m Fu’an, a servant of the Prince Cheng Manor.”

No wonder he looked familiar. It turned out to be a little eunuch from the Prince Cheng Manor.

“Why is your master looking for me?” Yu Wan asked.

Fu’an said, “His Highness saw that the Princely Heir Consort seemed to be giving her medicine and wanted to ask if there was much. He’s about to have a heatstroke.”

Prince Cheng had seen Yu Wan’s medical skills before, so he naturally understood that her medicine was effective.

Yu Wan generously gave him a bottle.

Fu’an took it with both hands. “Thank you, Princely Heir Consort.”

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