The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 799 - 799 The Most Right Choice (2)

799 The Most Right Choice (2)

The Origin Crystals they brought were mainly for emergency replenishment. They would not be much.

The members of the Apollo and Titan special forces must have brought a lot of Origin Crystals, but the members of the European Sector’s battle team must have brought very few Origin Crystals. However, they had a lot of collective reserves.

In the end, Xu Tui offered to get two bottles of Level B Active Energy Elixir from each person. In terms of value, it was only 24 grams of Origin Crystal.

However, on this unfamiliar planet, such life-saving resources were also very precious. In any case, there were no Level B or Level C Active Energy Elixir in the emergency supplies released by the Moon. They would only release a small number of Level D Energy Restoration Elixirs.

“Commander, should we remind them to be careful of the counterattack of the alien invaders?” Mu Xingluan asked softly, but she immediately added, “I’m not thinking for them. I think that if the people from the European Sector are prepared, they might be able to kill the high-end forces of the alien invaders to a greater extent. It might alleviate the pressure we might face in the future!”

Xu Tui looked at Mu Xingluan in admiration. There were not many people in the Worldly Special Force who could see the big picture. Cui Xi and Zhao Hailong could do it. Yang Huai could almost do it.

Now that Mu Xingluan could ask this question, she should be one of them.

“That’s the theory! However, even if we remind them, it’s still a question if the people in the European Sector will believe us,” Zhao Hailong said.

“There’s no need to remind them! On this foreign planet, if they even needed to be reminded of such a thing, they would have been wiped out long ago!” Cui Xi said.

Xu Tui smiled and nodded.

At the side, Miao Huanshan, who had not spoken, suddenly stuck his head out. “Commander, why do we feel like the people from the European Sector have taken a large sum of benefits and bought us to leave, but in the end, they even took the thunder for us? I feel that they… are so pitiful!”

“Pitiful? Not at all!” Luo Murong sneered. “If Xu Tui had reacted a little slower today, we would have become corpses.”

“Li Zheng, Xuejin, Xing’zi, have you installed the things I asked you to hide?” Xu Tui suddenly asked.

“Commander, it’s all installed.”

“What is it?” Yang Huai was a little curious.

“Some technological surveillance and signal transmission devices,” Xu Tui replied.

“Commander, are we still going to fight our way back?” Miao Huanshan was puzzled.

“That might not be the case. It depends on the situation. Of course, the main purpose of my method is to understand the situation at Base 14 and see if there are any reinforcements from the alien invaders counterattacking,” Xu Tui said.

“They will definitely clean it up,” Zhao Hailong added.

“Of course, as long as we can guarantee a few, we’ll succeed!”

While Xu Tui and the others were discussing, Clade looked at the dozens of technological equipment that had been searched for. His expression was a little ugly. “Search again. Check again. We must not miss anything!”

“Commander, we’ve left Base 14. Where should we go next?” Zhao Hailong asked.

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Xu Tui projected a map when he heard that. He marked the location of another valley on the map. The command center of Base 14 had the basic map of this planet.

“Commander, this place is very close to Base 12 of the alien invaders. Do you mean to attack Base 12 again?” Zhao Hailong asked.

“There’s no hurry!” Xu Tui shook his head. “We’re not in a hurry to reap the benefits now. We’ll first arrive here and set up camp. As we scout the situation at Base 12, we’ll quickly convert the Origin Crystals we obtained into strength. Then, we would make a plan based on the situation. If we attack another alien invader base, we can’t take the risk like Base 14. That would be too risky.”

The group members became solemn when Xu Tui said that. The situation of attacking Base 14 was indeed a little uncertain.

The triangular flying saucer flew for half a day. After confirming that there was no one tailing it, it landed in the planned valley.

The reason why he chose the valley was that the wind in the valley was relatively weaker and the temperature was slightly higher than the plains and high mountains. It would be a little more comfortable even in a temporary shelter set up in a tent.

However, with the engineering robots around, they could dig out a temporary shelter cave at night.

Everything happened very quickly.

When night came, the six engineering robots operated at full strength for an hour. Together with the mountain and the excavated soil, they set up a decent temporary shelter.

“Alright, let’s split the loot!”

After the sky turned dark and everyone entered the temporary shelter, Xu Tui took out the large number of Origin Crystals he had obtained from the people in the European Sector today with a smile.

“Let me talk about the distribution plan first. Everyone, take two bottles of Level B Energy Restoration Elixir. Leave the extra two bottles with me for emergencies.

“The Origin Crystals were a total of 1,500 grams. As the team leader, I was the person who took the greatest risk in today’s transaction. I was also their main target for revenge in the future. Therefore, I had to take a little more.

“With 120 grams as the benchmark, the ten of you will get 120 grams each. I’ll get 300 grams! Yes, as usual, if you have any objections or dissatisfaction, we can discuss it on the spot. This is just a distribution plan that I think is more reasonable from a personal point of view.”

Xu Tui did not give up on the distribution of benefits.

Xu Tui would not take the initiative to contribute in a flamboyant manner. He would not do something like doing more work and taking less money. If that was the case, he might as well be alone!

The more they did, the more they bore, and the more they took. This was one of the distribution criteria of the Worldly Special Force.

“Commander must have a plan. I stood there for an hour and got a dozen earth walls. I got 120 grams of Origin Crystals. Commander, give me a few more rounds of such good benefits in the future! This is not much different from Origin Crystals falling from the sky.” Miao Huanshan laughed loudly.

“I have no objections. This is very fair!” Cui Xi looked around as he spoke.

“I have no objections either! To put it bluntly, this year’s space invasion battle is the fastest time I can earn Origin Crystals! It’s only been six days, but I’ve already obtained almost 150 grams of Origin Crystals. The total number of Origin Crystals I obtained in the past two years is only so-so!” Yang Huai said.

Everyone had an idea. This distribution was very fair. Naturally, no one had any objections.

“Alright, in that case, I’ll raise another request. I’ll distribute the Origin Crystals. I hope that you won’t be a miser! Use up all these Origin Crystals in the next three to five days and strive to increase your strength by a large level,” Xu Tui said.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to finish it in three to five days, right?” Yan Xuejin was puzzled.

“You have to include the daytime too,” Xu Tui said. This was different from what he was worried about. He was worried that these Origin Crystals would not be enough for him to cultivate for the next few days.

“We have to cultivate day and night for the next few days?” Mu Xingluan was stunned.

“Of course. We’ll quickly increase our strength and find an opportunity to do it again,” Xu Tui said with a smile.

“Alright! I’m looking forward to it! I suddenly realized that joining the Worldly Special Force might be the best choice I’ve made in the past few years!” Yang Huai smiled.

“Scram, stop flattering me!”


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