Signing In At Mount Sword For 100 Years To Become Invincible

Chapter 295 - 295 Coercion and Temptation

295 Coercion and Temptation

“Don’t move!”

As soon as the dozen or so men in black entered, they shouted loudly. Immediately after, two of them ran towards Ye Shixiao and his daughter, while the rest went forward and surrounded Lin Ran.

“Why is it you again?”

A voice said in surprise. Lin Ran turned around and smiled. “What a coincidence. We met again.”

The person who spoke was none other than the black-robed official who stopped and interrogated Lin Ran when Lin Ran and Ye Jin left the city this morning.

“Be serious! Don’t be cheeky!”

The official scolded angrily. He frowned and looked at Lin Ran warily. “Were you the one who broke into the city gate just now?”

“Broke into the city gate?”

Lin Ran was stunned for a moment before he reacted. He ignored the saber on his neck and smiled casually. “I came in a hurry just now because I have something urgent to attend to! Besides, it’s not curfew yet. I should be allowed to come and go as I wish, right?”

The official was rendered speechless. He turned to look at Ye Shixiao. “Didn’t you seal the furnace? Why are you starting a fire now?”

“I can seal and open my own furnace whenever I want!”

Ye Shixiao glanced at the official and sneered. “What? You don’t like me? Kill me now if you dare!”

The official knew what kind of an unreasonable person Ye Shixiao was, so he didn’t want to provoke him.

After lecturing Lin Ran, he waved his hand and was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something and looked at Ye Jin. “By the way, Jin, did you see Liu Dashan and Liu Ertong when you went outside the city today?”

Hearing these two names, Ye Jin’s expression changed slightly. “I…”

“We saw them!”

Lin Ran was worried that Ye Jin would say something she shouldn’t, so he quickly added, “But we went our separate ways. Did something happen to them?”

The official glanced at Lin Ran and shook his head. “No, it’s just that they haven’t returned yet. I was just asking. Don’t run so fast in the city next time! What if you knock someone down?”

“I’ll be careful next time.”

Lin Ran nodded with a smile. The official glared at him again before leaving with his men.

A group of men in black came to the street with ugly expressions.

“Brother Sun!”

A man in black leaned towards the official and asked in a low voice, “Although our brothers are not injured, this matter is embarrassing us! Are you really going to let him go just like that?”

“Let him go? Not gonna happen!”

Sun Ge sneered and turned to look at the Ye family’s house. His eyes flickered as he pondered about something. “Tell our brothers to hide nearby and keep an eye on that man!”

Hearing this order, that person immediately looked troubled. “Brother Sun, is that necessary? I think that person’s cultivation level is not low. With just us, I’m afraid…”

The corners of Sun Ge’s mouth curled up, but his eyes suddenly darkened. “I have a strong feeling that the missing Black Shadow Saber is most likely with that kid!”


That person’s expression changed. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s rush in and take him down! Finding the Black Shadow Saber is a huge contribution!”

“Lower your voice! Are you stupid?!”

Sun Ge slapped that person’s head and frowned. “You just said that his cultivation level is not low. If he really stole the Black Shadow Saber, wouldn’t we be courting death if we rushed in?”

When that person realized this, his eyes darkened. “Then what do you think we should do?”

Sun Ge sneered and waved his hand. “Keep an eye on him. I’ll go ask a master for help.”


The person was stunned for a moment before revealing a pleasantly surprised expression. “Could it be…”


Sun Ge gestured for him to keep quiet and interrupted him. Then, he pointed at his ear and said warily, “The five senses of a master are more acute than ordinary people. What if he hears us talking and runs away?”

“Yes, yes, yes! Brother Sun, you are right!”

That person nodded happily. “Then we’ll keep an eye on him! Please come back quickly!”

“Be careful not to be discovered by him!”

Brother Sun instructed again before turning into a shadow and disappearing from the street.

The remaining men in black also scattered and found a place to hide, secretly monitoring the Ye family.

In the Ye family.

Although Lin Ran didn’t hear the conversation between the two of them, he used his divine sense to see their movements clearly.

Seeing that they weren’t going to give up, Lin Ran smiled bitterly. However, with these people’s strength, they were not enough to pose a threat to him.

After calming down, Lin Ran looked at Ye Shixiao and asked, “Last question—we found Heavenly Iron on Mount Xianyong, but it seems to be empty inside.”

Ye Shixiao looked at the charcoal fire in the furnace and didn’t say anything. However, when Lin Ran said that it was empty inside, he frowned.

Lin Ran knew that Ye Shixiao must know something, but for some reason, he was unwilling to say it.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Ran waved his muddy hand at Ye Jin. “My hands are dirty. Can you bring me some water?”

Ye Jin looked at Lin Ran and then at her father, who was at the side. She immediately looked a little unhappy. “Is there something you don’t want me to know?”

Ye Shixiao lowered his eyes and didn’t say anything. Lin Ran pretended to be calm and said, “What are you talking about? I just want to wash my hands.”

“Hmph! Only a fool would believe you!”

Ye Jin rolled her eyes at Lin Ran, but she still went to get water.

Lin Ran took the opportunity to go to the stairs and looked up at Ye Shixiao. “If you have something to say, say it now. Otherwise, don’t ever say it. Anyway, I can find someone else to help me reforge the sword.”

After that, Lin Ran added in a softer tone, “If you tell me, I might be able to help you. It’s very difficult for your face to return to its original state, but I know someone who’s especially good at making human skin masks!”

Ye Shixiao’s eyes lit up, as if he was persuaded by Lin Ran. “If I tell you, can you promise me something?”


“I want you to take Jin away,” Ye Shixiao said softly.

Lin Ran was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“Take Jin away from the Iron City.”

Ye Shixiao said seriously with a solemn expression, “Leave this dark prison!”


Lin Ran’s expression changed drastically as he suddenly remembered that Liu Hongshan had also said that the Iron City was a prison.

At that time, Lin Ran thought that this was just a metaphor, but looking at Ye Shixiao’s attitude now, it seemed that things were not that simple.

Could it be that what Liu Hongshan said was true? Was it really not a coincidence that he brought Lin Ran to the Iron City?

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