Signing In At Mount Sword For 100 Years To Become Invincible

Chapter 292 - 292 A Child's Trick?

292 A Child’s Trick?

Seeing Liu Hongshan pretending to be mysterious, Lin Ran was indeed interested.

“Tell me about it.”

Lin Ran raised his hand casually without showing too much interest. Otherwise, Liu Hongshan would definitely keep him in suspense.

Liu Hongshan smiled meaningfully before saying, “The so-called Iron City is actually a prison.”


Lin Ran subconsciously frowned. He remembered that Liu Hongshan had previously said that the people living in the Iron City were all top-notch saber forgers in the Great Yong Dynasty. What he had seen and heard in the city confirmed this. Why did it suddenly become a prison?

Moreover, when he came out with Ye Jin today, although he was interrogated, it was because Black Shadow was stolen.

If not Black Shadow was stolen, it should be quite easy for the people in the city to enter and leave. Which prison in the world would be so laxly guarded?

“Do you mean because the Great Yong Dynasty doesn’t want their saber forging technique to be spread, people are not allowed to leave the city easily, just like a prison?”

“No, no, no.”

Liu Hongshan shook his finger and put on an ambiguous smile. “I mean it in a literal sense. The Iron City is a prison.”

Lin Ran pursed his lips and thought for a long time, but he still didn’t understand what Liu Hongshan meant.

Seeing Lin Ran’s confused expression, Liu Hongshan smiled and asked smugly, “Do you want to know why it’s a prison?”

“Alright, I can consider helping you!”

Lin Ran said angrily, “Can you tell me now?”

The smile on Liu Hongshan’s face widened. “Considering it is not enough. I also want to see your sincerity.”

Lin Ran was speechless. “What sincerity do you want? Don’t tell me you want me to bring the Sacred Abyss Sword over first?”

“That’s not necessary. You just have to answer me a small question.”

As Liu Hongshan spoke, he stopped smiling and put on a serious expression. “Where is the Sacred Abyss Sword hidden?”

“The secret room in the Hidden Sword Pavilion.”

Lin Ran answered without hesitation, because even if Liu Hongshan knew about this, it wouldn’t be easy to find the Sacred Abyss Sword.

Firstly, he had to use the Ten Miles Dragon Roar to open the secret passage. Secondly, he had to undo the Five Elements Seal to enter the secret room. Liu Hongshan could not do either.

Even if Liu Hongshan dug out the entire secret room, he still could not obtain anything inside.

However, Liu Hongshan clearly did not know this. After thinking for a moment, Liu Hongshan nodded and turned to leave.

“Wait a minute!”

Lin Ran hurriedly stopped him. “You haven’t told me yet. Why is the Iron City a prison?”

“What prison?”

Liu Hongshan suddenly revealed a sly smile. “I made it up to get you to tell me. Do you really believe such a thing?”

Lin Ran was stunned for a moment before he laughed in anger. “Liu Hongshan, you’re already hundreds of years old. Is there a point in playing such a childish trick?”

“Of course it’s boring to play with others, but you…”

Liu Hongshan chuckled strangely. Then, he suddenly activated his internal energy and rushed a thousand feet away in a flash!

Lin Ran was about to chase after him when he remembered that Ye Jin was still waiting for him. After hesitating for a moment, he turned around and returned to Mount Xianyong.

On the way back, Lin Ran still scolded Liu Hongshan in his heart.

However, as he scolded, Lin Ran suddenly realized that something was wrong. If Liu Hongshan was just trying to trick him, there were clearly many more things he could say to pique his interest. Why did he have to mention the Iron City?

It had to noted that at noon yesterday, Lin Ran still had no clue about the existence of the Iron City.

This was undoubtedly very abnormal for Liu Hongshan to bring it up.

“Could it be that the Iron City has something to do with me, and he thinks that I’ve already discovered something?”

Lin Ran frowned slightly and guessed. Although there was no evidence to support his guess, this was the only reasonable explanation he could think of.

While he was thinking, Lin Ran had already arrived above Mount Xianyong. He looked down and saw Ye Jin standing at the edge of the pit, looking around. Then, Lin Ran went down.

“Did I keep you waiting for too long?”

After landing, Lin Ran smiled apologetically and looked up at the sky. “Don’t worry. There’s still some time before it gets dark. We should be able to make it back in time.”

“Where have you been?!”

Ye Jin shouted with a sobbing tone and punched Lin Ran. “You disappeared without even telling me. I thought you were going to leave me here! Do you know how scared I was just now?!”

Knowing that he was in the wrong, Lin Ran could only smile apologetically. “How can I leave you behind? Besides, didn’t I tell you to wait for me here?”

At the mention of this, Ye Jin became even angrier. She kicked Lin Ran’s calf and said angrily, “You only said to wait for you, but you didn’t say when you would be back!”

“Yes, yes, yes. I was careless.”

Lin Ran apologized profusely, then pulled a long face and swore. “I promise! It won’t happen again! There was indeed an emergency just now…”

Ye Jin snorted and turned her head away from Lin Ran. “Only a fool would believe you! It’s almost curfew. Let’s go back first!”


Lin Ran nodded and threw the Yin-Yang Sword into the air. He grabbed Ye Jin and jumped up.

Amidst the howling wind, in just a moment, the two of them arrived near the Iron City.

Lin Ran landed on the ground and put away the Yin-Yang Sword. He turned to look at Ye Jin and said, “I can’t expose my identity for the time being. It’s not far from the city. We need to walk to the gate.”

Ye Jin looked around in surprise. It was obvious that she had yet to recover from the Sword Flight.

At this moment, Lin Ran suddenly heard the sound of a gong coming from the direction of the Iron City.

Lin Ran thought that it was time for the curfew and wanted to urge Ye Jin to walk quickly. However, before he could speak, he saw thick smoke suddenly rise from the Iron City!

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