She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 927 - She Ying: Little Cuties (1)

Chapter 927: She Ying: Little Cuties (1)

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Xiao Shu left.

He left in the direction of the abyss.

Yu Huang lowered her eyes and stared at Yin Rong, who seemed uneasy even in her unconscious state. She sighed and prepared to bend down to carry Yin Rong.

Sheng Xiao said, “Let me do it.”

“No.” Yu Huang carried Yin Rong up by the waist. Yu Huang was tall and thin, but every part of her body was muscular, so she carried Yin Rong easily. She glanced at Sheng Xiao and said sternly, “You’re my man. How can you carry another woman?”

Sheng Xiao smiled. “I just don’t want you to be tired.”

“What’s this? We’re all tough people who can carry two thousand pounds of Black Spirit Stones on our shoulders. How heavy is Yin Rong?” With that said, Yu Huang carried Yin Rong and led the way down the mountain.

Beatrice patted Sheng Xiao’s shoulder and held back her laughter as she said, “Don’t underestimate us women.”

Sheng Xiao sneered. “Now you think you’re a woman?”

Beatrice shrugged. “Being a woman isn’t that bad.”

Feng Yuncheng was overjoyed when he heard this. “Your Highness, where are you going next? Are you returning to the Divine Moon Empire or going elsewhere?” After asking, before Beatrice could answer, Feng Yuncheng continued, “I’ll go wherever you go. If you’re not in a hurry to go, then…”

Beatrice raised her eyebrows and asked him, “What?”

Feng Yuncheng smiled and said, “It’s my mother’s birthday next week. I was gone for more than three years, so I should go back and celebrate her birthday with her. Besides, we’re going to the Great World in four months. I wonder how long it will be before we can reunite again…” Feng Yuncheng looked at Feng Yuncheng expectantly as he boldly invited, “Your Highness, there are many interesting customs in the Ice Domain Continent. I want to bring you there to take a look.”

Beatrice was stunned.

Donor gave Beatrice an ambiguous smile and said, “Yuncheng wants to take you to see your in-laws!”

Beatrice’s ears turned red.

She subconsciously buttoned the seam of her tight pants with both hands and stammered, “Meet your parents?” Beatrice’s scalp went numb at the thought of that scene. “I’m not ready yet.” Beatrice didn’t have the guts to follow Feng Yuncheng home, so she rejected him. “Maybe next time.”

Hearing this, Feng Yuncheng was filled with disappointment.

However, he quickly pulled himself together and said with a smile, “I’ve long heard that the Divine Moon Empire is rich and prosperous, and Jingdu is the number one capital city on the continent. No one has ever shown me around properly. Your Highness, are you willing to show me around Jingdu?”

Beatrice knew that Feng Yuncheng wanted her to bring him back to the Imperial City to see her brother and elders.

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However, she felt that it was too early.

Beatrice wanted to reject him, but when she met Feng Yuncheng’s expectant and feverish gaze, her heart softened.

Feng Yuncheng was overjoyed when he heard her agree. Donor turned to Estelle and said, “It seems that I will have to pay up for the bet I made with Yu Huang back then.”

Estelle remembered the bet.

Three years ago, Feng Yuncheng successfully moved Beatrice in the lounge of the Holy Spirit Academy and became her boyfriend. It was also on that day that Donor and his classmates betted on whether Beatrice and Feng Yuncheng would get married in the end.

Estelle remembered that Donor and the other students had all cast white stones. Only Yu Huang and Mo Yuelou had cast black stones.

Therefore, when he saw that Feng Yuncheng and Beatrice’s relationship was developing so quickly and smoothly, Donor, who thought that the two of them wouldn’t succeed, was disproved.

He was going to have to pay up heavily.

Estelle couldn’t help but laugh when he saw Donor’s vexed expression. “Serves you right.”

Donor glared at him resentfully. “Who are you scolding?”

Estelle turned around and walked down the mountain.

When they reached the foot of the mountain, they were surprised to see a pink open-air bus waiting for them by the cement road.

The woman sitting in the driver’s seat was wearing a tight black skirt that was smooth and tight. The skirt was very short, and it was just enough to cover her perky buttocks. Her waist was slender, and she even specifically used scissors to cut a few slender holes at the waist of the skirt to reveal a portion of her tan waist.

The woman was wearing a pair of black snake-shaped high heels. The snake-shaped straps that clung to her calves were filled with sparkling diamonds.

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