Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Chapter 3215 - 3215 Wang Yiming Has a Car Accident

3215 Wang Yiming Has a Car Accident

Li Mochen’s house was at the front of the block, but they still drove a while to get to it.

Once Li Mochen was out of the car, he took pictures from the gate to the yard, building, living room, bedrooms, back yard, and the pool.

Seeing that Li Mochen was focused on taking pictures, both Mu Yuan and Meng Fan were struck dumb.

As soon as Li Mochen finished, he sent Leng Xiaoyao a message, telling her the location and size of the house.

Li Mochen’s house was gray, just like his character, showing a little coldness, but Leng Xiaoyao disliked bright colors, so she liked the house the moment she saw its decoration style and location. Without delay, she called Li Mochen.

“Brother Mochen, I like this house. How much is it?” asked Leng Xiaoyao.

“Twenty million yuan,” Li Mochen said.

Leng Xiaoyao was shocked. “Twenty million yuan? This house is being sold for twenty million yuan? Brother Mochen, did you pay some of the cost already?”

The prices in this timeline were the same as those in her previous incarnation, so Leng Xiaoyao was clear about the housing price in the capital city.

“Not really, I own this house. I invested in Hanlin Manor, so I didn’t pay much for this house. I won’t lose any money no matter how much I sell it for,” Li Mochen explained.

“Great, if so, I accept your house. Give me your bank account, and I’ll transfer the money to you. I won’t rush to transfer the house to my name. We can do that when I go to the capital city after the National College Entrance Examination.” Leng Xiaoyao didn’t turn it down because it was Li Mochen’s idea.

“No problem.” Li Mochen answered. He was happy that Leng Xiaoyao didn’t turn it down.

After it was settled, Li Mochen went to see Mu Yiyang.

In the afternoon, the staff of Xiaoyao Tech had an exact number of their losses. The price should have been about two hundred thousand yuan, but they raised it to three hundred thousand yuan.

The doubled compensation was six hundred thousand yuan, and He Fangqi also needed to pay for Mu Yufan and Zhou Yunkai’s medical fees.

Because they were still in the hospital, the medical fees were still unknown. Anyway, it shouldn’t be more than fifty thousand yuan. If it was fifty thousand yuan, the total number should be one hundred and fifty thousand yuan along with the mental damage compensation of a hundred thousand yuan.

All in all, the doubled compensation came to seven hundred and fifty thousand yuan, which was two hundred and fifty thousand yuan more than He Fangqi and Zhang Zengxu estimated.

Therefore, when they heard the number, they were struck dumb for a long while.

They were mad, but didn’t dare to deny it. As a result, they had to transfer the money to Leng Xiaoyao’s bank account.

Zhang Zengxu did that right after finding out the number, while He Fangqi took two days.

Wang Yiming didn’t encounter any accidents yesterday. He was very busy, so he forgot about the Taoist magic figure.

However, in the afternoon, he received a call from his younger brother. His younger brother said that their mother stumbled and needed to go to the hospital. Without delay, he rushed out.

Although their mother cared more about his younger brother than him ever since they were little and even asked him to help his younger brother with unreasonable demands, it was his biological mother. He had to do something when his mother was in trouble.

Wang Yiming drove steadily. He didn’t get anxious because his mother wasn’t well, but he still encountered an accident.

Halfway there, a truck suddenly changed lanes in order to avoid another car, then lost control and knocked into Wang Yiming’s car.

Besides, the truck tipped onto its side after knocking into Wang Yiming’s car and fell onto it.

Seeing that, no one thought that Wang Yiming could still be alive in the car. After all, his car was crushed!

Due to the car accident, all the traffic was blocked on the road, so everyone went to rescue Wang Yiming.

Within a few minutes, people finally pulled Wang Yiming out of the car. However, they surprisingly found that he was only a little injured.

Wang Yiming was also shocked and didn’t know what had happened.

When the car accident happened, he felt that he was doomed to die. Especially when the big truck pressed down on his car, he could barely breathe.

However, he didn’t feel as if he was seriously injured. He only felt pain in his head and legs.

“Jesus, this is a miracle! He survived. I thought…”

“He must be blessed because he has done many good things in the previous incarnation.”

“He really has good luck!”


After Wang Yiming came back to his senses, he remembered the talisman that Leng Xiaoyao gave him. However, when he found it, there were only ashes.

Obviously, he survived this time because of the talisman that Leng Xiaoyao gave him.

In the beginning he didn’t believe it, but now he was convinced, because it was proved to be the truth. He couldn’t deny it anymore.

Because he was injured, he couldn’t go to the hospital where his mother was right now. As a result, he took out his phone and called his younger brother.

“Xiangyang, I had a car accident and I’m injured. My car has been crushed. I can’t go to the hospital right now. I need to wait till the accident has been handled. You can help me take care of mother for a while,” Wang Yiming said.

“Car accident? You’re injured? Wang Yiming, did you make up the excuse simply because you don’t want to come? If your car was squashed, why are you still fine?” Wang Xiangyang swore in a nasty tone. It was very unpleasant because he didn’t care about Wang Yiming at all and even thought that Wang Yiming was just fooling him.

Wang Yiming understood that he was merely an outsider in their family. They never cared about his feelings and always took everything from him, but hearing Wang Xiangyang’s reply, Wang Yiming was deeply hurt and sad.

Wang Yiming gave in most of the time because he didn’t know what else he could do. However, he wasn’t weak. When he was hurt and sad, he was also mad. “Wang Xiangyang, what do you mean? Would I joke about that? Do you think everyone is as ungrateful as you? You don’t care about me at all even though I’m injured because of a car accident. You even think that I want to fool you. Do you want me to be crushed? You…”

Saying that, Wang Yiming suddenly realized that he was in the public. He shouldn’t let everyone know what happened in his family, so he immediately stopped speaking.

He didn’t know what to say to Wang Xiangyang, so he directly hung up. Although he survived due to the talisman, he was still injured and felt a lot of pain from his wounds.

Onlookers heard Wang Yiming’s conversation on the phone and felt sympathy for him. His family didn’t care about him at all and even thought that he was lying. He must be very sad right now.

Afterwards, Wang Yiming called his wife.

Although he knew that his wife would worry about him after finding out that he had been in a car accident, he was more afraid that his wife would go to see his mother alone and be bullied.

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