Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!

Chapter 2574 - 2574 Don’t Let Me See Any Survivors

2574 Don’t Let Me See Any Survivors

Mr. Fu closed his eyes and thought about it. Then, he gradually fell asleep. Xia Jinyuan and the rest didn’t wake them up when they came back.

Without disturbing the four sleeping scientists, everyone sat cross-legged in the living room and spoke in low voices.

“Spat provided us with a KA-50 helicopter. Everyone knows about this model. It’s better than the AH-1 in the international arms market. K7 and I checked it. All the equipment inside is normal.”

“NPP Zvezda K-37-800 ejection seat, ultra-fast climbing rate, all-terrain, all-weather, all-unit radar, and so on… There’s nothing wrong with the equipment. Besides having it for six years, everything else is fine.”


When Xia Jinyuan told them about the helicopter that they were going to leave in today, the soldiers of the Xueyu unit gave Lin Feng a thumbs up.

The KA-50 lightweight and medium-sized eight-ton attack helicopter was mainly used for targetting tanks, armored vehicles, and small buildings. It was a very powerful helicopter.

What was even more amazing was that this was the first common-axis armed helicopter in the world. It used two common-axis reverse rotors. The rotational force of the rotors offset each other, so there was no need for a tail oar.

The tail of the plane existed purely to balance the aerodynamic power of the entire plane and improve its maneuverability.

Hence, even if the entire tail was shot off, the KA-50 could still land safely, unlike ordinary helicopters. Once the tail or tail rotor was hit, it would lose its stability and cause the entire helicopter to crash.

Lin Feng was actually willing to lend them such an impressive attack helicopter. How could they not give him a thumbs-up?!


With this thing, they weren’t worried that their tail or tail rotors would be hit and their aircraft would be destroyed!

Lin Feng saw that everyone was giving him a thumbs-up. He rubbed his head and smiled. “Since I’m already asking for a favor, why not ask for something good? I might as well be straightforward with my requests, no?”

That was right. It was obvious which was the better choice if it was between an ordinary helicopter and a helicopter with top-notch performance.

Lin Feng was a shrewd businessman. He was shrewd.

The advantage of this was that it was extremely convenient for the members of the Xueyu unit. It greatly reduced the danger they’d be putting themselves in.

“I can’t bear to fly away just like that. I’ll use it to attack the auction house. Then, I’ll throw a few mortar shells down and sweep the place clean!” V8 touched his nose and said in a low voice.

That was what everyone thought.

However, they couldn’t really use a helicopter to bombard the other party. The target was too big. If the Chinese were to find out about it, it wouldn’t be easy to explain.

They could choose to attack on land, but they would have to bear the pain and give up on air attacks.

Xia Jinyuan, who was sitting in the middle, said, “Yesterday night, we caused a huge commotion. The traffic outside was severely affected. The security in the entire city is even tighter. The government is controlling the western border… The militants are strictly prohibited from crossing the border.

“The illegal armed forces will definitely not agree. I predict that there’ll be even bigger riots in the future. We have to send the four scientists away before this riot erupts.”

Although his voice was soft, it was extremely cold and ruthless. Every word was bone-chilling. “And when the riot happens, that’ll be the time when we can go to the auction house. V8, you’re in charge of the heavy machine guns. T6 hasn’t arrived yet. He’s in charge of blowing up the road.

“K7 and I will sneak into the basement and bring back the martyrs. G3, guard the M2 Browning heavy machine gun and set it up. Kill whoever comes out!

“As long as they raise their guns, sweep them all clean. Don’t leave any of them alive. Don’t let me see any survivors!”

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