Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser

Chapter 1737 - 1737 Chi Shuyan's Big Gift

1737 Chi Shuyan’s Big Gift

In the end, Gu Yunzheng still told her the pill formula for the Fiend Suppression Pill. However, the value of this Fiend Suppression Pill wasn’t just in the herbs required; it also had to be of a high level, at least at level 6. Pulling out baleful aura was the hardest thing to do. In an era where spiritual energy was depleted, low-level alchemists were hard to come by, to say nothing of alchemists who could produce high-grade pills that could attract a heavenly tribulation. This had never appeared, or had stopped appearing, in the world.

Even for a major family, obtaining high-grade medicinal pills was simply harder than ascending to the heavens.

This was why Gu Yunzheng felt that bringing up the Fiend Suppression Pill was no different from not saying anything.

However, Gu Yunzheng didn’t know that Chi Shuyan could already refine level 6 medicinal pills and even draw out a heavenly tribulation. So, when she heard the latter half of his words, not only wasn’t she disappointed, she was even more excited.

She hadn’t planned to take up Father Fan’s invitation to visit the ancient auction house or the trade bazaar, but after meeting Gu Yunzheng today, she planned to take a look. She might be able to get an unexpected surprise!

Chi Shuyan was in a pretty good mood. Gu Yunzheng was very puzzled when he saw that not only was Fellow Daoist Chi not disappointed, she was in good spirits. No matter how puzzled he was, there was no way he could imagine that the other party was a high-level alchemist who had once refined high-grade medicinal pills and even attracted a heavenly tribulation.

The atmosphere between the two was quite harmonious during the meal.

Before they parted ways after lunch, Chi Shuyan thanked Gu Yunzheng by giving him a few more sets of spirit tea which she had refined before. She also gave him a level 3 Spirit Gathering Pill and a level 6 Advancement Pill.

Chi Shuyan’s gift this time was very big, which showed how much she appreciated Gu Yunzheng’s kindness. Moreover, compared with her previous distance and politeness, Chi Shuyan got a little closer to Gu Yunzheng this time.

Not to mention the pill formula for the Fiend Suppression Pill, just the kindness that the other party had shown her all this time was enough for her heart not to ache when she gave him some medicinal pills.

Moreover, medicinal pills were very precious to others, but to her, it was just a matter of sparing some time to make them. Furthermore, this matter concerned her man and was very important. She was really grateful to Gu Yunzheng this time.

Gu Yunzheng didn’t know how grateful Chi Shuyan was, but when Fellow Daoist Chi generously gave him two bottles of medicinal pills, he was happy. However, he didn’t think much of it and just thought that these were low-grade medicinal pills. Even so, he was very satisfied. It had to be pointed out that even a low-grade medicinal pill was very precious nowadays, and Fellow Daoist Chi had actually given him two. Gu Yunzheng was excited and happy, but at the same time, he felt that he was taking advantage of her, and was embarrassed.

But how could he bear to return the pills? Gu Yunzheng chuckled and said with unprecedented enthusiasm and a smile, “Fellow Daoist Chi, if there’s anything else you need next time, just tell me. I, Gu Yunzheng, will definitely do my best for you.”

Seeing Gu Yunzheng look down repeatedly at the pills in his hand, Chi Shuyan wanted to laugh a little in her heart. However, despite her happiness, Chi Shuyan didn’t look down on him. She could afford to be generous because she had some fortuitous encounters in this life and had talent in alchemy. Without these, she would covet medicinal pills just as much as Gu Yunzheng.

In the end, they were high-grade medicinal pills. Chi Shuyan was afraid that some mishap would happen, so before she left, she exhorted, “Celestial Master Gu, I still have something on, so I’ll take my leave first. If you need anything, tell me directly. As for these two bottles of medicinal pills, I advise you to look at them elsewhere.”

High-grade medicinal pills could easily leak spiritual energy and attract covetous people. It wouldn’t be good if Celestial Master Gu got killed for no reason. So, before Chi Shuyan left, she added, “One of these is a level 3 Spirit Gathering Pill, and the other is a level 6 Advancement Pill. Celestial Master Gu, take care of yourself!”

After saying that, Chi Shuyan turned around and left.

She left right away, completely unaware that her words had completely stunned Gu Yunzheng. He was stupefied and in disbelief!

What did she mean by one level 3 Spirit Gathering Pill and one level 6 Advancement Pill? Gu Yunzheng’s mind exploded and went blank. He just felt that he had to be dreaming and had heard wrongly. He must have heard wrongly. There was no way he could have heard “level 6,” right?

Gu Yunzheng was well aware of what a level 6 medicinal pill meant. He had never heard of one, to say nothing of being gifted one. Such a high-grade medicinal pill could even be considered a treasure among ancient martial families.

Was Fellow Daoist Chi really not messing with him?

Gu Yunzheng’s head kept buzzing and his mouth was wide open. If it were any other time, he naturally wouldn’t believe it. Gu Yunzheng calmed down and repeatedly confirmed that he really hadn’t misheard Fellow Daoist Chi just now – she had indeed said one was a level 3 Spirit Gathering Pill and the other was a level 6 Advancement Pill. He hadn’t heard wrongly.

Wait, was Fellow Daoist Chi really so generous as to give him such a high-grade level 6 medicinal pill?

Gu Yunzheng subconsciously tried to undo the cork of one of the spirit bottles a little. Instantly, dense and majestic spiritual energy hit him in the head. Gu Yunzheng’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

Holy mother!

Did Fellow Daoist Chi really give him such precious and high-grade medicinal pills?

Gu Yunzheng’s legs turned to jelly. After he came back to his senses, he quickly stuffed the cork back in and hurriedly looked at the doorway, for fear that the spiritual energy would leak out and someone would covet his pills. His large hand that was holding the spirit bottles turned white with tension.

After this, Gu Yunzheng realized that Fellow Daoist Chi had given him a truly extraordinary gift. Thinking of the majestic and dense spiritual energy which had leaked out of the spirit bottle earlier, he didn’t dare open the other bottle. Seeing that Fellow Daoist Chi had already left, Gu Yunzheng rushed out after her!

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