Ranking Of Kings: My Land Is SSS Rank

Chapter 745 - 745 Bai Hua Spiritual Tea

745 Bai Hua Spiritual Tea

The fewer the talent runes, the easier it would be to break through, but the lower the potential. Although one seemed to have broken through, it also meant that one’s potential had been exhausted. It was almost impossible for one to reach the mythical realm.

What they were burying was their potential to advance to higher realms in the future.

Those who could quickly break through to the mythical realm had all used the most common cultivation techniques to complete the foundation establishment, and the talent runes they formed were the worst of the worst. If not, they must have had a fortuitous encounter. Only such a foundation was a high-tier one.

“Thank you for your trust, General Hua.” Li Xiang nodded and thanked her.

Hearing General Hua’s words, the indignance on Wushuang Ghost’s face gradually subsided.

“Brothers, since we’ve met, it must be a rare fate. Why don’t we go into the tent and drink some water before you leave?” Hua Mulan invited them calmly.

“It would be impolite to refuse. Then I’ll have to trouble General Hua!” When Li Xiang heard this, he agreed without any hesitation.

Although he could tell Hua Mulan’s intention to send them off, he pretended that he did not notice it.

Hua Mulan was obviously in trouble. It was rare to meet such an extraordinary woman. If there was a chance, he might be able to help her and make friends with her.

The female soldier, Xiao Que, frowned slightly when she saw how insensible Li Xiang was. However, she looked at Hua Mulan and did not say anything.


Seeing this, Hua Mulan did not stop him. She gestured for them to enter the tent first.

This tent was Hua Mulan’s boudoir. It had a clear view of the inside. It did not have the decorations of a woman’s home. Instead, there was a simple bed. However, it was separated by the curtain and only a vague outline could be seen.

Most of the area was still the place where the soldiers gathered and held meetings. A sandbox was placed in the middle.

There was a stone table beside it. This was where they usually ate.

After entering, Li Xiang and Hua Mulan sat opposite each other, while Wushuang Ghost stood upright beside them.

“Do you want to drink wine or tea?” Hua Mulan asked with a smile.

“Tea!” said Li Xiang.

“Xiao Que, take out my precious Bai Hua tea.”

“Yes, general!”

When the female soldier heard this, she also respectfully agreed and quickly entered the inner room.

Not long after, Xiao Que returned with a pot of tea. She took a few teacups and poured a cup of tea for each of them.

Although her technique of brewing tea was not superb, one could see that the tea was very strange. It was a kind of colorful tea. The color kept changing inside, like a dream, looking very beautiful.

“What a beautiful tea! It’s so colorful. Is this tea?”

Wushuang Ghost’s eyes were as big as copper bells. This was the first time he had seen such tea.

“The fragrance of the tea is like the blooming of a hundred flowers, exceptionally pleasant. The fragrance of the hundred flowers perfectly merges into one in the tea. This is simply inconceivable. The person who can make the Bai Hua tea must be an expert in this field.”

Flower tea was a type of tea, and it occupied an extremely important part of tea culture.

Flower tea was made of all kinds of flower petals and buds. Flowers often had different effects. Flower tea was suitable for health maintenance and was suitable for women. Not only could it nourish the body, but it could also beautify the face, dispel fatigue, and other effects. The best flower tea had even more magical effects, and it was a sacred product that was hard to find even in the tea ceremony.

“This is Bai Hua tea. It’s made by Granny Bai Hua by gathering a hundred flowers and using a unique secret technique. It’s not ordinary tea, but a type of spiritual tea. As for its specific effects, you’ll know after you taste it.”

Hua Mulan said with a smile. She gestured to Li Xiang and took a sip of her glass.

Bai Hua tea was her favorite tea. She drank it almost every day. She would feel that something was missing if she didn’t drink it.

Li Xiang couldn’t wait to drink such a spiritual tea. Even the gluttonous talent in his body began to get excited.

He picked up the teacup, put it to his mouth, and took a light sip. The tea entered his mouth, but he did not swallow it immediately. Instead, he held it in his mouth and let the tea flow on the tip of his tongue, back and forth three times. He savored the unique charm of the tea. When he swallowed it again, his body naturally emitted a faint cool air.

The flesh and blood in his body also began to happily absorb and release heaven and earth vitality. His physical strength was also increasing.

“What a magical spiritual tea! The moment one drinks it, one will feel as if one is in the hundred-flower Saint realm. My entire body and mind became extremely relaxed as if I had been completely cleansed. All the fatigue in my body is swept away and disappeared. Furthermore, it can cleanse the impurities in the body, produce a natural fragrance that nourishes one’s beauty, and even extend one’s lifespan!” Li Xiang closed his eyes to experience the mystical effects of the Bai Hua spiritual tea, and he couldn’t help but be shocked.

The most amazing thing was that the Bai Hua tea’s longevity-extending power might not be felt much in just one or two cups. It would not produce any obvious changes. However, the life force was integrated into his internal organs, flesh, and blood.

This Bai Hua tea would have an effect every time it was drunk. It was very magical.

“Good tea! It’s indeed a good tea. The name of spiritual tea is well-deserved.”

When Li Xiang completely recovered from the wonderful taste of the Bai Hua tea, he couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration. The physical strength in his body had increased by 10,000 kilograms silently. It had reached an astonishing 413,000 kilograms, which showed how magical the spiritual tea was.

“The living conditions in my army camp are simple and crude. The only thing I can serve you is this Bai Hua tea. It’s good that brother likes it.” When Hua Mulan heard this, her face lit up with joy.

“By the way, I heard from you that a group of Desert Devil Bandits is coming to attack General Hua. What’s going on?” Li Xiang asked curiously.

“Desert Devil Bandits? They were a bunch of d*mn thieves and perverts. A group of thieves who should be cut into pieces!”

At the mention of the Desert Devil Bandits, the female soldier named Xiao Que’s face immediately became extremely ugly. She gritted her teeth so hard that they seemed to be about to shatter. It could be said that she hated their guts, and she did not hide the strong killing intent in her heart.

“I’ve heard of this Desert Devil Bandits group before. They’re notorious in the Golden Desert. Countless people hate their guts. They kill, rob, extort, rape, and plunder. They’re a group of villains with poor moral conduct. They’re an organization of bandits that many people hate.” Wushuang Ghost suddenly spoke.

His words were full of contempt and hatred for the Desert Devil Bandits.

“That’s right! Those guys are a bunch of d*mn maggots!” When Xiao Que heard what Wushuang Ghost said, she looked at him with a kind gaze and her tone was not as sharp as before. She continued, “The leader of these thieves is a top-tier perverted thief, called King Hua. To put it bluntly, he’s a rapist, and only women can make him happy. He’s really a lecherous man. I wonder how many women have been scourged by him.”

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