Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

Chapter 3762 - 3762 One Month (5)

Chapter 3762 - 3762 One Month (5)

3762 One Month (5)

It was about his body, no matter what Li Moying said, she couldn’t just give in like this.

Therefore, she hardened her heart and ignored Li Moying’s expectant eyes.

“No way! How can you do this? You don’t even care about your own body? Anyway, you can’t move now if you want to, so you should be obedient!”

“But, Little Li’er, I didn’t disregard my body! It’s obvious that dual cultivation has the best recovery effect on my body, and I am the one who knows it best. Don’t listen to Liu Buyan…”


“No, don’t be so self-willed. As a patient, can’t you obey the Spirit Medicine Master obediently?”

“Little Li’er…”

Li Moying tried to play tricks, but Huang Yueli refused to let him have his way.

What made him even more depressed was that in the past, he could still use his masculine charm to find ways to make Huang Yueli soften and listen to him. Using his looks had always worked very well!

But now, it was useless for him to pretend to be pitiful!

Could it be that he has been lying on the bed for too long and his appearance has become ugly?

Li Moying immediately felt a sense of crisis! Because his family’s little Li’er was good looking!

As everyone knows, when Li Moying frowned and began to doubt himself, Huang Yueli who seemed to be ignoring him, was actually spying on him.

Li Moying, who had just recovered from a long illness, was slightly paler than usual, and the coercion of a strong person that people dare not look directly at was completely gone at this time.

This kind of Li Moying, on the contrary, had a different temperament, a weak but handsome man, which aroused her sympathy, so that she can’t help but want to comfort this man, protect him, and love him…

However, she can’t be soft-hearted!

“Alright, don’t be unhappy…as long as your health is good, you’ll be fine? Don’t make me worry, first practice the “Iniquitous Shadow Secret Manual”, as long as you restore your original cultivation, you can do whatever you want…”

“I can do anything?”

Hearing these words, Li Moying’s eyes lit up at once and he immediately interrupted her, asking for confirmation.

After being taken aback for a moment, Huang Yueli realized that what she said was too easy to be misunderstood.

She quickly waved her little hand and said, “No, no, you…you misunderstood, what I said was that you can do whatever you want, that is, you don’t have to lie on the bed, you can go out for a walk, you can practice, and you can do anything to participate in the Grand Meet…”

“Dual cultivation is still possible!” Li Moying followed her words and continued.

Huang Yueli nodded subconsciously, “Yes, you can dual…”

She reacted completely subconsciously, and after she said the words, she suddenly realized that she had said the wrong thing again, her face was hot for a moment, and she quickly denied it: “cough cough, no, no, you misunderstood again …”

“I didn’t misunderstand.”

The corners of Li Moying’s mouth turned upwards, smiling like a cat stealing fish.

Huang Yueli stared at his smiling face, almost staring blankly.

Her husband rarely showed such a smile, and he was a little stunned for a moment. This was really…beautiful…

Why was her husband so good-looking!

He looks good when he’s cold, and even better when he smiles!

Facing Li Moying’s face, Huang Yueli blinked, then blinked again.

When she came back to her senses again, she realized that she was nodding non-stop.

“Alright, husband, I’ll listen to you!”

Li Moying smiled lightly and said, “That’s good, it’s a deal!”

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