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Chapter 1021 Long Feng - Xiao Xiao I

Chapter 1021 Long Feng – Xiao Xiao I

“Are you sure that person has similar characteristics to Xiao’er?”

Zhou Yu nodded to Ling Yun. “I haven’t met that person in person, and I only checked the situation on the lower floors through the void. His name, Long Feng, possesses both flame dragon and ice phoenix bloodlines and hails from the supreme realm. In addition, I overheard several individuals discussing him, stating that his parents are Long Tianhuo and Feng Huang.”

“Feng Huang is Xiao Xiao’s mother, right, Ling Yun?”

“Yes.” Ling Yun immediately returned to his human form before hugging Xuanyuan Xue’er’s waist, and he then summoned the two mythical beasts to meet him.


Wu Gui and Ye Yixuan swiftly approached them, prompting Ling Yun to inquire. “Do any of you know about Long Tianhuo and Long Feng?”

“No.” They both shook their heads at Ling Yun. “Where did you hear those two names?”

“They’re on the lower floors now.” Wu Gui and Ye Yixuan weren’t surprised to hear Ling Yun say that. “They came from the supreme realm, along with other mythical beasts and beast cultivators.”

“Other mythical beasts?” Wu Gui and Ye Yixuan glanced at Zhou Yu.

“Yes.” Zhou Yu responded to their gazes by nodding. “There’s a vermilion bird, a fire qilin, and a lightning qilin. Besides them, there are also a blue luan, a snow-white fox, and a white lion. Actually, there are four other groups, but they haven’t shown their beast form yet.”

“A vermilion bird, huh.” Wu Gui and Ye Yixuan muttered as they exchanged shocked glances. “This is bad! The second beast war could happen at any time!”

“What do you mean by that?” Ling Yun asked with a frown, especially since he still had a lot of problems on his hands, so he didn’t want to get involved in any more trouble for now.

“Brother, the appearance of the four virtue mythical beasts marks the beginning of the second beast war.” Ling Yun frowned even more at Wu Gui’s answer. “I myself am the black tortoise; the vermilion bird suddenly appeared in this tower, and Hu Lou is still hiding in the Holy Land of Sword. Only the azure dragon has not shown itself, but there are several of them in our secret realm, and they can come out at any time depending on the golden dragon king’s decision.”

Ling Yun didn’t take Wu Gui’s words lightly, and his expression became very serious as he considered the various possibilities that could arise. “Have they all fully recovered, including the golden dragon king?”

“Not yet.” Ye Xixuan responded by shaking her head. “Most of them have recovered, but the golden dragon king has not fully recovered. However, I am sure that he will recover soon, and they will definitely make their move once he recovers.”

“I see.” Ling Yun nodded in understanding. “Currently, those four evil mythical beasts, particularly Hundun, must be trying to recover from their injuries from Tang Chen’s deadly attack, so I’m sure they’re hiding in a hard-to-reach place like your secret realm to do so. Furthermore, since they are unable to enter your hideout, I’m confident that you, too, will be unable to enter theirs. Even if the golden dragon king recovers, I believe the second beast war will not happen immediately, but they might start slaughtering the dark beasts who helped them in the first beast war.”

Wu Gui and Ye Xixuan nodded in agreement with Ling Yun, especially since all those mythical beasts who are still living in hiding have indeed planned this, and they will not immediately fight head-on with the four evil mythical beasts.

“As for those beasts, I can’t care about them, so we don’t need to think about this matter and let them do whatever they want to them. All right, you two can rest some more, and I will go to the lower floors to check something.” After the two mythical beasts left, Ling Yun immediately brought Xuanyuan Xue’er and Zhou Yu to meet Xiao Xiao before explaining the situation to her, which shocked and excited her at the same time.

After all, Xiao Xiao had lived on earth for more than thirty years, so she knew nothing about her biological parents, and she only learned her mother’s name a few days ago. However, her husband recently informed her about a man in the tower who shared the same characteristics as her beast form, leading her to immediately assume he was either her big brother or her little brother. “Can we go there to meet him now, Yun’er?”

“Sure.” Ling Yun himself knew Xiao Xiao’s feelings very well, so he intended to bring her to see Long Feng; only then could she calm her restless heart that was thinking about her identity. “Where are they now, Zhou Yu?”

“Wait a minute.” Zhou Yu immediately split the void and disappeared inside to find their position, but she quickly emerged and informed him of their location. “They have nearly eliminated the beasts on the fifth floor, and they will soon ascend to the sixth floor, particularly because of their large numbers and cultivation in the five god realms. Besides, there are many cultivators whose strengths are in the supreme god realm, including nature race laders.”

“Then, where are Lian Bing and the others?”

“They just cleared the seventh floor and will go up to the eighth floor soon, and their opponents are still emperor-level beasts.”

“I see.” Ling Yun expressed his relief, particularly because he didn’t want his wives, families, and partners on the lower floors to encounter them. “In that case, let’s go to the sixth floor now, and we will wait for those people there. However, I need some people to help Lian Bing and the others, so they can reach the tenth floor soon, and they will be safe on the safe floor if those people have already caught up with them.”

“They are all exhausted, so you can let them rest first, and you can send me there.” Ling Yun immediately turned to Xuanyuan Xue’er. “Although I am alone, I can provide significant help to them, especially since their opponents are only emperor-level beasts, and I can definitely help them reach the safe zone faster.”

“All right.” Ling Yun immediately agreed with that, especially since he had witnessed Xuanyuan Xue’er’s current abilities. “Let’s go now.”

Zhou Yu immediately warned Ling Yun. “We will encounter the leaders of the nature race on that floor, and we don’t know which one Lu Yi ordered to kill you, so you must exercise caution around them, especially You Ya.”

“Yeah.” After that, Zhou Yu immediately brought the three of them into the void, and she first sent Xuanyuan Xue’er to join Lian Bing and the others on the eighth floor.

A few seconds later, they had arrived behind the entrance to the sixth floor, but Zhou Yu immediately surrounded them with void walls, especially since the beasts on that floor were no longer at the emperor level but at the heavenly god realm level.

Xiao Xiao clasped her hands together, and her expression looked so impatient to meet Long Feng, as she wanted to know her true identity immediately, especially her parents.

“Calm down, okay?” Ling Yun softly spoke as he grabbed Xiao Xiao’s hands. “They’ll be here shortly, and you can meet Long Feng. We can’t talk in public, so I’ll bring them into my Yin-Yang Chamber so you two can talk quietly.”

“Yes.” Xiao Xiao nodded to Ling Yun, but she still couldn’t calm herself down, and her gaze never moved from the gate.

After they waited for about half an hour, the entrance to the sixth floor finally opened. Long Feng, who was still in his flame dragon form, immediately shot out from the gate, followed by Long Yingtai, Long Qingguan, and the people from the Long Clan.

However, their gazes shifted to Ling Yun and the others, and they could recognize Xiao Xiao’s two bloodlines, especially Long Feng, who had the same two bloodlines as her.

Seeing them, Zhou Yu immediately informed Ling Yun. “It turns out to be true. Long Feng has two bloodlines: flame dragon and ice phoenix, so I am certain that he is Xiao Xiao’s brother.”

*Swoosh… Swoosh…*

In a few seconds, the other mythical beasts and beast cultivators also entered, accompanied by their thunderous roars. Zhou Yu was immediately alert as soon as she saw the nature race leaders, and she prepared to take Ling Yun and Xiao Xiao away from the floor, especially since she would not be able to fight them all by herself.

You Ya and the others immediately raised their eyebrows when they saw Ling Yun, and they exchanged serious glances before nodding to each other.

However, Long Feng immediately flew down towards them as he reverted back to his human form, followed by the people from the Long Clan, who landed right in front of them.

Long Feng didn’t say anything right away, and he kept staring at Xiao Xiao with mixed feelings, as did Long Yingtai and Long Qingguan. but both of them were also curious about Ling Yun’s presence by her side.

After a while, Long Feng spoke to Xiao Xiao. “Even though I’ve never met you before, we share the same bloodlines, and our mother is the only one of her kin left in this universe, so I’m sure that you’re my elder sister, Long Xiao’er.”

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