Permanent Martial Arts

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Missed

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In the Zhao family’s villa, the chairman of Donghai Group and Zhao Ping’s father, Zhao Beisheng, had a gloomy expression on his face. He couldn’t help but ask Zhao Dongsheng, “Brother, are we just going to let it go like this? Zhao Ping is my only son and your only nephew. Even if he’s useless, he still belongs to the bloodline of the Zhao family. Now that Zhao Ping is crippled, is the Zhao family’s line of descent to end?”

Zhao Beisheng was very agitated. Although his son, Zhao Ping, was no longer in life danger, his vital part was crippled. Zhao Ping was his only son. How could he not be angry?

Zhao Dongsheng frowned and said, “I told you to discipline Zhao Ping properly, but you didn’t listen to me. What now? You’ve run into a hard obstacle. To tell you the truth, General Long is an important figure in the military, and he is stronger than I. Hmph, if he’s determined to protect the Lin family, I can’t actually do anything to the Lin family.”

“Big brother, is there really no other way?”

“Of course there are other ways. Although I can’t do anything, is your East Sea Corporation just for show? I have signed the Inhuman Agreement and can’t casually attack normal people. If it were just an ordinary person, I could kill them easily and no one would stand up to me, but the Lin family has a military background. That would be troublesome. However, your East Sea Corporation can do its best and mobilize all the resources in society to suppress the Lin Corporation.”

“Big brother, the Lin Corporation’s scale is considerable. I’m afraid it will be very difficult to rely on my East Sea Corporation alone.”

“Hmph, with me here, why would you be afraid of a mere Lin Corporation? Don’t worry, I’ll give some friends a heads-up. When the time comes, they’ll assist you in the business sphere. Remember, you can only do things openly. You can’t use any underhanded methods, let alone cause trouble for the Lin family in private. Do you understand? As long as you can openly defeat the Lin Corporation in business, without the Lin Corporation, wouldn’t the Lin family be at your mercy? As for Zhao Ping’s injuries, I’ll go to the Outland and think of a way. If I can obtain the Yurlunggur’s blood and let Zhao Ping drink it, his injuries will naturally be healed, and the Zhao family’s line of descent will not end.”

“Really? Don’t worry, big brother. I will definitely make use of Easts Sea Corporation to block the Lin Corporation!”

“All right, I’m actually carrying out some missions. Now that I’ve settled this matter, I have to rush back immediately. Restrain Zhao Ping properly in the future. Right now, it’s just a matter of General Long being involved. If he provokes someone he shouldn’t provoke in the future, even I won’t be able to save him.”

“Yes, yes, I will definitely restrain Zhao Ping. Big brother, don’t worry.”

After saying that, Zhao Dongsheng left the Zhao family’s villa. However, a cold look flashed across Zhao Beisheng’s eyes.

The matter with the Zhao family was not over yet. Lin Feng had also heard some rumors that the Zhao family’s East Sea Corporation was collaborating with other groups to suppress the Lin Corporation.

His eldest brother and his father were nowhere to be seen in the past few days. Although the Lin Corporation was powerful, they were under a lot of pressure when faced with the East Sea Corporation’s suppression at full force. However, Lin Feng couldn’t do much to help for these matters.

The only thing he could do was to practice martial arts, and do so in a frenzy! This time, he had personally witnessed the strength of two inhuman experts, Zhao Dongsheng and General Long—especially Zhao Dongsheng, who nearly toppled the Lin family just with his inhuman identity alone.

No matter how large a business empire was, no matter how prosperous a family was, they seemed to be no match against an inhuman expert.

After a few days of selection, Lin Feng chose the second gene that he wanted to fuse—the Unicorn gene.

The Unicorn was a real dire beast. Even with the Lin family’s power, they had to put in a lot of effort to obtain a piece of the Unicorn’s flesh. His father did not ask Lin Feng what it’s used for, and supported him unconditionally. This touched Lin Feng deeply.

Lin Feng chose the Unicorn for a reason. It was not considered powerful among the dire beasts, but it was famous for its strength and was an extremely ferocious dire beast.

Currently, Lin Feng’s strength was his forte, so he had to maximize his advantage and increase his strength further.

The integration of the Unicorn’s genes went very smoothly. Lin Feng spent a few days using the high-grade nutrient solutions to completely develop the Unicorn’s genes. Lin Feng’s physical fitness also improved in all aspects.

Physique: 19.56

Strength: 18.85

Agility: 11.34

“Skills: Basic Fist Technique (Proficient, can be improved to adept through continuous practice), Wild Bovine’s Might (Mastered, comprehended Wild Bovine’s True Intent)

Genetic Fusion: Wild Bovine genes (100% fusion, complete fusion), Unicorn’s gene (100% fusion, complete fusion)

Genetic Capacity: 16%

Lin Feng’s physique and strength both improved tremendously, and his genetic capacity seemed to have been depleted by 10%. Now, his genetic capacity had reached 16%. If he continued to fuse other more powerful genes, his genetic capacity would probably reach its limit very soon.

As for the strength of Lin Feng’s punch, it had already reached 2,000 kilograms. That was 2 tons of strength. That was just pure strength. If he used the Wild Bovine’s Might, his strength would be even more terrifying. Lin Feng had tested that his strongest attack could reach 3,200 kilograms, about over 3 tons of strength.

Actually, Lin Feng had also sensed some problems. When he used the Wild Bovine’s Might, he did not seem to be able to mobilize all his strength as easily as before. Lin Feng speculated that this might be due to the difference between the Wild Bovine genes and the Unicorn genes. Lin Feng had comprehended the Wild Bovine True Intent, but he did not practice martial arts related to the Unicorn. Perhaps he would not be able to mobilize his strength at will as completely as before.

This was the problem. He had only fused two genes. What would happen when he fused three, four, or even more genes in the future?

Lin Feng could not solve this problem at the moment, but he knew that it had something to do with martial arts. The role of martial arts was to gather all the strength in the body and unleash it to the maximum. However, the martial arts that Lin Feng could find were very limited. There were no suitable martial arts that could bring out his advantages at all.

Some profound martial arts were only in the hands of the government, the military, aristocratic families, high-level martial artists, sects, or academies. No matter how rich the Lin Corporation was, it was impossible to purchase profound martial arts.

During this period of time, Lin Feng had been carefully considering his future path.

“Brother, I have something to tell you.”

Tomorrow was the weekend. Lin Qian’s expression was a little unnatural. She seemed to want to say something but stopped.

“Lin Qian, what is it? Just tell me.”

Lin Qian stammered and finally said, “Brother, Sister Qu Chen is leaving Central Sea University.”

“Leave Central Sea University? Why?”

Lin Feng’s body stiffened, and his tone became urgent.

“Brother, Sister Qu Chen’s goal in coming to Central Sea University was to use the platform of the martial arts club to gain access to martial arts and become a professional martial artist. Sister Qu Chen’s goal was to enter the Polar Academy. With Sister Qu Chen’s talent, she could have entered the Polar Academy half a year ago. However, Sister Qu Chen stayed behind because she was waiting.”

“Waiting for what?”

“For your answer.”

Lin Feng fell silent. Qu Chen was a good girl. He knew very well. It would be impossible for him to have remained unmoved after such a long time. However, he was afraid to face all this due to his strange illness.

“So, Qu Chen is going to drop out of school and enter the Polar Academy?”

“That’s right. Sister Qu Chen wants to see you before she leaves. Tonight, at Starlight Cafe like the last time.”

Lin Feng was silent for a long time, but did not respond.

“Brother, Sister Qu Chen has waited for you for so long. Even if you have no feelings for her, you should at least give her your blessings.”

Lin Feng took a deep breath, pushed open the door, and walked out of the villa.

At Starlight Cafe, in the melodious music and beautiful atmosphere, couples whispered their love to each other.

Lin Feng walked in. He saw the familiar figure by the window at once.

Qu Chen was very beautiful today. She wore a long white dress that accentuated her tall figure. In addition, her regular practice of martial arts gave her a distinguished air. Even the dazzling lights in the cafe could not hide her charm.

Lin Feng sat opposite Qu Chen, who smiled. “I haven’t thanked you for saving me that day.”

“You’re welcome. You’ve actually helped me a lot in the martial arts club.”

The two of them did not talk much. There was a hint of sadness in Qu Chen’s beautiful eyes, but she did not show it.

“Oh, right, I haven’t congratulated you yet. You passed the Polar Academy’s test.”

This was indeed worthy of congratulation. Polar Academy was one of the top three martial arts academies in the world. The people who graduated there were all high-level professional martial artists. At the very least, they could become a police chief or something on that level.

However, its requirements were also very high. New students had to become professional martial artists before the age of 20, and this restriction stopped countless people. Qu Chen was only 19 years old this year, and she was also a Grade Four professional martial artist. Naturally, she met the requirements for enrollment in the Polar Academy.

“Yeah. I should have gone six months ago, but…”

Pausing, Qu Chen’s eyes gradually lit up. She simply stared at Lin Feng and asked, “Lin Feng, actually, Lin Qian has already told me about your condition. I won’t ask anything today aside from one question. Have you ever liked me?”

Lin Feng opened his mouth. Qu Chen’s passionate, bold, frank, and expectant gaze left him at a loss.

After a long while, Lin Feng closed his eyes and said, “Yes.”

Qu Chen smiled. Her smile was so beautiful and innocent. Even the brightest pearl could not compare to Qu Chen’s smile at this moment.

“Close your eyes,” Qu Chen said.

Lin Feng closed his eyes slowly. Then, a touch of softness met his lips.

Time seemed to have stopped at this moment. When Lin Feng opened his eyes, Qu Chen had already left the cafe, leaving only a beautiful back view.

Lin Feng clenched his fists. A voice seemed to be calling out to him in his heart, but in the end, he remained in his seat and did not chase after Qu Chen.

“If fate wills it, may we meet again,” Lin Feng muttered softly. He knew that he had missed a relationship and a good girl.

They would meet again if fate willed it, if he wasn’t dead after three years…

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