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Chapter 258 Wanhua Distric

Chapter 258 Wanhua Distric

"We have reached it." Zheng Hui said as he parked his van on the side of the street. Jin looked out of the window to check the surroundings. What surprised Jin was not that they travelled far away from Tiangong Shopping district but the place they were at. It was no deserted valley or some abandoned warehouse.

"Wanhua District," Jin said to himself as he looked at the map app he had on his phone. It was roughly an hour ride to this area, meaning it will take Lee An or Xue Ping some time to arrive.

Even if they were to reach here, it does not exactly mean that he would have sufficient backup if things go awry. Still, he believed he was strong enough to fight against the threats of everyday life at Grade 7.

Not to mention obtaining the knowledge to utilise Panda Black Fire and Panda White Ice would definitely be an increase in offensive powers aside from his sword attacks and basic Astral Panda skills.

The area where Zheng Hui brought Jin was still reasonably quiet. There was moderate human activity going on the streets that Jin began to wonder how was Zheng Hui going to kidnap him?

Through drugging the food he was consuming with sleeping pills? Using overwhelming strength? He was not able to think of a suitable and viable way that Zheng Hui could use to kidnap him so openly in public.

"Come, Mr Xie. It's this place, the fourth floor." Zheng Hui beckoned to Jin who looked like some tourist that got lost.

"This place's braised duck is one of the most delicious I ever ate. That is also why I am brought you here!" Zheng Hui tried to exaggerate, and Jin pretended to saw through his fake sincerity.

"You wanted me to pay for the meal, right?" Jin said in an annoyed tone as they were waiting for the elevator.

"Ahh, Mr Xie you said it yourself, I did not say anything at all! Pardon me for being a little more hungry today!" Zheng Hui laughed with his eyes closed as he thought how gullible this little rich boy is. If Zhen Qing was more cooperative, they could have sucked more money together from this guy, and he might even be more forgiving towards his daughter.

"Too bad, she was going to keep him for herself so that she can escape from me? No way!" Zheng Hui thought to himself as he pressed the fourth floor button when the elevator arrived.

The elevator opened and the lady greeter welcomed both of them into the restaurant. It was there and then that Zheng Hui faced turned from scheming look to pure shock.

"Big...Brother…Ong!! Why are- I mean it is a surprise to see you here!" Zheng Hui had cold sweat dripping down his back as Jin saw a well dressed individual sitting at the centre table of the restaurant with a plethora of poorly dressed gangsters standing right behind him. The chains and rings on his hands with a pair of sunglasses at the top of his head indicated some measure of wealth. Not to mention the food he was eating looked rather sumptuous. Jin later noticed that there were even gangsters sitting at the other end of the table which was coincidentally where the fire escape was.

Jin looked back and saw the two gangsters folding their arms, gesturing and prompting them to move forward. There was no way out of this situation no matter how you see it. "Ahh.. the overwhelming strength and quantity to the point that you have to listen and do whatever they say. So that is possible after all." For some reason, Jin was taking notes for his future instances in his brain.

"You are one weird System User." Kraft giggled at Jin's lacking awareness to the overall situation. Did he really think he would get out of there scot free?

"This, your friend?" Jin could see Zheng Hui was as stunned as a marble statue in a museum, and he slowly nodded his head. "Yes, this is the Brother I was talking about. I was just erm rather overwhelmed by the welcoming party. Aha haha haha!" Zheng Hui did not know what to say. His debt was not even that big that his 'friend' would bring such a large entourage with him.

"Brother Hui! It looks like you are hungry. Have a seat. Do not mind my goons. They are here to oversee my special VIP. He is in the toilet at the moment." Ong said as he picked up a piece of savoury duck meat with braised skin and dipped it in soy sauce before placing it in his mouth.

Zheng Hui slowly walked forward with Jin following behind him and thinking of ways to get out of this situation. No doubt every one of the solutions seemed to be brute force since that was the only language these gangsters will ever speak.

At that moment, someone came out from the toilet, and as he was wiping his hand with a disposable hand towel, he looked towards Jin's direction and shouted. "Oh?! Isn't that Brother Zheng Hui! It's had been a long time!" The man in a white suit and colourful shirt walked towards Zheng Hui.

"Yamazaki sama!?" Zheng Hui immediately fell to his knees, trembling and prostrating when the man in the white suit came towards them.

"A Japanese name? Couldn't it be such a coincidence that it's a Yakuza right?" Jin thought himself and hoped for the best.

"I had been looking for you all this time. If not for Brother Ong here to tell me that you owe him some money while I was having a friendly drink with him, I would not have known that you have fled all the way to Shenzhen. It looks like fate cannot separate you and me in any way."

Yamazaki sat down beside Ong and poured a glass for him.

"For you, my friend." He toasted with Ong before drinking the alcohol in one gulp. Yamazaki then looked at Jin rather curiously.

"So, you are the target that Hui brought?" Yamazaki asked Jin who managed to remain somewhat still for the past five minutes.

"Yes, Yamazaki sama I brought him according to Brother Ong. I hoped that…" Yamazaki banged the table hard, and Zheng Hui immediately kept his mouth shut.

"DID I SAY YOU CAN TALK?" Yamazaki shouted at him, and Zheng Hui continued to put his head down on the floor. "I screwed up…" Zheng Hui said to himself.

"You." Ong's turn to point at Jin.

"I am feeling rather generous today. Get out of my sight. Leave this guy to us. He wanted to kidnap you anyways, so we are going to teach him some manners." Ong said, and that was when his phone started to ring.

"Hm, then what are you waiting for? Just get her. Our guest wants the family to be reunited." Ong spoke loudly on his phone.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah bye. Hey you. That girl is in your house right? Don't mind we break in, take some stuff and the girl and we will not disturb your life anymore. You cool with that? Okay, deal done." Ong pointed at Jin after he hung up the phone and ate another piece of braised duck.

"I…" Jin was speechless at how gentlemanly this gangster was. It looked like their real objective was indeed Zheng Hui and Zhen Qing.

"You have no say. Now get out of my sight. You are spoiling my food and entertainment." Ong tilted his head a little to signal to his goons. The group sitting behind Ong immediately stood up, adjusted their shirts and walked menacingly towards Jin.

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