Number One Dungeon Supplier

Chapter 22 Evening's Crowd

Chapter 22 Evening's Crowd

It was the evening and Jin decided to have a Wacdonalds meal for dinner. Hence, he closed the shop and pasted an A4 sign stating that he would be back in an hour or two. "Wacdonalds again Jin?" Yun seem to have gotten angry again.

"Well, I cannot possibly eat curry rice all week right?" Jin argued.

"The curry rice has more nutrients than this empty calorie burger set! The ingredients in the curry like carrots and spices will help stimulate your body vitals and nourish your meridian points! The pig meat gives you a high amount of protein too!" Yun said.

"Alright, just this one last time for this week okay?" Jin had no strength to argue with Yun after that shameless incident in the afternoon.

"Hmmph, we will see." Yun said in a fit of anger.

During the meal, Jin started to scroll his mission app again and saw that the mission list was updated. "I should get a new monster for the sake of variety, else people will get bored of the goblins."

One of the missions he found gave him what he wanted.


Mission: Capture Lady Snake and her two servants

Secondary Objective: Use your only panda move to defeat them

Rewards: Treant Grade 2 Boss Monster


"Perhaps I should do this tomorrow morning. I doubt my right arm has the strength to swipe anything right now." Jin was indeed using his left hand to eat his Wacdonalds meal instead. While the right arm held onto his phone since it required less movement.

Xiong Da's five dungeon instances raked in more money in a day, way more than he could have made if he worked as an average computer engineer. However, Jin needed to bring him up to the second floor for compulsory health monitoring as stated by the countries' law if the cultivators were rendered unconscious.

The only way to bring Xiong Da up? Lazy Panda Swipe. The training he got for sending Xiong Da up tremendously improved his swipe's strength, speed and accuracy. The downside was the soreness. Jin figured if he cultivate at night via his Nineteen Lazy Astral Panda Technique, the soreness should be reduced or gone by tomorrow.

Also, when he thought about it further, he did not actually earn that much since his commission was about 5% for each instance according to the System's rules. However, he did not need to worry about rental, about stock, about maintenance of the shop. What he was receiving was pure commission.

He also had some inheritance money left by his late grandfather Ming hence bills at home were easily settled. All Jin had to do was to focus on earning money to become the best dungeon supplier.

Jin accepted the Lady Snake Mission and he leisurely scrolled through the other missions as he sipped his Coca Kola drink.

"Hmm, what is this?" Jin got curious of the mission title and tapped to expand the details.


Mission: Earn a total of 10,000 Yuan

Rewards: Level 1 Dungeon Supplier

Mission completion: In progress


"Oh, this is one of those ongoing missions. I forgot to tell you about it. Heh." Yun said casually.

"Huh, what do you mean by Level 1 Dungeon Supplier? What does it do?" Jin started to seriously questioned Yun.

"By being a level 1 Dungeon supplier, you will get 10% commission and your shophouse facilities will expand a little. Basically, increasing your dungeon supplier level is beneficial for you."

"Did you not say that the System judged me by ranking? You said I was ranked 900,000ish?" Jin was getting confused.

"Oh no, the levels here are meant to help you expand your shop and increase your earnings. The system will still judged you by your supplier ranking and give you a reward once you reach a certain milestone."

"Is there a mission for me to view for the rankings?" Jin shook his head. How could Yun forget such important stuff?

"You do know I can read your hidden thoughts too if I want to. I did not forget, it is just that I did not want to bombard you with so many things." Yun replied honestly.

"Alright, I will give that a pass then. I do admit I still have lots to learn." Jin sighed and started to walk back to his shop.

"That's the spirit of humility that I hoped you cultivate!" Yun gave a thumbs up emoji via his phone.

As he was walking back, he notice something odd. There was loud chatter coming from the end of Tiangong Shopping District. As he looked closer, there was actually a long queue waiting for him at his shophouse!

"You said to come here as soon as possible! But the store seems to be closed!" Bin Yong felt annoyed and a little disappointed being rushed straight from work the moment the clock struck 5.30 pm.

"There's an A4 sign stating that he will be back, I checked!" Luo Bo reassured Bin Yong and he could not resist her.

"Take a look at this crowd, I am not lying to you! And we are already considered the first few. Consider yourself lucky Bin Yong." Shi Zuo looked back and saw the queue for Jin's store getting longer.

Jin was taken aback but he walked briskly towards his shop and entered through the side door. Some of the crowd in the afternoon remembered the Boss and cheered as he came back from his dinner.

"Boss Jin! Hurry and open your shop! We cannot wait to give the dungeon a try!"

"Give me 5 to 10 minutes to prepare everything." Jin spoke before he closed the side door. As he closed the door, he took in a deep breath.

"WOOOOOOO, I cannot believe this! This feels like a miracle!" Jin raised his fist up quickly and vigorously drew it back.

"Hahaha, I am feeling excited for you too, do your best for the evening~! It's all-or-nothing to handle and impress the crowd!" Yun cheered him on.

Jin quickly used the bathroom on the second floor while the System boots up all the stations and Panda Port. Everything was restocked from the drinks to the curry rice. Even the soda and snack bar vending machine on the second floor was ready.

"Let's do this!" Jin said to Yun as he opened the shutters of the shop. The crowd started to queue at the Panda Port. Some of the crowd started to explain how the shop worked based on observations in the afternoon.

"Oh my gosh, this is a rip off!" Bin Yong stared at the menu when they were at the cashier counter.

"Sorry Boss, do not bother about him, three instance tickets!" Shi Zuo said immediately as the last station, Station 4 was the only one available at the moment.

"Okay, please pay individually." Jin acknowledged their order and the phones tapped in and tapped out of the cashier port. Bin Yong grudgingly paid his part. If not for Luo Bo, he would have complained even more. The dog tags were issued to Shi Zuo and the trio quickly ran to Station 4 even before Jin could direct them to that area.

The rest of the crowd also bought their dungeon instance tickets and Jin gave them directions on which station to go to once the initial team were done. Yun was helping Jin in his head telling him on what to do while not confusing him.

Both of them were working like cogs of a machine...well two cogs of a machine. Actually, when Jin thought about it, it was Jin who was a cog and Yun the engine.

Some of the crowd that was waiting started to order the tonkatsu curry rice and some drinks with the Panda credits they had accumulated from buying the dungeon instance. They did not regret their choice of coming here even if it was not for the dungeon instance.

Bin Yong looked at the atmosphere around him and it was intensely heated up. Everyone were busily chatting on how to advance during the dungeon, telling each other what to do. Some even used the viewing experience in the afternoon to guess what needs to be done. "This is amazing, I have not seen this kind of energy for quite some time." Bin Yong thought to himself.

"Baby, you are our scout okay? Alert us when you see the goblins." Shi Zuo instructed Luo Bo and she gave a quick salute to tease him. "Bin Yong, just survive as long as you can okay?" Bin Yong just nodded his head.

"It's just a dungeon is it not? Why are you two being so serious?" Bin Yong said as he took out his sword and round shield from his storage ring. He actually did feel a little excited, perhaps it was the energy from the atmosphere even though he had placed such low expectations upon himself.

"You will understand soon Bin Bin!" Luo Bo took their belongings and left it in the panda miniature by the side of the TV shelves.

"Let's try to kill some goblins!" Shi Zuo placed his dog tag in front of the TV and the other two followed him. Station 4 officially started their dungeon play and the crowd waiting, took the chance to take a look at them.



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