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Chapter 1938 In Lieu to the Opening of JODE School Instance

Chapter 1938 In Lieu to the Opening of JODE School Instance

1938 In Lieu to the Opening of JODE School Instance

And as much as Jin wished to do the reception for the incoming competition instance, there was another issue that he had to handle. It was the JODE school instance that the dungeon supplier had promised Ma Ge about.

Despite the hype of the competition instance, the JODE did not care about it as the school instance was something that they had been promoting and pushing for a very long time. Not to mention, the closure of smaller JODE training centres around China as well as some other underdeveloped countries was done all for today.

The fact that Grandma Yuan and Claire had been actively taking care of the enrollment procedures and even the transfers of Demon Exorcists from those underdeveloped countries allowed Jin not to care about the incoming problems.

All he had to do was to handle the building itself as well as the team that handles the maintenance of the school which was not exactly a problem since that was also something that the System could take care of by employing Jin's minions or taking some from the New Adventurer Town to do the job. Obviously, they had contracts to keep their mouth shut on certain things and there were even memory wipes to make sure they would not remember how they got the money.

But Jin was not a big fan of such memory wipes but he accepted memory tweaks instead. So instead of not remembering how the New Adventurer Town got the money, they could only 'remember' that they were rewarded for the efforts they had made to get the money. And yet, that was not the end of the creation of the school instance. Grandma Yuan and Claire also handle the employment of the incoming staff as well. When the various small training centres closed, the staff had also been vetted whether to bring them to the new school instance or they had to be transferred. There was also somewhere the JODE middle management was considering retrenching the staff since they were not as competent as they thought they would be. However, Grandma Yuan had managed to get the deal to retain almost 95% of the teachers that had their schools and training centres affected.

Most of them were however on provisional contracts, stating that they need to improve themselves within the next two years and hit certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or Objective Key Results (OKRs) to ensure their contracts to be continue as intended.

This was in lieu of the current threats of the world as well. With the rampant increase in the Banned Emperor Terrorist incidents that had happened within the past year, there was no way that the people protecting the society did not improve. And the only way to have better grades in cultivation was to self improve or to put them in a precarious position. Grandma Yuan and Claire had decided to combine those two factors. Putting them in a situation where they only have a two year contract to either improve their cultivation grades or have a better grasp of their powers.

Of course, Grandma Yuan did not know every single lecturer, instructor or teacher as it was impossible to have an in depth understanding of all of them. However, one particular entity was able to do that.


Of course, Grandma Yuan did not know every single lecturer, instructor or teacher as it was impossible to have an in depth understanding of all of them. However, one particular entity was able to do that.

Upon those teachers signing the contract, the System had access to every single information they had on them. It was as if the permission was given to the System to look into their very souls. That was where Grandma Yuan could decide which of the criteria those teachers had to focus on before going in depth.

Of course, whatever the System had collated did not mean that those teachers only amounted to whatever data that the System collected. It also knows that there were outliers. For example, Jin was the monster that the System was not able to quantify with just his data alone. He was analysed to be Cultivation Grade 4 and not above but his powers were totally different from a Grade 4. Still, using Jin as the case study was not the best example one could have and yet it was easy for the System to explain to Grandma Yuan the current situation. Unfortunately, even Grandma Yuan does not have all the time in the world to produce an effective analysing system within a short period of time, much less their training regime. Therefore, she merely asked the System to take the most suitable and optimal skills that would be more useful to sustain the teachers in a fight if there was one.

The System understood the rationale of what Grandma Yuan needed and proceeded with the creation of conditions upon signing the new contract with them. Obviously, the teachers who signed the contract forms and immediately received their conditional assignments were shocked. It made the teachers feel as if Grandma Yuan did extensive homework on the various JODE teaching staff and put in the effort to think what was the best skill for them to focus on.

It was laughable to some people who were watching from the side lines, particularly Claire, who saw how the teachers felt extremely grateful that Grandma Yuan was caring for them when in actual fact, the System was the one doing the job.

Yet, the irony was lost when everyone was busy with their work in making sure that the school instance was ready to be launched. Once all the teachers had their contracts up and those with conditions understood their work, Grandma Yuan proceeded to make sure that the teachers created standard workflows and the basis of teaching curriculums.

And it was a nightmare mainly due to the fact that each training centre had its own teaching curriculum as there was no standard curriculum that the teachers had to follow. Of course, Grandma Yuan would understand if the training centre they were from were specialist training centres such as Demon Taming or Trap Formation Mastery. But the fact that there were many mid level training centres that had their own variation of training curriculum, posed a major headache for Grandma Yuan. However, as someone at her age and position as grand headmaster, there was no need for her to step in and do the work.

All she had to do was to select those who previously held senior positions to take on the job. Were they the most effective people to be holding such a title? No, not really. The moment every single teacher had been employed here had been subjected to a contest of hierarchy.

The most important thing is that Grandma Yuan wants to see results and see who can make the best curriculum schedule for the sake of the student's development. And sadly, the seniors who went for the battle route were most likely to be selected to be the head of that particular department.

As usual, Grandma Yuan was not the one who would be choosing the best curriculum as the System was the not so innocent victim that had been chosen for the job. As much as this was a contest, the System still reads and finds the most optimal curriculum that could be squeezed within the three years that the JODE students would be here for.

And unlike the usual curriculum, this particular school instance was meant to revamp the entire education system as Chancellor Ma Ge wished for it to be for the longest time ever. What Grandma Yuan was doing had been given full support by the Chancellor to the point that the budget for the school would be doubled if she succeeded in doing so. Hence, the System nit pick the programmes that each curriculum regime the seniors created but at the same time, what the seniors did not know was that Grandma Yuan had also done the same for the junior teachers as well. After all, being a senior teacher does not mean they know what is best for the current modern society or the needs of the students.

In doing so, Grandma Yuan could also spot and maybe list a few potential candidates that might be worth cultivating for the school instance for the near future. Regardless of the secrecy and maybe some shadow play, it was ultimately for the good of the school's future and image. After all, this would be the first largest JODE training school that comprises from the basic level to the advanced ones. The minimum number of years to be a JODE was as mentioned previously, three years. But if they were to excel, they could go into the advanced courses which deal with specialisations that might potentially put their stay in this school instance to a maximum of 6 years. For now, there was no academic pursuit for the training of JODE exorcists was more important and thus 6 years. Or else, for those who wish to research and develop techniques, the number 6 became the number of minimum years they had to have before being able to do such sophisticated academic research.

All in all, the school instance was opening within a few days time and that decision was something no one could change with the exception of the Chancellor.

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