My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1296 - 1296 Sitting in a Row and Watching the Show

1296 Sitting in a Row and Watching the Show

After saying that, Sun Ding asked the Lin brothers to support him and limped away slowly.

Cao Fei’er wanted to follow him, but because of her serious injuries, she couldn’t even stand up, let alone leave.

The two Silver Moon Sect disciples who were originally supporting her abandoned Cao Fei’er and returned to their other companions when they saw that they couldn’t gain anything.

Cao Fei’er hated him in her mind, but she watched helplessly as Sun Ding walked away.

“Lu, Zi, Jia.”

Cao Fei’er gritted her teeth and said a name. The strong hatred in her almond-shaped eyes was about to overflow.

“Master, it’s been two days. Why haven’t we seen a single person? Could it be that we went the wrong way?”

The golden pagoda sat on the ground and looked a bit dispirited, but its pair of cat eyes stared at the roasted chicken in Lu Zijia’s hand with sparkling eyes.

Lu Zijia focused on roasting the mutated pheasant that was twice the size of an ordinary chicken in her hand. She shrugged after hearing that.

“I don’t know. We don’t know the way anyway, so we’ll just walk around. Maybe we’ll find something unexpected.”

Just like the Black Xuanzhi she encountered not long after entering the mystic realm.

The golden pagoda: “…” Its patriarch was really open-minded!


The golden pagoda, which was staring at the roasted chicken without blinking, suddenly blinked and looked to the right, as if it had discovered something.

“Master, we’re finally going to meet someone. There seems to be more than one group of people.”

Lu Zijia said “oh” very calmly and immediately waved the roasted pheasant in her hand at the golden pagoda. “Do you still want to eat it?”

“Oh! Of course!”

The golden pagoda’s attention immediately returned to the roasted pheasant and it replied without hesitation.

Seeing that the golden pagoda was about to drool, Lu Zijia couldn’t help feeling helpless and amused.

This guy clearly didn’t feel hungry, but it looked like a hungry ghost reincarnated. It was really… She didn’t know what to say about it.

Lu Zijia pulled out a drumstick herself and gave the rest to the big foodie, the golden pagoda.

The golden pagoda held the pheasant with its two front paws and ate it happily as it moved its huge cat body, looking for the best angle to watch the show.

Hearing that, Lu Zijia also turned around with interest and sat in a row with the golden pagoda, eating and waiting to see a free show.

It had to be said that, this was a case of “Like master, like underling”!

And one of the groups of people which Lu Zijia and the golden pagoda were waiting for was running away quickly in a sorry state at this moment, hoping to shake off the other group of people chasing after them.

“Senior Brother Kong, what should we do? Two of our Junior Sisters can’t hold on anymore. If we continue running like this, they’ll definitely catch up with us.”

“That’s right, Senior Brother Kong. Why don’t we split up? Ah Zhi and I will lure them away.”

“I agree. Senior Brother Kong, let Ah Hai and me lure those people away. It’s better for the two of us to die than for everyone to die together.”


The man called Senior Brother Kong denied it immediately. “Hold on a little longer. There will be a way. There will definitely be a way. Hurry, don’t stop.”

Seeing that Senior Brother Kong was determined, although the other disciples still wanted to say something, they still shut their mouths in the end and quickened their pace again.

Plop! Plop!

The two women in the team finally couldn’t hold on anymore and knelt on the ground. Because they were extremely exhausted, their faces looked extremely pale.

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