My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

Chapter 683 - 683 Illusions Appear, Trump Cards Out 2

683 Illusions Appear, Trump Cards Out 2

Fortunately, Lu Yuan’s body of the universe had already been tempered to perfection and barely blocked this attack.

Lu Yuan’s eyes were filled with lingering fear.

It had to be said that the mirage dragon’s attack was very powerful. Not only was it powerful, but it could also make one’s mind go into a trance. He had already escaped from the illusion as fast as he could, but he was still in a trance for a moment.

For an expert of this level, he could do many things in that instant.

Green light flashed around Lu Yuan’s body, and the power of life healed his injuries.

At the same time, hundreds of Shadow God Envoys appeared in Lu Yuan’s Shadow Divine Kingdom. Lu Yuan’s body and the Shadow God Envoys kept exchanging positions, making it difficult for the Sea Serpent to lock onto its position.

At the same time, powerful spiritual cannons appeared in the Shadow Kingdom. Under the Mechanical Divinity, these spiritual cannons emitted complicated patterns, and a terrifying aura began to accumulate.

The Wheel of Fate also appeared in Lu Yuan’s eyes.

It would add good luck to himself and bring bad luck to the mirage dragon at the same time.

However, as expected by Lu Yuan, when the aura of misfortune approached the mirage dragon, it was led to an unknown location by the mirage afterimages around the mirage dragon.

These illusory afterimages were like worlds, as if they were strange worlds imagined by the mirage dragon.

When Lu Yuan moved, the mirage dragon naturally did not stop.

The fantasy world around it opened many doors.

In the next moment, a huge skeleton that was ten thousand meters tall walked out from one of the doors.

This skeleton emitted a thick aura of death, as if death enveloped everything it passed by.

God level.

Lu Yuan’s pupils constricted and he was a little shocked.

From another door, an ice-blue giant bird soared into the sky, its cry resounding through the sky.

A terrifying cold fog spread out, carrying an extremely powerful aura.

Another god-level!

The doors opened one by one, and powerful god-level gods walked out.

There were humans that seemed to be wrapped in flames, pythons that emitted corrosive auras, giants that stepped on waves, and so on.

When these powerful god level experts appeared in the air, the powerful power that surged from them seemed to have frozen time.

The mirage dragon chuckled and said,

“These are all worlds that I’ve imagined over the endless years. I can let the strongest experts of these worlds come to this world to a certain extent and help me fight.”

Lu Yuan’s gaze swept across the divine-tier experts who were surging with powerful auras, and the corners of his mouth twitched violently.

As expected of a powerful god level expert. He had endless time and constantly improved the use of his own laws. His strength was indeed incomparably terrifying.

Fortunately, Lu Yuan felt that he was not weak.

His eyes flashed with light. One by one, the Shadow God Envoys, a few of them, faced a divine-tier expert who had walked out of the fantasy world.

Although the Shadow God Envoy’s strength was only 80% of Lu Yuan’s, according to Lu Yuan’s strength, even 80% would barely have the strength of a warlord.

With a few of them together, even a god level expert from the fantasy world could be dealt with.

A large number of warlord level experts fought in Lu Yuan and the mirage dragon’s domains. Terrifying auras surged, and violent fluctuations appeared in their domains.

The exaggerated aura spread out, and cracks appeared in the space. A large number of trees in the Misty Forest below were torn apart by the aftershock, and incomparably terrifying cracks appeared.

Some of the experts in the cities in the distance felt their scalps go numb after sensing more and more powerful auras. They fell into a daze.

They could not understand why such a ridiculous battle would take place in the lower levels of the Land of Origin.

Not to mention the lower levels of the Land of Origin, even in the upper levels of the Land of Origin, such a battle was extremely rare, right?

While the Shadow God Envoy was fighting the Illusory War Gods, Lu Yuan continued to use the mechanical spirit cannon to condense powerful attacks. At the same time, he used the Scythe of Death to attack the mirage dragon, constantly interfering with it to ensure that the attack of the mechanical spirit cannon could be completely condensed.

With the attack power of the mechanical spirit cannon, Lu Yuan believed that even the mirage dragon would not feel good if it really hit the target.

The mirage dragon kept shooting golden-green energy bombs at Lu Yuan again. However, these energy bombs were all blocked by Lu Yuan’s spatial rift and transferred to the mirage dragon or other areas.

Lu Yuan used a large number of combat skills and consumed a lot of spiritual energy. However, because he had a large number of spiritual crystals, he did not have to worry about insufficient spiritual energy.

However, the mirage dragon also consumed a lot of energy. Even so, it still seemed to be under no pressure.

It could be seen that the long years had allowed the mirage dragon to have a large amount of spiritual energy reserves.

Of course, it was also possible that the mirage dragon had imagined that it had endless spiritual energy, so it could really have unlimited spiritual energy.

To be honest, if Lu Yuan wanted to do it, he could do it.

By using the power of time, he could also maintain his spiritual power at its peak.

A moment later, huge bronze psionic bullets appeared at the muzzles of the five mechanical psionic cannons.

The spiritual energy cannon was fully charged.

The corners of Lu Yuan’s mouth curled up into a smile. With a thought, he let the spirit cannon attack the mirage dragon.

However, in the next moment, all the spirit cannons turned around at the same time and aimed at Lu Yuan.


All the spiritual cannons fired at Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan: “??”


His pupils constricted, and he hurriedly used the space gap to divert the attack of the spiritual energy cannon.

However, the power of the spiritual cannon was too powerful, and even the space gap could not move it.

Lu Yuan did not have time to think. He used the power of time to freeze the surroundings for an instant, and his body instantly disappeared from where he was.

As soon as his body disappeared, the spiritual energy cannon broke through the time freeze and passed through Lu Yuan’s previous position.

A powerful force surged, and the spiritual cannon turned into a stream of light, tearing through the Shadow Divine Kingdom and disappearing into the horizon.

There was still a trace of fear in Lu Yuan’s eyes.

He was almost hit by the spiritual cannon.

With five spiritual cannons, even if he had an extremely powerful defensive ability, he would still die on the spot, right?

Lu Yuan looked in the direction of the spiritual energy cannon in disbelief. He did not expect that the spiritual energy cannon would actually attack him.!

What was going on?

Noticing Lu Yuan’s doubt, the mirage dragon smiled and said,

“My illusions aren’t limited to living objects. Even if it’s an inanimate object, I can make it fall into an illusion. For example, your spiritual cannons. The order they received previously was to attack me, but the position you’re at now is my position. Otherwise, why do you think I asked you to charge the spiritual cannon? If you really want to interrupt, I still have a way.”

After hearing the mirage dragon’s explanation, Lu Yuan was extremely shocked.

He didn’t expect the mirage dragon to do such a thing.!

Lu Yuan thought for a moment and put away the spirit cannon.

He could constantly swap positions with the Shadow God Envoys and even use the power of death to kill the illusions to avoid the attacks of the illusions, but he could not defend against the spiritual cannons.

He could only put it away.

The battle between Lu Yuan and the mirage dragon continued.

Lu Yuan reached out and grabbed at the long river of space. The next moment, Lu Yuan pulled out a figure that looked exactly like him.

Lu Yuan’s time projection.

Lu Yuan grabbed a few more times and took out three in a row.

A total of four Lu Yuan attacked the mirage dragon at the same time.

It wasn’t that Lu Yuan didn’t want to grab more time projections, but with his current spiritual power, after using all kinds of combat skills at full strength, the consumption was too great.

It was already his limit to provide himself and the three time projections with combat skills at the same time.

If this continued, he would not be able to form battle strength at all and would instead become a burden.

When Lu Yuan took out the time projection, the mirage dragon smiled. Beside it, three mirage dragons like it appeared.

Lu Yuan’s lips twitched.

Well, since the mirage dragon could turn illusions into reality, it could also materialize its own illusions, right?

In this way, even Lu Yuan’s final trump card, time projection, would not be very effective.

For a moment, the battle between the two sides was in a stalemate.

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