Monster Factory

Chapter 747: Arrival of rare metal minerals.

Chapter 747: Arrival of rare metal minerals.

There is no need to repeat how proud Americans are. Good Americans who do good deeds brought this news from the United States to China.

[Proud Americans took to the White House website to demand that Shi Lei cars be allowed into their market.]

After the White House press secretary gave his speech and laid the blame on the Huge Industrial Monster, these Americans could find plenty of reason to put all the trouble on the Commerce Department.


They also asked Time Magazine and the Department of Commerce to formally apologize to the Huge Industrial Monster.

If this kind of thing like chasing stars at an unreasonable level, if it happened in China, It will surely be laughed at among American netizens, and this kind of thing has really happened many times in China, from star chasers to fruit fans, making everyone sad and angry. But this time it was the Americans' turn to take the place of the Chinese, and they were so spineless.

When these netizens' comments were translated to national websites, the pride in the hearts of every Chinese cannot be described in words. Especially those jealous posts of China's ability to experience the Shi Lei remote control car, make netizens feel refreshed as if they have eaten the fruit of life.

Ten years in the East and ten years in the West, and it is finally the turn of these foreigners who have their eyes higher than the sky to envy the Chinese people.

The Huge Industrial Monster was silent about it.

The main reason is there is nothing to say, even junior high school students know how popular Shi Lei cars are now. Even if the US Department of Commerce came to ask for it in person, there would be no goods for sale.

In addition, the remote driving function which was just launched in Shanghai has also become extremely popular due to the accident. Many Shi Lei car users just sit in the parking lot after leaving work in the evening, waiting for the remote driving connection to become available.

It's a shame they can't connect to the Huge Industrial Monster's network. After the lucky ones from the past connected, many people were reluctant to stop trying, even if they wandered on the road waiting for the connection. In response to massive customer demand, even if they waited for two or three hours, they couldn't even log in. The Huge Industrial Monster had to urgently issue a temporary policy.

Each successfully logged-in Shi Lei car user can use up to two hours of remote driving time per day.

Now all car owners who connect to remote driving have a driver's license, and it doesn't matter it does not affect normal travel. Anyway, everyone has an attitude to experience.

Five hundred remote drivers plus a supercomputer controlled 1,500 Shi Lei cars connected to remote driving.

Many media wanted to interview the Huge Industrial Monster remote driving control center. In their guess and for most netizens, the remote driver should be sitting in a car simulation cabin with the steering wheel, accelerator, brake, wiper, and turn the signal controller. Road conditions are transmitted in real-time on a large screen, and each remote driver can only control one Shi Lei car.

Not really. There are no steering wheels, windscreen wipers, or steering control lights in the control room. The control room in charge of each remote pilot is more like an airplane cockpit. With multiple information screens and joysticks on the console, the remote driver can control up to three Shi Lei cars using supercomputers.

On the highway, the remote driver does not need to intervene, it only operated at traffic lights and when the front is full of pedestrians.

But not to mention the control of 1,500 cars, at this point, control of 15,000 cars cannot be done at this time to meet the needs of Shi Lei car users. Ye Qing can only wait for the supercomputer to master more and more road condition information and be able to complete the car driving job independently.

It felt like a contradiction to be able to escape death in an instant, but be unable to drive there independently. However, it is easy to understand that when a heavy truck is approaching, whether it is the sensors around the Shi Lei car or the image analysis, it can analyze the end of the accident of the two cars in the next second. , then provide a response.

But on the road, the problems encountered are all kinds of strange. For example, when encountering a puddle, the supercomputer also required a remote pilot to determine whether it was a large pit or a very ordinary road with water. Or at an intersection with a green light, where there are pedestrians who want to get out and cannot leave.

The supercomputer has the ability to learn, and now hundreds of former drivers serve as its teachers, and when the supercomputer graduates, not to mention 15,000 Shi Lei cars, 150,000 cars can be easily driven.


At 3:00 p.m. local time in Nigeria, two IL - 76s, loaded with sealed cargo in twenty lead containers, took off from the local airstrip.

At the same time, on the mighty endless sea.

The Lord Duan Battleship, which sailed at sea for 26 days, crossed the Indian Ocean and docked at international ports in Shenzhen near Hong Kong, and Luanda in the African country Angola. After half a day of supplying oil and fresh water to the port of Luanda, which is used to hide from the prying eyes and ears of people. The Lord Duan Battleship weighed anchor again and set sail for the Gulf of Guinea, her final destination of the voyage.

Nigeria is located in the Gulf of Guinea. General Mopu was waiting with his soldiers for the arrival of the Lord Duan Battleship bringing tens of thousands of tons of industrial equipment, which will allow the country of Nigeria to see the terrifying power of Chinese industry.

From the port of Luanda to the Gulf of Guinea, was only 1,500 kilometers and the Lord Duan Battleship can arrive in two days. At the same time, the two ocean-going cargo planes also arrived at the edge of the nine-dash line in the South China Sea and were about to enter the Malaysian Sea.

The next day, Ye Qing shipped five refurbished heavy container trucks from the factory and headed for Shanghai Airport. These heavy trucks are intentionally lined with a layer of lead shells inside the container, and there were two Buick utility vehicles in the front and back, all of which are plain with security personnel from the company with electric batons.

Lead can block the radiation emitted by radioactive substances. These rare metal minerals mined from the Sotu rainforest inevitably brought radiation because they are associated with calcium-uranium mica ore and lack of mineral purification.

Around this brown metal rare metal minerals, 600 millisieverts of radiation were present, measured with a Geiger counter. When normal people are near these minerals will be unaffected in the short term, but working around these minerals will slowly reduce the number of white blood cells in the blood, which will eventually harm the human body. Sealed with a lead cabinet, the radiation will be completely isolated.

However, transporting these minerals from Nigeria to the Shanghai Airport required a lot of energy from the Huge Industrial Monster. There was no obstruction from the Nigeria side, and when the two IL - 76s stopped carrying these cargoes, there was no obstruction, but there were problems from the Nigeria side. Dubai International Airport. Otherwise, the two cargo planes would not have arrived in Shanghai after almost a week.

Cargo planes must stop in Dubai to refuel, but if they need to land at the other end of the airport, they must provide a full set of legal cargo manifests. These goods were taken away with a radioactive cargo manifest, but the manifest document provided to Dubai International Airport was directly rejected.

The Huge Industrial Monster was unfamiliar with this aspect at first, and it was stuck for three days with a route delay. Later, it took hundreds of thousands of dollars to open the chain in Dubai.

All the items were complete, and the goods were stored in strict compliance with the requirements of the regulations on the management of the transport of radioactive materials. Airport staff had no intention of boarding the plane to check it in or provide it with kerosene.

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