Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 2918 - Anxious

Chapter 2918: Anxious

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Mu Xin glanced at them and said: “Immortal Lord, if there is nothing else, I will go to see my Master first.”

Upon hearing this, the Immortal Lord took a deep breath and said: “Go on!”

“Mu Xin takes his leave.” Having said that, he bowed respectfully, then nodded to the others and stepped back.

After they watched him leave, the two alchemists said: “Immortal Lord, Venerable Mu Xin’s strength has indeed broken through the threshold of his cultivation by a small step. At his level of the peak stage of Celestial level, it is not easy to break through and advance and enter the next level, the Great Perfection level. Even a small step would take ten years, but now, because of one pill, it has only taken one day and one night and shortened the cultivation time by ten years. Feng Jiu’s alchemy technique is indeed different.”

“That’s true!” The Immortal Lord nodded and sighed: “Unfortunately, the two of them are not willing to enter our sect.”

The two of them were powerful, not only was one of them an alchemist, but a Venerable rank alchemist. Unfortunately, they were not fated with their Immortal Sect, it could only be said that they have missed the opportunity of a lifetime.

Ling Mu and Xue Yu looked at each other and said: “Immortal Lord, we just remembered that we have some matters to deal with at the peak, so we will take our leave first.” Having spoken, they also turned and left.

Upon seeing this, the Immortal Lord didn’t say anything. He just waved his hand to the other people and said: “You can all go back!” After he had spoken, he left with his hands behind his back.

“It stands to reason that even if Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu don’t want to be enshrined by our sect, it shouldn’t be a big deal. So why does the Immortal Lord seem so troubled?” One of the alchemists looked at the Elders and asked.

“Yes, I can sense that too.” The other alchemist also nodded.

“Hehe, don’t worry too much. The Immortal Lord just wants our sect to have more outstanding talents.” One of the Elders said with a smile, then said to the two of them: “The two of you should go back first! Venerable Mu Xin has gone to his Master’s place now. If you follow him right now, you might be able to ask Feng Jiu about the medicinal pill.”

Upon hearing this, their eyes lit up and they quickly said: “Then we will leave first.” Having said that, they left in a hurry.

After they left, the Elders looked at each other and sighed: “Even the two alchemist who are crazy over medicinal pills can see it.”

“In recent years, the evil sects have been doing bad things, and although fresh blood has been placed into the Four Great Immortal Sects, it’s hard to find the extremely talented people. Now, there are only a few hundred people within the Four Great Immortal Sects who can get on the billboard. It is rare to find people such as Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu, this pair of dragon and phoenix, but yet they are not drawn into the Immortal Sect. It’s natural for the Immortal Lord to be anxious.”

Another person said: “Actually, the two of them took Si Que and Mu Xin as their disciples, so in a way, they are related to our Immortal Sect. I think if something happens in the future, we can ask them to ask for help.”

“If we want their help in the future, they have to feel the kindness from our Immortal Sect now. But the other day, a Venerable embarrassed them, and the Immortal Lord didn’t stop it, so I’m afraid…”

When they heard this, they frowned and sighed softly: “Perhaps it is because of this that the Immortal Lord has pinned his hopes on Si Que and Mu Xin.”

After all was said, they looked at each other silently and finally, they shook their heads and left together.

On the other side, Mu Xin, who was heading towards Feng Jiu’s cave dwelling, met Si Que, who was also headed in the same direction, before he arrived at the cave dwelling.

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