Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 918 - 918 The Most Complicated Thing in the World Is the Human Heart

918 The Most Complicated Thing in the World Is the Human Heart

The dilapidated palace was on the verge of collapse under the impact of the giant wolves.

Two figures stood before the palace.

One held a decaying wooden staff, the same person who had given Han Muye the whip, and wore a green dress as the master of the Wood Deity Palace. The other wore black armor with a golden wolf on its shoulder pad, the Golden Wolf Demon God who howled at the sky.

The Golden Wolf Demon God thrust his long spear, shining with a hint of chill, while the master of the Wood Deity Palace’s wooden staff glowed with a greenish-gray halo. Every time it struck, several green giant tree shadows flew out, crashing a hundred feet away.

The Golden Wolf Demon God’s spear lifted the golden wolf, and the ones hit by the giant tree shadows cried out in pain before falling.

The two of them could barely withstand the attacking the golden wolves, and some of them had already rushed into the palace.

Don’t let them disturb the Wood Deity!” The master of the Wood Deity Palace shouted, and her wooden staff flew out towards the palace.

“Peng peng—”

Several golden wolf shadows flew out from the gap in the palace.

However, the master of the Wood God Temple’s strength dropped sharply without the wooden staff, and a golden wolf flew up and tore her sleeve with one claw.

“Get out of here!” The Golden Wolf Demon God shouted and punched the golden wolf away.

More golden wolves pounced over.

“Zhu Qiu’an, come out!” The Golden Wolf Demon God roared, with golden light emitting from his body. His eyes shone with a blood-red halo.

“Big Brother, why bother?” A voice sounded in the void.

A young man in green armor appeared.

As soon as this young man appeared, all the golden wolves stopped in their tracks.

This scene made the Golden Wolf Demon God pause, and he narrowed his eyes.

“Big Brother, you saw it.

“Now I’m the god of the Golden Wolves Clan.

“There can only be one Wolf King. This rule was set by you.”

The young man smiled, but his expression gradually turned cold: “How could my Wolf Clan need a spineless Wolf King?”

The Golden Wolf Demon God stared at him but did not speak.

He looked around, and his breath became heavy.

The master of the Wood Deity Palace nodded, with a hint of bitterness on her face.

“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have sent the whip out.”

Upon hearing his words, the Golden Wolf Demon God shook his head and grinned: “Mu Xue, you haven’t seen it clearly. Even with the whip, today is still a dead end.”

“A mere Zhu Qiu’an is not qualified, nor does he have the guts to come to the Wood Deity Palace.”

“With his temperament, he would have lost his mind long ago.”

Indeed, at this moment, Zhu Qiu’an showed no signs of confusion.

Upon hearing the Golden Wolf Demon God’s words, Zhu Qiu’an laughed and lifted his icy long sword.

“He’s my big brother after all. He knows me the best.

“Today I came, as I was instructed…”

As he said this, he let out a cold snort and swung his long sword down.

The other golden wolves also charged towards the Golden Wolf Demon God.

The Golden Wolf Demon God let out a roar and transformed into a hundred-foot giant wolf, smashing the golden wolves around him with a single paw. Then he flew towards Zhu Qiuan, crashing into him.


Zhu Qiuan’s long sword was sent flying, but he was not afraid. Instead, he laughed out loud.

The other golden wolves surrounded the giant wolf, but did not advance.

The giant wolf roared wildly, and his aura began to become chaotic

This was a dam.

The chaotic force within the dam was the biggest obstacle and pressure for all living beings.

“The Master is right. You really can’t hold on any longer.”

Zhu Qiuan chuckled and looked towards the collapsed temple in front of him.

“Wood Deity… or should I say the Pastoral Deity.”

“You were responsible for nurturing countless divine beasts and creatures, and governing all the plants and creatures in the world.

“Today, I want to see if this mighty figure is still alive or has already died.”

Zhu Qiu’an walked forward.

The golden wolves cleared the way for him.

The Golden Wolf Demon God let out a long howl, pushing away the golden wolves around him and charging towards Zhu Qiuan.

Zhu Qiuan shook his head, and a cold light radiated from his hand, covering the Golden Wolf Demon God.

“Frost Ring!”

The owner of the Wood Deity Palace, who was standing in front of the stone steps, exclaimed.

Looking at the frozen giant wolf, Zhu Qiuan smiled as he looked at the jade ring on his finger.

“Indeed, it is a treasure of the immortals. It can even freeze a demon god comparable to the Divine Venerable.

“The Master did not deceive me.”

He raised his hand, and his finger slowly pointed towards the master of the Wood Deity Palace in front of the stone steps.

“Mu Xue, I know that you were once known as the kindest nurturer under the Great Patriarch.

“Unfortunately, kindness has nothing to do with cultivation.”

A green light flew out and rushed forward.

Mu Xue’s face showed a trace of despair, and she took a step forward and rushed towards the ice.t.

In the void, a divine thought suddenly arose.

“Kid, make your move.”

This voice rang in everyone’s ears.

But Han Muye knew that it was meant for him.

Before the sound even dissipated, he had already landed in front of Mu Xue and punched.


The ice-cold light shattered with one punch.

The shattered ice crystals flew around and fell on the golden wolves around them, freezing their bodies.

The power emitted by the treasure in Zhu Qiu’an’s hand was absolutely powerful.

Looking at the shattered ice-cold light, Zhu Qiuan was still stunned and absent-minded.

“How is this possible? How can the power of this Frost Ring block…”

He looked at his own palm.

Han Muye ignored him and raised his hand to punch.

The golden light hit the Golden Wolf Demon God.


The ice shattered and lightning flashed.

The ice crystals on the Golden Wolf Demon God’s body broke, and the lightning made his soul clear, and the blood color in his eyes dissipated.

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