Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 706 - 706 Although Scattered Stars Island is Good, It's Not Gu Mansion

706 Although Scattered Stars Island is Good, It’s Not Gu Mansion

No one paid attention to the messages filled with words in midair.

Everyone looked at the transparent painting above Han Muye’s jade slip.

The courtyard was deep and the trees were verdant.

There was a feeling of ink dripping on the painting. It was a little vast and illusory.

Beside it, there were a few small words.

‘Although scattered stars are good, it’s not Gu Mansion.’

Gu Yuening’s gaze fell on those words and she whispered, “Although scattered stars are good, it’s not Gu Mansion…

“Gu Mansion…”

His eyes widened as he turned to stare at Han Muye in front of him. “Mr. Han, this, this—”

Han Muye nodded and said calmly, “Master Qianshan is at a critical moment in his cultivation. This jade slip might be helpful to him.”

If Gu Qianshan did not break through, his lifespan would end.

However, after he left the Azure Travel Realm, his concerns for his family made it difficult for him to calm down and make a breakthrough.

Han Muye found an image of the Gu family from the sword and fused it into his soul. As long as Gu Qianshan saw the image of the Gu mansion back then, he would definitely be able to break through the bottleneck.

As for Han Muye himself, he had found a good identity for the divine beast avatar.

He looked at Gu Yuening with a smile on his face.

Gu Yuening, the descendant of the Gu family, had returned from Scattered Stars Island and was going to rebuild the Gu family in the Azure Travel Realm. Wasn’t that a good choice?

Seeing the smile on Han Muye’s face, Gu Yuening bowed and said loudly, “Thank you for your guidance, Shopkeeper Han.”

Gu Yuening took the jade slip and turned to leave.

At this moment, there was no need for any nonsense. The most important thing was to send this jade slip to his grandfather to help him break through and stabilize the Gu family and the sword furnace.

As for other matters, he could slowly arrange them after his grandfather broke through.

Gu Yuening left with Han Muye’s jade slip, leaving only the information on the jade slips floating on the stage.

‘The sword’s name is Qinghe. It’s three feet long and weighs 18 pounds. It’s infused with spirituality from Late Moon Gold. There are three moon spiritual patterns on the sword…’

‘The name of the sword is Qinghe. The sword weighs 18.3 pounds. It’s 3.12 feet long. It’s refined with Late Moon Gold and injected with the spirituality of the moonlight…’

‘The name of the sword is Qinghe, weight…’

At this moment, the sword evaluation inscriptions hung in the air, but they were tinged with irony now.

A painting had defeated everyone’s comments.

So what if they evaluated the sword diligently? Their evaluations were still inferior to the other party’s alternative approach.

“Choose a sword, choose an owner, so that’s how it is…” Below, Zhu Mingshen looked at the comments on the stage and came to a realization.

He turned to look at Yu Changguan, his eyes flickering.

Sword evaluation was not just about evaluating the sword.

The appraiser also had to see through the things behind the sword.

Of the three swords evaluated today, the first one was that He Yuhu’s weapon refinement path needed to be improved, so Han Muye told him the method to improve it.

As for the second sword, Qin Zhaoyue had the essence of chalcedony in his hands, but he did not dare to forge a sword, so he came to seek help.

Han Muye asked him to refine the Thousand Chances Sword.

As for the third sword, its owner, Master Gu Qianshan, was stuck at a cultivation bottleneck. Han Muye understood the deeper meaning behind it after observing the sword. He wanted to help Gu Qianshan break through with a painting of the Gu Mansion.

Regardless of whether Gu Qianshan could break through or not, this favor had been given.

After evaluating the sword, he even examined the owner!

The stage and the audience slowly quietened down.

Xu Chuanhe stood up with a solemn expression and looked at the remaining seven swords on the stage.

Then he turned around and looked at the sword evaluators who were sitting on the stage, feeling a little uneasy.

“Fellow Daoists, Shopkeeper Han of Imperial View Sword Shop taught us a lesson today…”

The evaluation of the sword wasn’t just about viewing the artifact itself. It was also about seeing through the needs of the person behind the sword.

If they could integrate the methods Han Muye displayed today into the sword evaluation industry, the industry on Scattered Stars Island would definitely be much more popular.

The status of the sword evaluator would also be more respected.

Hearing Xu Chuanhe’s words, the group of sword appraisers stood up and cupped their hands at Han Muye.

Han Muye also smiled and returned the greetings.

They were a harmonious bunch.

In the end, today was a win-win situation.

Han Muye displayed a different demeanor as a sword evaluator. In the future, when it came to sword evaluation, everyone would be more curious.

Once someone was curious about something in the world, it would be easy to do business with him.

“Everyone, do you want to continue evaluating the remaining swords or end the meeting here?” Xu Chuanhe said softly.

The three sword evaluations had convinced everyone.

Han Muye was in the limelight at this Sword Evaluation Meeting.

It didn’t matter to everyone if they didn’t evaluate it again.

Moreover, these swords were all high-grade swords. It would be a loss for everyone to evaluate them for no reason.

When Xu Chuanhe’s words were heard, the thousands of sword cultivators below revealed disappointed expressions.

However, when they thought about it, the sword evaluation that they had seen today was completely worth the ticket price.

What else did they want to see for a hundred spiritual rocks?

On the stage, the sword appraisers looked at each other and nodded. They agreed that the sword evaluation meeting would end here. Then Xu Chuanhe invited everyone to the third floor for lunch.

There was supposed to be dinner, but unfortunately, the Sword Evaluation ended too early.

The people on the stage left. Although the people below the stage were reluctant, they had to leave in twos and threes.

However, there were many sword cultivators who came forward to chat with the people from the sword mills and sword furnaces.

At the very least, today’s sword evaluation scene was worth talking about.

“Brother Zhu, let’s go have a drink together?” Yu Changguan looked at Zhu Mingshen who was walking over and asked with a smile.

Zhu Mingshen nodded. Then he looked at the stage with some regret. “I was originally looking forward to the evaluation of the sword I brought. I didn’t expect Xu Chuanhe to end the sword evaluation immediately.”

The sword he brought was placed on the front stage.

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