Lust Knight

Chapter 456: Magical Cave {R-18}

Chapter 456: Magical Cave {R-18}

Lucien can't help but get more excited because of Kara's actions. Whenever she tries to be sensual, she ends up being even cuter.

"You adorable little maid..." He smiles as he walks towards her.

*Thump* *Thump* *Thump* *Thump*

Her heart is beating faster and faster, while she is at the same time eager and embarrassed by that situation. She has been naked in front of Lucien many times, but now they are really going to do the whole thing.

"Hehehe..." Kara starts to giggle as she turns and runs towards the lake, so she jumps into the crystal clear water.


She dives into the water and can see the bottom of the lake. The day is dawning, and it is possible to see both something that looks like a sun and something that must be the moon in the sky, both bright purple.

Lucien smiles as he watches Kara; she is so happy.

He knows that all his wives are concerned with things like the dangers they will face and the mysterious situation of his mother; in fact, they share his worries. However, now is not a time to think about bad things but just enjoy.

[What???] Kara is confused when she realizes that the water in the lake is warm.

She swims to the surface and talks to him. "The water is strangely warm."

"Really?" Lucien thinks out loud.

Lust quickly explains it in his mind. 'It seems that there is a circuit made with special rocks under the lake. These rocks are generating heat that melts an alloy of metal and rocks, creating magma that warmer the water in the lake.'

'Amazing!' He comments.

'It looks like someone changed a lot of things inside your soul realm... I can't even imagine how much power they would have to do that.' She comments.

He makes a thoughtful expression. 'Anyway, they seem to have done this to help me and make my and my girls' lives more comfortable here.'

'I hope this is not compensation for something bad they are going to do with us later.' She speaks in a concerned tone.

Lucien sighs and stops thinking about complicated things. He finishes eating that apple and jumps into the lake after Kara.


He dives to the bottom of the lake and comes up below Kara. Then he begins to caress her legs as he moves upwards until he appears in front of her, embracing her delicate waist.

Both Lucien and Kara's bodies get even hotter due to the contact and their excitement, leaving the water around them hotter as well.

He looks into her eyes with a loving expression as he approaches their mouths. Then he starts giving tap kisses on her lips. "Hmm... yes... this water is really warm..."

Kara feels the warmth of Lucien's body, especially the hard part that is touching the tattoo on her belly. It is evident that he has already dematerialized his underwear and is naked now.

[So big... so hard... because of me...] She thinks while feeling proud to make Lucien that horny. She knows how well he can control his erection and only stays that way when he is with the women he loves.

While Lucien kisses Kara's lips, she caresses his chest. Then he slides his cock between her thighs while moving his hands to her waist and begins to slide his fingers under her panties slowly.

"Mmmm..." She moans softly just because of his caresses, and her love juices start to leak in increasing quantities.

Due to Lucien's incredible senses, he feels the scent of her excitement in the water and smiles teasingly at her. "So cute..."

Kara gets embarrassed and hides her face in his chest; then, she bites his nipple. "If you praise me like that, I will be shyer."

"Hahaha..." He chuckles as he moves his fingers further inside her panties, touching and squeezing her buttocks with his hands. "The shyer you are, the more I want to eat you."

She smiles and escapes from his arms, diving into the water and going to the bottom of the lake. Because she has a Mortal Realm level power plus Lucien's demonic energy buff, she can swim several times faster than a Zero Realm person and stay without breathing for a few minutes.

Lucien smiles as he sees Kara swimming away from him; it is obvious that she wants him to follow her and catch her, so he gives her a head start to make the game fairer.

After half a minute, he started to follow her, not using a high speed, but just enough to close the distance between them.

At the bottom of the lake, there are corals, colored rocks, and water plants, which Kara swims around, trying to hide from Lucien. But as soon as she looks back, she doesn't see him and is confused for a second.

'Got you!' He speaks in her mind as he comes out from behind the rock behind her and hugs her. He quickly begins to kiss her neck and slides his hands inside her panties.

Kara feels like laughing, but she knows she'll swallow water if she does that under the water, so again, she manages to escape his arms while mentally teasing him. 'Aha! Catch me again if you can!'

Lucien again gives the cute maid time to swim away from him, and she quickly disappears between the corals. He can still feel where she is due to their connection, which is totally unfair for such a game.

[Hmm?] Kara is curious to see an entrance between some rocks below the corals. She can see a purple light coming from what looks like a small cafe, so she goes in there to hide from Lucien.

As soon as she swims into that cave, she notices several plants of different colors, but all of them have a mysterious purple glow. She finds those flowers beautiful and magical, so she quickly calls Lucien to see that. 'Hubby.'

As soon as she calls his name, she feels his warm hands embrace her waist while Lucien quickly reaches behind her. He also notices those flowers and feels familiar demonic energy from them.

'Do not ask me; I feel the demonic energy coming from them, but I have no idea what they are.' Lust quickly speaks in Lucien's mind, sharing the same doubts as he does.

Lucien and Kara swim deeper into the cave, exploring and finding more and more bright flowers until the small tunnel stops to lead down and starts to make them swim up.

After swimming for another twenty meters, they reach the surface of the water, not the surface of the lake, but from a submerged cave with an area without water.

"How is this possible?" Lucien thinks aloud as he realizes that he can breathe inside that cave, which is not dark due to the purple glow of plants and the red glow of crystals on the floor and walls.

'There are many magical auras here, coming from the flowers and fire crystals, created due to the influence of the special rocks below the lake. This place seems to have been created naturally...' Lust explains in Lucien's mind.

"Is so beautiful!!!" Kara exclaims as she finds those flowers and crystals very beautiful, creating a magical atmosphere.

Then she looks at Lucien with a determined expression. "It will be here... I want our first time to be in this amazing place."

Lucien is very curious about that cave, but he can see that the place is not very big, so there is not much to do to find out more about that. Also, now is Kara's special moment, so he stops thinking about those things and focuses on his beloved little wife.

"Yes, my dear; this is going to be a good place." He speaks in a loving tone as he pulls out a large round bed from his storage ring.

Kara tightly hugs Lucien, making his cock press against her belly, getting hard again. "I love you so much, Hubby!!"

Lucien hugs and lifts Kara up as they start kissing. Then he lays her on her back on the bed and looks her in the eye. "Love you too, sweetheart."

While she just keeps looking at him with a shy and loving expression, he starts kissing her lips, cheeks, shoulders and then goes down slowly.

Her skin is very soft and fragrant, and Lucien can't get enough of kissing it, but when he reaches her beautiful breasts, his lips find the apex of the softness.

He strokes those cheeky peaks delicately and then kisses them passionately. "You know... the other girls are jealous of those perfect breasts of yours..."

"Ahhh~~ !!" She moans, and her voice echoes through the small cave. "I... mmmm... all I care about is that you like..."

Lucien looks up while having Kara's pink and cute nipple in his mouth. "I love them, dear."

Kara smiles proudly, happy that her body pleases Lucien so much. But then her proud expression is quickly replaced by a lewd one while she feels so much pleasure.

"Nhaahh~~ !!" She moans as he squeezes, kisses, and bites her breasts.

Then he squeezes both of them one more time as he starts to move his head down again. Keeping his lips on her body, Lucien kisses Kara's entire belly, including the part with the tattoo, until he reaches her most private part.

Then he slowly starts to lower her panties. "Let's see what's here..."

Kara is the type of woman who has almost no hair on her body besides that of the head, of course. Like her on her armpit, her pubic hair is so small and thin that it is almost impossible to see them.

So all Lucien sees is her perfectly smooth skin. He continues to kiss her and moves down slowly until he completely removes her patients, seeing her charming pink flower.

Despite being very embarrassed now, Kara continues to look at Lucien's face. She wants to see all of his reactions, and she gets delighted to see his eyes sparkle with excitement as he smiles. He doesn't need to praise her because, from that expression, it is evident that he finds her beautiful.

"So adorable..." Lucien thinks out loud as he wastes no time and starts kissing that beautiful pussy of hers.

"Ahhh~~ !!!" She moans even louder while feeling immense pleasure to feel her most private part being touched by her lover's tongue.

Kara has no sexual experience other than the few blowjobs she did on Lucien before, so she reaches an orgasm due to that incredibly pleasurable stimulation so quickly.

"NHAAAHH~~!!!" She closes her legs, pressing Lucien's head between her soft thighs as she squirts so many love juices in his mouth.

Lucien laughs at Kara's cute reaction and then gently spreads her legs while kissing her pink flower and drinking Its juices.

"Don't hold back your moans," he says as he starts kissing her leg and thigh. "You are so cute, Kara; I'm so lucky because you are mine."

She smiles at his compliments and continues to moan while feeling more pleasure than ever. Her whole body trembles as her insides twitch, begging for her beloved's hard member.

And Lucien can feel that. His caresses are already leaving her body frustrated because he has been teasing her for a long time. That orgasm is her body's last attempt to beg to have him inside her.

He kisses her body up until he reaches her cheek. Their bodies are so close that she can feel his dick touching various parts of her skin, making her craves it more.

He gently holds her chin and licks her cheek, savoring her sweet flavor while slipping his cock between her thighs, making Its shaft touch her wet pussy.

"Any requests before I eat you?" He asks in an alluring tone.

Kara smiles. "I want to see your face while you do it."

Fulfilling her request, he quickly positions himself on top of her. Covering her body entirely with his, he only needs one arm to support on the bed, not letting his body force against hers, and with the other hand, he caresses her face.

Then while looking into her eyes, he runs his hand down, warmly stroking her breasts, belly, and thighs. Next, he lifts her left leg up to the right side of his waist, and she rests it on his hip.

Kara feels Lucien's cock pressing against her pussy's entrance and knows that any move he makes now can make it penetrate her, finally making them husband and wife.

She knows how much lustfulness is involved in his life and that of all his other women, but as much as she continues to look him in the eye, all she sees is love, affection, and caring.

She is as sure about giving her body, purity, and heart to him as she was sure to follow him. Then, to demonstrate that, she gently pulls him by the waist towards her.

Lucien smiles before kissing her lips as he squeezes and caresses her thigh. Then, he slowly begins to move his body down forward.

"Mmmm..." Kara starts to moan as she feels his cock's head gently open Its way through her pussy.

[It's so big... so hard... and hot... it's stretching me, but... it's so fucking good!!] She quickly discovers the immense pleasure that Lucien's huge cock can give her thanks to his life mana preventing her from feeling any pain.

Lucien starts to be a little rougher with her, biting her lips while squeezing her thigh more tightly, which makes her pussy squeeze his cock even more.

"Ohh..." He can't help but enjoy that incredible tightness. Kara is definitely in the tiny girl's group.

"Ahhhhh..." She continues to moan as her nails scratch his back. Her body doesn't know how to handle so much pleasure that it's driving her crazy.

And Lucien continues to move slowly and explore her insides gently. Soon he feels the tip of his cock touching Kara's hymen, so he stops moving for a second.

He kisses her lips passionately while their noses touch and their eyes are fixed on each other. There are no words that can explain all the emotions that they are feeling right now.

Still, she feels like speaking those words. "I love you..."

"Love you too." He quickly responds and then moves his body further down, making his cock break her purity seal.

"Ahhh~~!!!" She moans as her body feels an incredible wave of pleasure, which makes her have another orgasm.

Her insides twitch and tighten Lucien's cock even more. But he keeps moving and forces Its way, slowly exploring every part of her tight pink walls.

Lucien no longer knows how many times he has had sex, but the first time with a woman, especially with one he loves very much, is always especially different.

He focuses on every little detail that makes Kara different from all other women in his life and enjoys that to the fullest while his cock tastes a new and perfect pussy.

Each millimeter that he moves inside her is a new experience, and as soon as his cock reaches the bottom of her pussy, he is already eager to go back and retrace the course again, faster and harder.

But before that, he gently pushes his cock to her very bottom, making its tip kiss the entrance to her baby room.

"Mmmm~~ !!!" She continues to moan a lot while experiencing new feelings, each one more pleasurable than the previous ones.

Then Lucien teases her by biting and sucking on her lips before smiling at her. "I forgot to ask you what you think of children..."

"I want them!!" Kara responds quickly. "I want as many children as you want to give me!"

He smiles. "So I'm not going to contain myself."

Then he moves his hips back, and when his cock's tip comes close to the entrance to her pussy, he thrusts it in again, making her love juices splash.

"AH!!" She moans as she feels his dick go all the way to the bottom of her love cave.

He squeezes her thigh as he continues to move, using different intensities and speeds, leaving her pussy in a pleasurable mess and her mind blank.



"So good~~Nhha!!"

Kara's moans echo through the small cave while those magical flowers and fire crystals are witnesses of the moment in which he rocked her world.

She comes many while it gets harder and harder for Lucien not to come. His cock really wants to release a special milk blast inside that tight pussy and make his adorable little maid pregnant.

Each time he pushes his cock to the bottom of her love cave, Its tip kisses the entrance to her baby room for a longer time until the ideal moment comes.

Then he holds her leg tightly and pushes his cock against her baby room before releasing the hot load of baby seeds. At the same time, he passionately kisses Kara on the lips.

"MnnhaaahhHH!!" She moans louder than ever and touches her forehead to his as she feels him filling her insides with that hot liquid that she loves so much.

[This is so much better than drinking it!!] She thinks before her mind goes completely blank, and she can't think of anything anymore.

Her body goes limp due to so much pleasure, but her pussy keeps squeezing Lucien's cock as much as it can, milking every drop of his hot essence.

Lucien continues to kiss Kara's face while she rubs her nose on his cheek. Their breaths are heavy as they both enjoy their orgasms.

Thirty seconds, one minute, two minutes... Time quickly passes while Kara doesn't want to move. She just wants to stay in that position, with Lucien kissing her lips with his and the bottom of her pussy with his cock.

Then he stops kissing and smiles at her. "Are we going to try another position for the second round?"

"Hahahaha..." Kara starts laughing with happiness. She knew it was going to be good, but in the end, it was better than she could have ever imagined.

Now she can't imagine going a day without having Lucien thrusting his cock hard inside her pussy.

"Yeah, let's try as many positions as you want, my beloved husband!"

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