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Chapter 845 - 845 Vomiting Blood Again, Two Grotto-Heaven Divine Weapons (2)

845 Vomiting Blood Again, Two Grotto-Heaven Divine Weapons (2)

Zhou Shu patted the back of Yin Wuyou’s hand. “Stay here and watch His Majesty. I’ll go discuss a solution with Mr. Ji.”

Yin Wuyou’s eyes were red as she nodded worriedly.

Zhou Shu and Ji Lutian walked outside. Zhou Shu went straight to the point. “Mr. Ji, is the situation bad?”

“It’s not bad. It’s very bad.” Ji Lutian shook his head. “Emperor Yuan Feng used Great Xia’s imperial cauldron and forcefully borrowed the power of countless soldiers of Great Xia. This power completely exceeded his limit.

“It’s like trying to fit all the water in a lake into a bucket. The bucket will definitely be broken.”

“His meridians are all broken, and his soul is already shattered. He’s just hanging on by his last breath…”

Ji Lutian shook his head regretfully.

Thinking about how Emperor Yuan Feng had killed a Demon King on the battlefield, he found it admirable. Who would have thought that it was just the glow before his death?

Ji Lutian was impressed. When Emperor Yuan Feng used the Great Xia imperial cauldron, he probably already knew that this would happen, but he had still used it without hesitation.

Not only did he use it, but he even killed a Demon King!

It was precisely because there were so many brave humans that there was hope.

“Is there really no other way?” Zhou Shu frowned.

Emperor Yuan Feng was his father-in-law. Even without this relationship, his relationship with Emperor Yuan Feng wasn’t bad. Back in Great Xia, Emperor Yuan Feng had treated him quite well. He couldn’t just watch him die.

“There’s no other way,” Ji Lutian shook his head. “After all, martial artists have mortal bodies. Only if their cultivation reaches the peak of the Grotto-Heaven realm and their souls are condensed as one can they continue to exist even if they leave their bodies. But Emperor Yuan Feng’s cultivation is far from that realm.

“If someone’s cultivation hasn’t reached that realm, their soul and physical body are inseparable. If their body is destroyed, they will die. Not to mention Emperor Yuan Feng, even you and I will die if our bodies suffer such injuries.”

Zhou Shu frowned. He didn’t expect that even his Essence Cleansing Pill would be ineffective. Emperor Yuan Feng was a first-rank martial artist, so the Breakthrough Pill was definitely useless.

What else could he do?

He pondered. “Mr. Ji, the grotto-heavens have been around for ten thousand years. Could they have a way?”

“Even the King of Hell won’t be able to save someone who has to die.” Ji Lutian shook his head. “There’s nothing I can do, and there’s definitely nothing they can do.”

Ji Lutian was very assured.

Zhou Shu frowned. “Mr. Ji, I remember that because Emperor Wei Wu of Great Wei grasped half of the Reincarnation Mirror, he and his subordinates had a chance to come back from the dead. If I can find the Reincarnation Mirror, is there a chance to save him?”

Back then, Emperor Wei Wu didn’t even have a corpse, but he could still come back from the dead. In comparison, Emperor Yuan Feng’s injuries were nothing.

Unfortunately, when the barrier between the two worlds was first torn open, Zhou Shu’s Reincarnation Mirror had flown away on its own, and he had yet to find it.

Zhou Shu looked at Ji Lutian. He had always suspected that Ji Lutian had taken away the Reincarnation Mirror.

Ji Lutian’s eyes were clear, and he didn’t look away at all. He slowly said, “The Reincarnation Mirror does have mysterious abilities, but there are conditions for resurrections.

“I can only say that it might not be able to save Emperor Yuan Feng, but I can’t say that there’s no hope at all. At the very least, the Reincarnation Mirror can preserve his soul. As long as his soul is still around, there might be a chance to revive him in the future.”

Ji Lutian continued, “The question is, where is the Reincarnation Mirror? Emperor Yuan Feng might not be able to last until you find the Reincarnation Mirror.”

“You don’t have the Reincarnation Mirror?” Zhou Shu raised his eyebrows.

“No.” Ji Lutian wasn’t angry. He shook his head. “The Reincarnation Mirror was the intrinsic divine weapon of the Demon Ancestor back then. I know you suspect me, but I can tell you clearly that the Reincarnation Mirror is not in my hands.

“And I can tell you that the Demon Ancestor is still alive. The Reincarnation Mirror might have returned to her hands.”

“The Demon Ancestor is still alive? Where is she?” Zhou Shu asked. As long as he knew where the Reincarnation Mirror was, he was confident that he would be able to get it back.

“I don’t know,” Ji Lutian said bluntly.

“You don’t know?” Zhou Shu frowned.

“I’m not omniscient. Is it strange that I don’t know?” Ji Lutian shook his head with a bitter smile. “There are many things in this world that I don’t know. It’s not that I’m underestimating myself, but there are still some things in this world that I can’t come into contact with.”

“The Demon Ancestor and that group are above us, and they seem to have another battlefield.”

Ji Lutian shook his head. “But that has nothing to do with us. I can only say that Emperor Yuan Feng is already most likely dead. If you want my suggestion, then my suggestion is to prepare for his funeral.”

“No!” A voice sounded behind Zhou Shu. It was Yin Wuyou. “Zhou Shu, I beg you. Save my father! I beg you.”

Yin Wuyou’s face was covered in tears as she grabbed Zhou Shu’s arm with a pleading expression.

“Don’t cry.” Zhou Shu pulled Yin Wuyou into his arms. “What nonsense are you saying? His Majesty is my father-in-law. Do you need to beg me? If I can save him, I will definitely save him!

“Don’t worry. With me around, His Majesty will definitely be fine.”

Ji Lutian opened his mouth but sighed in the end.

“Mr. Ji, if you don’t know where the Demon Ancestor is, do you think Wang Xuanyi knows?” Zhou Shu looked up at Ji Lutian.

“Wang Xuanyi?” Ji Lutian was a little stunned. “You’ve seen Wang Xuanyi?”

“You don’t have to worry about whether I’ve seen him or not. Tell me, is it possible for him to know where the Demon Ancestor is? If it’s him, is it possible to take the Reincarnation Mirror back from the Demon Ancestor?” Zhou Shu asked.

“If it’s really Wang Xuanyi, he might indeed know where the Demon Ancestor is.” Ji Lutian looked at Zhou Shu and pondered for a moment before saying, “Wang Xuanyi’s cultivation should be on par with the Demon Ancestor’s. I’m not sure who will win in a fight between them.

“But if the Reincarnation Mirror is really in the hands of the Demon Ancestor, the chances of him getting it back are not high.”

“Anything’s fine as long as it’s possible,” Zhou Shu said.

“The possibility is extremely low. The Reincarnation Mirror is an eighteen-heaven divine weapon, and the Demon Ancestor’s cultivation is not inferior to Wang Xuanyi’s. Unless Wang Xuanyi has an eighteen-heaven divine weapon, he might not be a match for the Demon Ancestor.

“There have only been two eighteen-heaven divine weapons in the world since ancient times.”

Ji Lutian shook his head, not optimistic about the outcome.

Zhou Shu’s expression didn’t change.

“There were only two in the past. There might be more in the future,” Zhou Shu said solemnly. “If Wang Xuanyi doesn’t have an eighteen-heaven divine weapon, I can let him have one.

“Mr. Ji, don’t forget that I’m a forger!”

Ji Lutian was speechless and shook his head. “Even so, he and the Demon Ancestor are equals.”

“What about Madam Wang? What if there are two peerless experts and two eighteen-heaven divine weapons? It will be fine if the Demon Ancestor is willing to lend the Reincarnation Mirror. But if she refuses, I’ll beat her until she’s willing to lend it!” Zhou Shu said with a murderous expression.

Ji Lutian smiled bitterly. “Since you’ve already thought it through, what else can I say? If you can really find Wang Xuanyi, and he’s willing to help you, there might be a chance. But there’s still the biggest problem. Emperor Yuan Feng won’t be able to last long. You don’t have much time.”

“I know.” Zhou Shu nodded. “That’s why I have a request for you, Mr. Ji. Keep him alive until I bring the Reincarnation Mirror back.

“I have Essence Cleansing Pills here. Although they can’t save His Majesty, they should be useful.”

Ji Lutian took the Essence Cleansing Pills from Zhou Shu and was silent for a moment before saying, “Alright. I’ll try my best to keep him alive, but you have to promise me something.”

“Tell me,” Zhou Shu said.

“I want your help with what I said before,” Ji Lutian said seriously.

“A world without Grotto-Heaven realm experts?”


Zhou Shu was silent for a moment before looking at Yin Wuyou in his arms. “Okay!”

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