Lady Gu Is Too Weak To Fend For Herself

Chapter 1654 - 1654 The Yin Family Will Always Be Her Backer

1654 The Yin Family Will Always Be Her Backer

“The Xia family has announced to the public that Xia Chunyu is Xia Zishan’s adopted daughter, but only the Xia family knows if she’s an adopted daughter or an illegitimate daughter.

“Xia Chunyu came to the Xia family when she was three years old. Not long after, Xia Zishan committed suicide. However, everyone has been saying that she went missing, so Xia Chunyu probably doesn’t have any impression of her adoptive mother. However, their personalities are quite similar.

“Back then, Xia Zishan was the most powerful socialite in the capital. She was vicious and hired people to kill someone. In the end, the matter was exposed and she became a murderer…”

Qiao Xi felt a chill run down her spine when she heard this. “Xia Zishan and Mom are both Yin Lianyi’s daughters. Why is there such a big difference in personalities?”

Gu Zheng said slowly, “It’s because they grew up in different environments. Your mother grew up by Old Madam Yin’s side, while Xia Zishan grew up under Yin Lianyi’s guidance. They’re naturally incompatible.

“Xia Chunyu is clearly an adopted daughter, but she’s very similar to Xia Zishan. The current head of the Xia family, Xia Jingan, is Xia Zishan’s biological son, but he’s not similar to her at all. He’s not favored either.

“Originally, Yin Lianyi was prepared to give the position of heir of Xia Corporation to Xia Chunyu. Unfortunately, she’s stupid and useless. The shareholders and higher-ups of Xia Corporation jointly submitted a petition to abolish Xia Chunyu’s position. From then on, Xia Jingan controlled Xia Corporation. His reputation has always been good, and his status in the Xia family has been rising.”

“How do you know so much about the Xia family?” Qiao Xi was slightly surprised. She had long investigated the Xia family, but she only found out about what happened in the past few years. It was really strange that Gu Zheng knew about the Xia family’s dirty past.

Gu Zheng said slowly, “My intelligence network has been collecting all kinds of information for many years. As long as I want to investigate, I’ll definitely be able to find clues.”

At this moment, the birthday banquet was about to end. Qiao Xi was a little tired, so she went to the lounge first. After entering, she took out an exquisite velvet box from her bag. Inside was an emerald bracelet.

Grandma said that this was originally a wedding gift for her mother, but in the end, before she could give it away, her mother went missing, so she gave it to her instead.

A lifelike lotus flower was carved in the middle of this bracelet. It was the Yin family’s heirloom. Grandma gave the bracelet to her to tell her that the Yin family would always be her backer.

Qiao Xi was deep in thought when someone suddenly pushed the door open. A gust of wind blew past her ear as a slap landed heavily on her face.

“B*tch, how dare you steal my bracelet?!”

Qiao Xi staggered from the slap, and her cheek burned with pain. When she came back to her senses, she directly slapped the woman opposite her.

Xia Chunyu did not expect Qiao Xi to retaliate. She fell to the floor unguarded and roared angrily, “You hit me?”

Qiao Xi looked at her coldly. “Miss Xia, you hit me first. I was just returning the favor.”

“B*tch! I hit you because you stole my bracelet. Give it to me immediately, or I won’t let you off!”

Qiao Xi lowered her eyes to look at the bracelet and sneered. “As the daughter of the Xia family, you barged into my lounge and hit me. The Xia family is really well-educated!”

“Shut up!” Xia Chunyu roared. “I’m the daughter of the Xia family. I can go wherever I want!”

Xia Chunyu pointed at her nose and cursed, “You vixen! You seduced Mr. Gu and even stole my bracelet. A person like you isn’t worthy to be Mrs. Gu!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she reached out with the intention of snatching Qiao Xi’s bracelet.

Qiao Xi nimbly dodged, and Xia Chunyu slipped and fell to the floor.

Ten minutes ago, when Xia Chunyu saw Qiao Xi leave, she secretly followed over with the intention of teaching her a lesson. Unexpectedly, Qiao Xi took out the lotus bracelet.

Xia Chunyu would wear the lotus bracelet every time she attended banquets. However, because today’s gown did not match the bracelet, she put it in her bag. Now, it was gone!

“Miss Xia, my bracelet was given to me by an elder. You just think your bracelet is very similar to mine. It might be two identical bracelets.”

Xia Chunyu flew into a rage. “Nonsense! There’s only one bracelet in the world that my grandmother gave me. It can’t be the same! You stole my bracelet and even lied to me. If you don’t return it to me, I won’t let the matter rest!”

With that, she got up from the floor and ran out angrily.

Qiao Xi suspected that there were two bracelets. Yin Lianxin and Yin Lianyi each had one. Her grandmother had given it to her, while Yin Lianyi had given her bracelet to Xia Chunyu.

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