Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

793 Conversation

  Li Jun and Huo Fenghuang used their Divine Sense to exchange Dao Comprehension at an alarming rate. And in the process, both benefited tremendously.

Huo Fenghuang learned to expand the variety of her killing method. In contrast, Li Jun learned how to focus his killing method to have more destructive capabilities in one-on-one battles.

While deep in their conversation, they finally reached their destination in the Eastern Quadrant. Wang Wei was waiting for them on the same desolate planet he stayed on since the beginning of the battle.

“Thank you for this exchange,” said Li Jun. “I have benefitted immensely. “

He never thought Huo Fenghuang would accept his request; he only asked on a whim, prepared for rejection. However, she not only agreed but was very cooperative.

“The pleasure is all mine,” replied the Phoenix Princess. After accepting her defeat, her state of mind changed, and she became more peaceful. This mindset is the reason she so readily accepted Li Jun’s request.

And now, she knew she had made the right choice due to the immense benefit this short exchange granted her.

Li Jun nodded. He wanted to ask her to communicate more often and learn from each other. However, he decided otherwise after thinking for a moment.

Huo Fenghuang should become a Primarch after leaving the battlefield. As such, she should have nothing to discuss with a mortal like him. And since he cannot reveal he will also be a Great Emperor, he chooses not to ask and gets rejected.

Wang Wei waited for them to finish talking before taking action. He waved his hand, and a green cube enveloped Li Jun before sending him into the distance.

‘I sense the power of time,’ thought Huo Fenghuang. ‘Did he put him in a Time Bubble so he could swiftly digest our previous exchange and increase his strength?’

Huo Fenghuang secretly sighed as she felt jealous of their relationship. In the Ancient Clan, she could not even trust the members of her Huo Clan. So, it was impossible to train a mighty general–let alone one on par with the top Heaven Chosens of this Glorious Age.

Huo Fenghuang finally focused on Wang Wei. She saw the latter had created a small table and invited her to sit down. So, with a calm demeanor, she sat opposite him.

“Tea or wine?”

Huo Fenghuang thought for a moment. She had just lost a battle that ended her Emperor Path, so she was in the mood to drink, preferably something very strong. However, she also felt this meeting was important and should be more formal.

So, she replied:


Wang Wei calmly summoned a pot of tea before brewing it in front of her while also performing the perfect tea etiquette.

“Longjue Tea–it’s my favorite,” he explained. “I grew them personally using the power of Good Fortune.”

He calmly served her before serving him.

“Before we begin, I would like to remind you that the outside world is watching our conversation.”

Huo Fenghuang frowned as she understood the meaning behind his warnings.

“I understand.”

Wang Wei nodded. “I believe that fighting is the worst way to deal with a problem and should only be used as a last resort.

“On the contrary, I believe in making friends and allies, to work together to deal with a problem.”

“Are you trying to form an alliance with our Ancient Clan?”

“More or less,” replied Wang Wei. “I would love for an alliance. But I’m also perfectly fine with an agreement–even a non-binding one.”

Huo Fenghuang took a sip of her tea, and her eyes lit up. The tea was delicious and blessed the soul with a 15% increase in comprehension. Furthermore, she felt the blessing should last for at least three days.

“Good tea,” she complimented.

“Thank you.”

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“Isn’t there a saying that there is no eternal enemy, only eternal benefit?”

“Benefit, huh,” muttered Huo Fenghuang, who knew things were not so simple. The Ancient Clans were highly proud and held grudges. The majority of the different clans believed Qiyuan was why their family became so weak.

They blamed him for ruining their dreams of becoming the absolute overlord of the Myriad Emperor World. So, it would be very challenging to convince them to set aside their grudge and pride to work with other factions–especially the Dao Opening Sect.

“Tell me about the benefits you mention.”

Although Huo Fenghuang knew it would not be easy to become allies, she wanted to hear him out first. There may be room for negotiation.

“Believe it or not, our goals are the same,” said Wang Wei.

“What do you mean?”

“Like you, I plan to revert the Myriad Emperor World to the Innate Environment on par with the Beginning Emperor Era.”

Huo Fenghuang squinted her eyes as her heartbeat drastically accelerated. Luckily, she swiftly controlled herself and calmed down. 

“Are you serious?”

“I am.”

Huo Fenghuang could not control her emotions for a few seconds. The Ancient Clans have been planning this for countless eras with no success. The entire clan placed their glory, ambitions, and dreams on her shoulder to carry this plan.

And honestly, Huo Fenghuang was not confident–even with the method to become a Primarch. And now, she heard someone else had the same plan as them.

She knew of Wang Wei’s strength. Once he becomes an Eternal Emperor, he has a higher chance than her of succeeding.

Huo Fenghuang took a deep breath to calm down; she also pondered the implications of this sudden change. The Ancient Clan had made preparations beforehand, but she now had to look at things from a different angle, taking into account the Dao Opening Sect’s point of view.

So, after more than a minute of silence, she said:

“How do you want to work together?”

Wang Wei smiled before deciding to be direct:

“The first cooperation involved a cultivation system. After the environment changes, the Ancient System will thrive, which the Dao Opening Sect cannot allow. So, I already planned to optimize the Origin System to fit the environment.

“If you become our ally, I can promise not to suppress the Ancient System. And if our cooperation is deep enough, I can even allow some room for development.”

“How is this an alliance? You’re basically threatening us.”

“I am,” replied Wang Wei, his voice steady and calm. “You should understand this involves the core luck and destiny of our sect. So, there is no room for negotiations.”

Huo Fenghuang frowned, not showing any emotions. In the past, the Ancient Clan guarded their cultivation system like it was the most precious thing in existence. However, after so many years, they understood the benefit of gathering the luck of the entire system.

So, if the Ancient System could prosper in the new age, their clan would benefit immensely.

“Anything else?” asked Huo Fenghuang.

“The second issue involved the Innate Demon Gods,” added Wang Wei. “We want the peaceful integration of their race into our world; we don’t want a war.”

‘Does he know?’ Huo Fenghuang thought. The Ancient Clan’s plans involved secretly manipulating a war between Innate and Acquire Life. Then, they will lead Acquired Life into victory, thus amassing a significant number of merits.

In other words, they want to repeat or recreate the situation after the Null Era. 

Wang Wei looked at her and guessed what she was thinking. And he did know about the Ancient Clan’s plan. And his only comment is these people were mad, living in the shadow of their past.

According to his predictions, if the Ancient Clans’ plan succeeded in the Myriad Emperor World, their ambitions would expand, and they would want to recreate the Innate-Acquire War that spawned all the lower dimensions.

And in the worst-case scenario, the Ancient Clan might want to turn the lower dimension into their Heaven Will farm. They will use the Innate-Acquired War to destroy the civilization of all Heaven Will World while preserving their strength.

Then, they will open branches in all these Heaven Will Worlds, using their foundation to win Heaven Wills after Heaven Wills, thus dominating the lower dimension as the Devil Race did.

Of course, their clan has not reached such a level of madness. Currently, they are only focused on the Myriad Emperor World. However, if they succeeded, Wang Wei could predict their next step.

And if they reach such a stage, their fate will only be annihilation.

Time has changed, and the appearance of the Innate Lifes is not much of a big deal. Wang Wei previously planned to change the laws of Heaven and Earth to affect their birth.

However, after thinking about it for a while, he realized the impact of their appearance was similar to a powerful Emperor Lineage suddenly appearing in the Myriad Emperor World.

In the current stage of the world full of Immortal Venerables, Dao Ancestors, and Insurgents, the Innate Demons or Primordial Gods have no discerning advantage that would allow them to rule the world as they did.

Humans are no longer the weak species from the Beginning Emperor Era that needed to secretly study their bodies to become powerful and survive.

Humans were now the protagonist of the world. So, if these new generations of Innate Demon Gods tried to rule their world, their fate would only be another extinction.

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