I Transmigrated As A Villain's Mother

Chapter 308 - Movie Theater Ambiguity

Chapter 308: Movie Theater Ambiguity

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Song Yujin helplessly stretched out one hand to hug Lu Suo. He used his other hand to pat Lu Suo’s head.

“Good boy.”

“I am!”

Song Yujin told Song Ci and Lu Gan about the movie he wanted to watch during dinner.

Lu Gan knew that it was actually Lu Suo’s request. He could not help but sigh.

‘Yujin is so sensible. No wonder Little Suo sticks with him.’

The next day, they went to the cinema.

Lu Suo was the happiest.

Ever since Lu Gan was injured, Lu Suo had not gone out to play. He did not want to leave him alone. Fortunately, they could spend time together now.

Song Ci had booked the entire cinema. She pushed Lu Gan inside and chose the couples’ seat as it was more spacious.

Lu Gan looked at his wife meaningfully.

“The couples’ seat…”

Song Ci snorted.

“It’s just more comfortable.”

Lu Gan nodded.

“Sure. Sure.”


After being seated, the family of four began watching their movie.

Both children enjoyed themselves, but the couple did not. After all, cartoons were really boring for adults.

Lu Gan held Song Ci’s hand and whispered, “When your drama is released, we’ll watch it together.”

Song Ci chuckled.

“Without Yujin and Little Suo?”

“We need time for ourselves too.”

Lu Gan smiled brightly in the dark.

Song Ci’s heart felt really sweet. She nodded silently.

Their surroundings were dark. Even though the light from the screen shone on Song Ci’s face, she still looked hazy.

Lu Gan could not help but move closer and kiss her.

Song Ci’s face instantly turned red.

Lu Gan said in a low voice, “I want to kiss you.”

“You already did…”

Lu Gan laughed softly. Then, he touched Song Ci’s lips.

“I want a more intimate kiss.”

Since they were in a public space, Song Ci subconsciously pursed her lips. Feeling aroused, she grabbed Lu Gan’s hand and kept fiddling with it.

All the teasing almost made Lu Gan lose control. He quickly composed himself.

“You should be more honest.”

“You’re the one who is dishonest.”

Song Ci felt that Lu Gan was deliberately provoking her. Hence, she pinched him.

“Are you looking for trouble?”

Song Ci ignored Lu Gan and kept pinching him.

Lu Gan decided to fight back. He tried to grab Song Ci’s hand, but she swiftly dodged. The two of them played with each other for a while.

Song Ci ended up laughing out loud.

Lu Suo’s ears twitched. He turned around and asked, “Mommy, what are the two of you doing?”

Song Ci immediately retracted her hands.

“Nothing. We’re just playing rock-paper-scissors. Don’t mind us.”


Lu Suo continued to watch Nezha happily.

Song Ci glared at Lu Gan. Despite that, he decided to hold her hand again.

Lu Gan’s palms were warm.

Song Ci could not help but smile.

The family of four enjoyed themselves very much.

Since it was rare for Lu Gan to come out, they decided to go shopping before returning home.

Lu Gan was choosing some clothes for the children when suddenly, his phone rang.

It was Lu Hongyong.


“Little Suo is on vacation, right? I miss him. Bring him over for a visit.”

Upon hearing that, Lu Gan turned to look at Song Ci and the children.

Song Ci was putting on a panda suit for Lu Suo. The latter did not resist and even cooperated.

Lu Gan said casually, “No, I have something to do at home.”

Lu Hongyong was dissatisfied.

“Don’t drag Little Suo into your mess. He’s your brother’s only child. Do you want him to end up like you?”

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