I Just Won't Play By The Book

Chapter 782 - Chapter 782: Heavenly Mist Dream Formation

Chapter 782: Heavenly Mist Dream Formation

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“Master… The owner was…ls that so?” “Yes, keep it like this. Don’t move.”

“Yes… Ha… Ha…”

In the small house, Xia Lingdang was sitting cross-legged on the ground, practicing her mental cultivation method. However, the spiritual energy of Zeng Country seemed to be too pure for her, making it difficult for her to absorb it. Fortunately, Jiang Beiran was guiding her by the side, so she could slowly absorb a little.

However, after just one cycle, she was already panting.

Thinking of his disciples who would always complain that the spiritual energy was not dense enough, Jiang Beiran no longer had any expectations for Xia Lingdang’s talent in cultivation. He was only thinking about some fortuitous encounter that would allow Xia Lingdang to take a different path like Qu Yangze or MO Xia and embark on a completely different path of becoming stronger.

Just as Jiang Beiran was thinking about how many other unique ways to become stronger in this world, a paper kite suddenly flew into the room and landed beside his hand.

Reaching out to take the paper kite, Jiang Beiran opened it and quickly finished reading.””Get up, Bell. Let’s go.”

Upon hearing her master’s order, Xia Lingdang immediately let out a long breath and relaxed.

Sitting in the Flying Mansion, Jiang Beiran arrived at the location mentioned in the letter. When he got down, he realized that he was in a large forest that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Jiang Beiran used his Spiritual Energy to quickly locate the location of Huo Hongfei and the others, then walked over with Xia Lingdang.

A moment later, Jiang Beiran spotted three people standing under a large tree. However, Qu Yangze’s condition did not seem right.

Jiang Beiran quickly approached the three of them and used his Mentality to help Qu Yangze suppress the thirteen King Venomous Worms in his body.

Qu Yangze, who felt much more relaxed, immediately cupped his hands at Jiang Beiran and said,””Thank you, Master.”

“What did you find?” Jiang Beiran asked the three of them.

Along the way, he had been using his spiritual power to check his surroundings, but he did not find anyone or anything worth paying attention to.

After calming himself down, Qu Yangze cupped his hands and replied, “Master, I smelled that special fragrance and searched six places, but I found nothing. However, the moment I entered this forest, the Gu worms in my body became excited again.”

Jiang Beiran nodded and began to search the forest more carefully with his spiritual power. However, he still could not find anything special. “Can you sense exactly which area made the Gu worms excited?”Jiang Beiran asked Qu Yangze.

“If we don’t suppress them at all, it should be possible.”

“Mm, then let them release it.”

Jiang Beiran had not found any other cultivators in the vicinity when he had used his spiritual power to scan the area, so he did not have to worry about Qu Yangze making too much noise.


Qu Yangze agreed and instantly relaxed his control over his body.


In the next second, all parts of Qu Yangze’s body began to change, but there was only one purpose.

That was to send out a courtship signal.

In this state, Qu Yangze’s senses increased exponentially, and he instantly discovered the place with the densest special smell in the forest.

“So fast!”

Ju Zi Min and Huo Hongfei were shocked.

Just based on Qu Yangze’s speed, the residents were certain that they wouldn’t be able to catch up.

Huo Hongfei was shocked that Qu Yangze could reach such a speed without releasing any Celestial Chi. His physical ability was terrifying.

‘If he can still cultivate under such circumstances, in time…He will definitely become an expert who can suppress an area.

“Let’s go and take a look.” Jiang Beiran said as he took his time to step forward.

“Yes, sir!” The two of them immediately followed after hearing that.

In an instant, Qu Yangze stopped beside a swamp. After his tentacles moved wildly for a while, he could feel the Gu worms in his body becoming abnormally anxious, as if they had lost something important and were looking around.

After realizing that they could not sense what they were looking for, the Gu worms began to become more and more anxious. They went into the swamp, ate the trees, and when they found that there was nothing, they began to dig three feet into the ground.

By the time Jiang Beiran and the other two arrived, Qu Yangze had already dug deep into the ground.

“Did you find anything?” Jiang Beiran squatted at the entrance of the cave and shouted.

Hearing his master’s shout, Qu Yangze temporarily controlled his raging body and shouted,””According to the Gu worms ‘reaction, the target they were looking for was here, but they still couldn’t find it after searching for a long time.”

“It’s okay if you’re anxious.”

Jiang Beiran first used his Psychic Energy to pacify the King Venomous Insects in Qu Yangze’s body. After his body returned to normal, he began to inspect the area.

Although Jiang Beiran was not sure if these King Venomous Worms were in heat because of the Emperor Venomous Worm that he had yet to see, the probability was very high. Besides, Lao Wang must have high standards for those who had just evolved. An existence that could make it so excited was definitely not bad.

Since the thirteen King Venomous Worms were sure that the Emperor Venomous Worm was here, the possibility of an error in intelligence could be eliminated.

Among the remaining possibilities, the highest possibility was that this place was covered by some kind of array, which was why they could not find the truth.

Jiang Beiran took out the Mystical Meteor Disk from his Cosmos Ring and looked at the golden needles that were spinning unsteadily in the center of the disk. He could not help but smile..

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