I Help A NPC Become The Legendary Witch

Chapter 723 - Chapter 723: The Prologue of the Era (2)

Chapter 723: The Prologue of the Era (2)

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“Unfortunately, from mother’s travel notes, that hall master finally…”

Owl shook his head.

” Therefore, there’s no need to thank me. That stranger also relied on his own efforts to win this ancient book. Perhaps this is the word ‘fate’ that the people of Gui Li often say.”

“Yes…” Vivian silently paid her respects to the ‘master’ in her heart.

” Well, time is of the essence now. Let’s not talk about this. Vivian, I want to ask you seriously. After seeing the magic images sent back by the outlanders, do you really think the Thousand Islands… Is there still hope?”

Owl did not have the system of the players, so he could not tell the strength of the Fallen Abyss creatures at once, but… This time, it seemed that there was no need to do so.

Whether it was the group of fish at the beginning or the terrifying sea beasts that appeared one after another, the suffocating pressure was something that could be experienced with just a glance.

Moreover, there was the final scene in the crystal ball. There was no telling how many Fallen Abyss troops had filled the trench, and…The one that made Owl and all the people of the Thousand Islands despair the most.

Vivian shook her head.

Just as Owl’s eyes dimmed, he heard the little girl beside him say word by word.

“Isn’t it ‘still’ salvageable? It was a “must”.“

The young man was stunned. Looking at the little girl in front of him who was clearly half a head shorter than him, Owl felt that he was the shorter one.

“Heh, this might be the reason why the Water God didn’t respond to me back then… Vivian, I’m relieved that my sister has a friend like you.”


“I’m sorry. If I could beg my mother to help, these would be nothing, but… “I can’t do it. It should be said that no one can do it. However, although I’ve settled down in Green Maple and changed my faith to that Wind God, the Thousand Islands is still my homeland. I’m willing to sacrifice my life for my hometown. Therefore, no matter what plans you have next, as long as it’s a place that needs me, I don’t have to consider any risks. I’ll definitely listen to your arrangements and do my best…” I’ll go.”

After saying that, Owl closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Vivian also knew that it was time for her to respond to Owl, to the stranger, and to everyone’s expectations and trust in her.

The little girl quickly left.

When Vivian turned around, Owl opened his eyes.

He looked at the little girl’s back and wondered if it was Owl’s illusion, but he actually saw some of his mother’s shadow in Vivian.

That was…He was a shadow that belonged to a legend of his era.

Her mother’s era was too long ago. Even children like them could only understand a thing or two by reading the travel notes from that time.

But now…Owl had a strong premonition.

He would witness the birth of a miracle. He would no longer be the person who read the ” Travels ” later, but a part of the ” Travels “. Even if it was just a chapter, a prologue, perhaps it was enough to be proud of?

The famous famous master, Lu Xun, once said that behind every legendary girl, there would always be a wolf cub who silently sacrificed.

Vivian’s arrogant words were not without a source. Her confidence was her Little Black.

The little wolf cub’s confidence came from his analysis of the information in the players ‘crystal balls.


Judging from the monster’s image and interface, the Fallen Abyss Descent in Thousand Islands was almost the same as in Liao Zixuan’s previous life. This was mainly referring to the Fallen Abyss Bosses.

Low-level combat power determined the degree of damage to the Thousand Islands, while high-level combat power determined the outcome of the battle.

In the ” Descent of the Fallen Abyss ” expansion pack in his previous life, the players had to fend off four waves of BOSS attacks along the way. They were the Piranha King, Giant E King, Demon Crab, and the final BOSS, the Fallen Abyss Serpent.

Three of the Bosses had appeared just like in his previous life, which made Liao Zixuan heave a sigh of relief. Compared to the unknown new Bosses, it was obvious that the old Bosses were better.

Furthermore, Liao Zixuan was pleasantly surprised by a piece of crucial information he received from the players. Unlike the Level 70 snake in his previous life, this Fallen Abyss Serpent was only Level 59.

That’s right, the big mutt and the others were at the back. An Archer player on the ship was lucky enough to shoot an arrow at the snake, triggering the game’s combat system. Even if it caused 0 damage, he could still obtain a small portion of the Fallen Abyss Serpent’s interface. This was also the biggest reason why they were judged to have ” over-completed ” the mission.

Level 59 was a very interesting number. It seemed like there was only a little more than 10 levels between Level 59 and Level 70. However, this little difference was definitely a huge difference in actual strength.

After all, Level 59 wasn’t even considered Tier 6. It was only at the peak of Tier 5. Meanwhile, the python in his previous life had been a bona fide Tier 7.

There were two steps between them.

In this way, Vivian, who was now at level 45, which was mid-tier tier 4, had a chance to fight the final BOSS that had to be buffed by the Water God in his previous life.

Of course.

There was good news and bad news.

What made Liao Zixuan faintly worried was the second to last Fallen Abyss BOSS that had never appeared in the plot of his previous life.

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