I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1086 - 1086 Shocking the Federation

1086 Shocking the Federation

Other than using nuclear bombs on the battlefield, the Federation rarely annihilated the monster tribes.

This was a tradition that had been passed down a long time ago in order to not push the monsters over the edge.

At that time, humans were still weak. If they angered the monsters, they would probably be constantly attacked.

To the Federation, which had just experienced a great catastrophe, it was undoubtedly a heavy blow. This tradition had been passed down since the beginning. After all, the current Federation didn’t have any advantage over the demons and the marine folks.

The humans were still accumulating advantages and cultivating their inner energy.

If they didn’t use nuclear bombs on a large scale, the demons and the marine folks wouldn’t send Divines to invade on a large scale. It had become a tacit understanding between the two sides.

However, Chu Yunfan’s order broke the long-standing tradition. With the guidance of the Federation’s military satellites, nuclear bombs were launched from the silo one after another. These were not tactical nuclear bombs used on the battlefield, but all strategic nuclear bombs.

The Federation did not use these kinds of nuclear bombs lightly. Once they were launched, it would be a major event. Of course, for the situation at that time, it was not wrong to describe it as a major event.

At that time, everyone’s attention was attracted by the fact that Chu Yunfan had rescued the experts of the Federation. By the time everyone realized what had happened, the matter of the Federation’s large-scale bombardment of the marine folks and the demons’ territory came to light.

For a time, it caused a great uproar. Everyone knew that the fragile balance between the Federation, the demons, and the marine folks was about to be broken.

An even bigger conflict and war were inevitable. For a time, many people on the Internet began to criticize Chu Yunfan’s order as being too rash. He had sent humanity into danger.

“This is going to break the years of relative peace the Federation has had.”

“Is Chu Yunfan trying to put the Federation in danger?”

“That’s right. Is it possible for the Federation to deal with the marine folks and the demons at the same time?”

“Doesn’t he know that the Federation will be plunged into misery and suffering after such an order is issued?”

However, these claims were immediately refuted by more people.

“Are we going to wait for the demons and the marine folks to attack us before we launch a counterattack?”

“That’s right. They were planning to bury all the Divines of the Federation. Isn’t that enough to start a war?”

“They sent the Federation experts to their deaths and then launched a full-scale invasion. It has been so many years. Are you still not used to the methods and habits of the monsters?”

“The all-out war has already begun, and you’re still holding on to that kind of hope at this point?”

For a time, the Federation was in a frenzy of discussion. This matter concerned the life and death of the Federation and was closely related to everyone. Many people were afraid of the upcoming war, but most of them were fearless.

At this time, the accounts of the demons and the marine folks that had disappeared suddenly resurfaced. They were all clamoring to take revenge on Chu Yunfan and the Federation.

Unless the Federation handed over Chu Yunfan, it would definitely lead to the crazy revenge of the two species.

The two species had suffered too many losses this time, losing their rare and powerful Divines.

This time, Chu Yunfan ordered the nuclear bombs to hit their homes one by one. Although not every tribe was hit, the vast majority were. One nuclear bomb would destroy all the settlements of these species all at once.

Without Divines, these races had no way of defending themselves against such attacks. They evaporated from the Kunlun Realm.

There were even a few nuclear bombs that went directly toward Infinite Demon Mountain. Although they didn’t really hurt the demons in the end and were blocked by a barrier, they still scared the entire Infinite Demon Mountain.

If it wasn’t for the barrier, even if only one nuclear bomb fell into their home, the consequences would be unimaginable.

In the face of these demons and marine folks who clamored for revenge, the Federation was united like never before, especially those Divines who had been tricked. Almost all of them let out their angry roars.

They had been schemed against and almost died. Before their anger had subsided, the demons and the marine folks dared to declare that they would take revenge? Were they the only ones allowed to scheme against the Federation and not allow the Federation to retaliate?

All of the Divines had eyes. They were so miserably schemed against that they were unwilling to let it go.

They only replied with one sentence, “Come out if you want to fight.”

In addition, the matter between the Federation and the Holy Land had attracted the attention of many people. The Holy Land, which had once clamored to take over the Federation, had finally chosen to integrate into the Federation.

Many people were bewildered. After all, they did not know if the Holy Land was harboring any ill intentions. The Federation had too many opponents and could not afford to be tormented.

However, specific news soon came out. It turned out that Chu Yunfan had taught them a harsh lesson, and the major factions of the Holy Land had been completely annihilated. In the end, the smaller factions had no choice but to integrate into the Federation instead of trying to take over.

Many people suddenly realized that Chu Yunfan had done so many things that they didn’t know about.

Especially as more and more things about the Holy Land were revealed, they finally knew how dangerous the situation Chu Yunfan faced had been.

The entire Holy Land had wanted to kill him, but he had killed his way out. He forced the Holy Land to lower its head with his might, which was how the Holy Land had integrated into the Federation.

After all this was exposed, Chu Yunfan’s popularity in the Federation rose to another level. Those who originally criticized him also disappeared without a trace.

After all, he had already done so much, and they couldn’t ask him to do any better.

While there were all sorts of discussions going on the Internet, there was a piece of news that caught the attention of the Federation’s higher-ups.

The Chu clan had announced to the public that Chu Yunfan was getting engaged to the current head of the Tang clan, Tang Siyu, next month. Everyone was welcome to attend the engagement banquet.

With Chu Yunfan’s strength, status, and the level of attention he was receiving now, this news shocked the upper echelons of the Federation almost as soon as it came out.

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